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Returned this summer and found it this time. Interesting for it be the sole petroglyph. Fun to see, need to do Sinbad, the pioneer cabin the same time.

Fun detour, must do the Lone warrior, Sinbad and the Durtchman arch to make it all worth while when there.

Love this hike. There are parts that get challenging if your not as confident of a hiker. had some friends who had a rougher go with this one. If you're uncertain of your abilities it could be worth your time to go up dang to see what you will have to hike down. (adds a fair amount to the hike) so if you go this route and feel comfortable it might be a better idea to start here. (does make it more difficult to do this) there are 6-7 more challenging spots that would be greatly aided by a rope but is fun to do without if your confident in your abilities. 1 semi rappel don't know if I can really call it that but you will have to decend or ascend with the aid of a rope that is already there. bring lots of water and make it last it can get fairly warm especially if it hasn't rained in a while and you don't want to run out. my favorite time I've done this hike was last summer about two weeks after it rained. there was a fair amount of water but it helped keep you cool. it got up to about chest high at that time. right now there was only really two places that had water. dang has the most. about waist high, ding is completely dodgeable but ankle high. happy hiking!

Beautiful hike. Best part is once you reach the ridge line and the trail goes away. You are exposed all the way to the summit afterwards. If you are driving to the trailhead in a non 4wd vehicle, take the forest road (0073) which approaches the pass from the east side of the mountain. There is no water once you get on the trail, but there are some small springs and streams which cross the forest road leading to the trailhead. Enjoy and take it easy and stay hydrated if you aren’t used to the elevation.

1 month ago

We did the Crack Canyon to Chute canyon loop over 2 days/1 night over Memorial Day weekend. It was an amazing two days. While in the canyons (away from the trailhead) we didn’t see a single other person. Only a bit of scat from horses, what seemed to be cows, and possibly pronghorns (didn’t actually see any of these animals, though). Crack Canyon was really fun and rewarding - lots of great views, shade-providing and satisfying canyons, and a few more technical drops. We were 2 adults and a 40-lb dog and brought 4 gallons of water, which was exactly perfect for 2 days/1 night. We don’t have technical canyoneering experience and didn’t bring technical gear; just our backpacking packs and camping gear. There was one pool of water that was approximately 3 ft deep in Crack Canyon. We didn’t see a way around so waded through, which was fine and actually sort of refreshing. As stated in other reviews, the trail connecting Crack and Chute is very unreliable. I recommend reading all the descriptions on Summit Post and bringing a compass - GPS if you have one. We unfortunately got that point from 1-3 pm: it takes you above the canyon where there is no protection from the sun. We used the descriptions and headed southwest on trails as much as possible and eventually found the side wash. All told, the connection took us about 2 hours. We made camp in Chute Canyon under a tree, which was incredible. The walk out of Chute Canyon felt like an easy, well-deserved stroll after the previous day. The 2.5 miles on the road from the Chute TH to the Crack TH was a bit of a trudge, but took us less than an hour so no big deal. Would HIGHLY recommend this loop. It was amazing.

What an experience, but go prepared! Take plenty of water and salty foods. At the fork go to the RIGHT and do Ding first (much easier than trying to go up Dang). Lots of scrambling but beautiful! As of today May 27, 2018 - little water in Ding and plenty in Dang (as high as your crotch as a 5’7” person) - prepare for wading. Loved it! Awesome time for three adults and two teenagers.

2 months ago

It’s a bit of a drive to get to the trailhead, but well worth the effort. You’ll pass the trailhead (sign) for the Crack Canyon hike first, then about 2 miles later come to a small parking area and trailhead signs for Chute Canyon as well as the Behind the Reef Trail. Do recommend at least a high clearance vehicle, the dirt road is rough in some areas.

To start the Chute Canyon trail, walk a short distance down the road and enter the wash on your right, then just follow the wash. We hiked about 5 miles down the wash, and around 4.5 miles down you’ll see a sign on your right that has a small sign attached indicating that you can get to Crack Canyon by going 2 miles to the left. We just continued down the wash for a bit and saw some pronghorn. Didn’t make it to the end, but loved the hike. Towering canyon walls all around.

