Photos of Fruit Heights Trails

Fruit Heights

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1 month ago

My husband and I completed this hike on December 9 with our neighbor's dog, Scout.

This hike was a little tricky for us to find... we didn't realize there was a second parking area up a steep driveway. Once we got on the trail, it was pretty straightforward, although we did have to use navigation once more to find that path.

We loved this hike! A slight incline most of the way, with some steeper parts. The snow-covered tree branches were lovely, and as we got farther into the canyon, we loved the view of the snow-tipped evergreens. We were also able to glimpse some blue sky! So gorgeous!

This hike doesn't have a definitive end.... it actually keeps going for 5 or ten miles I think. We had to look on the app to see when this officially "ended," and turn around.

Overall perfect winter hike for us! Almost gave it five stars because Christian was excited to see the weather radar up on the peak.