Didn’t see anyone else on the trail, but did see “evidence” of horses ;-)

2 months ago

awesome trail. My wife and I are in mid 60s and had a great time. Hiked up Ding over to Dang ,down to water and back up and back down Ding. beautiful Trail

I took my 5 year old son and my 2 year old daughter with me, It was a lot of fun. i had a full body climbing harness and a harness for myself with a 6' connector which allowed me to lower my kids, and making sure that they were safe at all times. my kids had some issues with the wall coming down dang, mostly because they couldn't see what they were going to
descend. But as long as there are 2 adults, one being at the bottom and one at the top, everything is manageable.
The water at the end of the hike was roughly 3' deep, and cold!
Both of my kids give this hike 5 stars.

2 months ago

This is mainly a review for people wanting to take their dogs as I haven’t seen a whole lot of detail on it in other posts. This was one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done! I hike between 600-700 miles a year with my dog and our friends so that says a lot for this trail. My group of 4 people and 2 dogs did this hike 4-15-18 and we all loved it. Ding has one boulder towards the beginning that you will need to get over then has several obstacles that you can either help your dog with or go around the obstacles. Coming down Dang the first big obstacle either requires dogs to be harnessed and “kinda rappelled” down a 50 foot section of tiered drop offs that I think would be too slick and steep for the dogs to do without a rope controlling their speed. At that point we took a narrow side trail on the right side(lookin down canyon) to bypass the rappelling section. But shortly after that you come to several 10-12 foot drop offs that are unavoidable and I highly recommend harnesses for the dogs and rope is a must to lower them down at least one section. And while my friend used a dog backpack for her dog the saddlebags did get in the way a few times on narrow ledges and drop offs that kind of knocked off the dogs balance, and it didn’t offer quite the same support around the chest and torso, so an actual harness is recommended over a pack. Several 6-8 foot drop offs to help your dog down and at the end there is a double drop off with the second one putting you in water. As of 4-15-18 the water was 42 inches deep and probably 75 feet long. If you’re strong you can grip the two walls with feet and hands and spider crawl without getting wet, but we enjoyed the water.

I only recommend taking you dog if
1:both you and your dog have plenty of trail experience
2: preferably both you and your dog have some boulder hopping experience.
3:both you and your dog have problem solving mindsets and don’t panic or get anxiety if it takes a few attempts to get past obstacles.
4: at least one person in the group needs to be able to fully lift the weight of your dog
5: take rope, harnesses and a carabiner (which we forgot), your dog will appreciate mushers secret for sore feet back at camp or the drive home. Bring plenty of water for you and the dog, no reliable water source on the trail

Click on my profile and see some of my pictures for reference

2 months ago

This is an easy out and back hike. This is not a slot canyon per se, but it does get fairly narrow in sections. Beautiful scenery. Encountered only 5 people on horseback during the hike.

Super fun hike! The down-climbs were a little more than I expected, but it was totally worth it! Water at the bottom of dang canyon was about 3.5 feet deep.

Went with a group of 10 youth and 4 adults. We went up Ding and down Dang. Going up Ding and down Dang is definitely the easier way to go. Dan has several sections where going up would be much more difficult. This was a great hike and everyone had a good time.

As of 17 Mar 18, there is water at the bottom of Dang. You can brace your self and scoot along the narrow sections if you have the strength and agility to do it. There is one area about 10 feet in diameter that you will be wading in about knee deep water. The narrow sections the water was about waist deep. The section with water is about 100 yards long.

off road driving
4 months ago

We were able to drive all the way back to the highway and even under the highway bridge (tunnel), however soon after that the sand was deep, so we turned around as our vehicle was not high enough. As it was getting dark, we went back on the highway. From i70 west, we stopped on the shoulder and drove until we could see the arch. It is possible to see it from the highway if you know where to look.

Great hike!
There is still water towards the bottom of Dang Canyon.

This was our family's first time in this canyon, although my son had been the year before with his scout group. We went up Ding and down Dang, which I would probably recommend for the easier route.

Ding was perfect for our group of 6, age range 9-60. Great bouldering, and just a fun adventure hike. Dang was definitely more difficult, and my son said it was harder that he remembered from last year. There were quite a few boulders wedged in the narrow slot canyon with vertical drops between 10-15 feet on the other side. Luckily my husband was able to come this time and he helped us navigate over them, with only a few tears of panic from the younger ones.  I definitely wouldn't have wanted to try that on my own, but it was awesome.

Everyone had a great time after we got through the hairy spots, and I think we would absolutely do it again. If you aren't an experienced rock climber, or at least fairly brave, I would recommend going with someone who is, just in case you have to climb over they way we did.

Cool trail with a cave to the left of the pictographs

scenic driving
11 months ago

This drive was fantastic! The variety of rock formations, colors and vast scenery are well worth the drive. Roads are well maintained but we could see deeper tracks from when it was muddy. We traveled this trail to the wedge overlook which is highly recommended! There are several other sightseeing attractions along this road.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Gorgeous hike, only a little snow up top. Fairly steep at parts, but worth the hike! :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mix between shade and sun. Mostly sun. Beautiful sheer cliffs from the valley Easy trail. We did see petroglyphs

off road driving
Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tried to find, traveled the whole distance but the last mile or so. The roads from Sinbad to the lone warrior must be reclaimed. It does not exist as shown on the map. Hunted for it but could not find.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

You can drive the road up to I-70 then must hike back unless you have a high clearance 4 wheel drive.
I hiked the trail but could not find Sinbad. Will return when I have more detailed info and try again. The instructions are not sufficient to lead to the rock art.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Great scrambling and bouldering. It's just technical enough to get some scrapes and bumps along the way, but quite feasible for even novice canyoneers. I like to go to up Ding (right at the fork in the trail) and down Dang. Depending on how the storms clear the wash a short handline or webbing can be helpful for those wanting a little extra confidence and seeking to avoid some larger jumps on a couple down climbs.

Monday, April 10, 2017

We had a blast! We have a 6 year old and took him but he is extremely brave, capable and can hike far. Bring snacks, water jacket, ROPE. We were lucking to stubble across a group of 3 with a 70 pound dog that was unable to make it down the ledges and drops. This is not really a trail for pups! We had to rappel this pup from ledge to ledge and he was hurt. Be prepared for varying water levels. Try to do this hike earlier in the in case something like this happens so you don't loose sun. Take a trail map. Tell someone you are going and when you expect to be back. Hike in and out 1-2 miles I think but flat like a gravel road. We went in right (ding) and came out left (dang) you'll know if you get confused as to which is which. Dang is tight and deep and difficult at times. You won't find a way around the water in dang you're going in and it's chest high. Ding for the most part if you stop and look around you can scramble up rocks to get around the beautiful pools!
See you between a rock and a hard spot!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mid march was an incredible time to go. Much of the hike is in the sun, so it was nice to have cooler weather. Starting from Ding (on the left) and then hiking through Dang (on the right) meant that there was a lot of scrambling down. Some people might find a rope helpful in Dang, although it is definitely not necessary. There was a small (~20 feet) segment of nasty water that you either must hike or shimmy through. Definitely made for a fun half day.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pretty good trail. well marked until paint ends before getting to dino tracks. not exciting but our dogs really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Went hiking with our dog on the Mega Steps trail, (2.7m) with beautiful scenery towards the end of that trail, then looped back the Baby Steps Trail (1m), then the Dino Flow Trail (1m). All trails are very clearly marked. There are many other trails, primarily for biking but also great to hike. Parked our 31ft Class C on the main parking lot and walked a short biking trail about 0.7m towards the start of the Mega steps trail. Amazing biking and hiking trails.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Good hike. Not much for scenery.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

My 5 year old daughter did this hike easily, and enjoyed visiting the dinosaur tracks.

Friday, May 15, 2015

I tend to go up Ding and down Dang. The canyons are beautiful and provide some great color contrasts between different kinds of rock. Both canyons have some difficult obstacles, especially Dang. NOT recommended for kids or pets. At one point, we had to stem across multiple large puddles while dropping down about twenty feet. Either come ready to walk through dirty water, or prepare your arms for a work out. Regardless, these canyons can be a lot of fun.

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