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love it

Really fun scrambling up after the saddle, to the Peak. Not as hard as I was lead to believe. Totally worth the effort for the view!

Bring a change of socks if you don't want squish foot. This is worth the climb.

A little steep for my young kids, but beautiful and serene

Great trail ! Pretty easy trail that most people could do. I showed up at 1pm and both the main parking lot and backup parking lot were totally full, had to ride a shuttle in. If you shuttle in , get off at the visitors center stop and walk through the campground and up the mountain rim. The rim is part of the trail. Super pretty views here!

Glad I had a 4 wheel drive to navigate the road. Great hike for me and my dog.

Great trail for the pup. Played in lake and gorgeous fall colors. We took the shorter steeper route. Good Steady incline.

The trail is pretty narrow and not too difficult. I think the only thing that makes this a moderate trail would be the elevation change. The trail parking lot doubles as a bus stop for the ski resorts so there were some people just sitting in their cars. This isn’t a problem but as a female that often hikes solo it’s just good to know in advance. There are climbing routes along the trail as well so it wasn’t uncommon to hear people talking before you would see them. It was a good quick hike but not sure I would do it again. Nothing overly impressive about it.

the views were amazing, though the incline made it a tad harder than moderate, plus.the distance. worth it though!

Gorgeous with the yellow aspen trees

This trail is absolutely gorgeous. The changing leaves are beautiful right now and the lake is beautiful. We accidentally found ourselves between a Bull moose and cow moose. The cow moose was only about 10 feet away from us so it took us an extra 20 minutes to get down since we decided to backtrack a bit to be safe and wait for the moose to move. I've seen a lot of moose up here. They are such neat animals. Just be careful!

Wonderful hike. A little technical in some places.

on Lake Blanche Trail

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Great hike with beautiful scenery at the lake.

beautiful easy level trail!

Great trail, great views throughout. Concur with others who recommend counterclockwise starting from fairyland parking lot.

Very nice short hike.

This was an awesome little hike! Kid and dog friendly! Super easy! Great views! 1 hour up 1 hour down! Super shady and very easy!

Challenging trail climb for any serious trail runner. Compared to other trails the only steep sections are on the Saddle. First 6.5 miles of climbing are gradual ascents with some descents and flat terrains in the meadow to regain your pace. However, the hidden rocks as tree stumps from start to finish and the completely all rock portions make this a difficult and treacherous attempt for any serious trails runners legs from avoiding any injuries. Unless- your well trained the return trip down the mountain will break your knees and sting your quads muscles. Nonetheless- a grand epic experience one must not leave out!

Great hike! Steady up to the meadows, and then a little steep but at the end. Beautiful views of the east side of Timp and the Primrose Cirque. Saw a juvenile moose and he seemed to want us gone. That helped for a quick descent.

I don't usually post here, but a lot of the reviews for this hike are misleading, so I thought I'd weigh in. This is actually quite a difficult hike. There are many spots where the trail is well-maintained and a gradual incline, but also many that are steep and rocky and/or overgrown. Note that many of the people posting that it's a moderate hike did not make it to the top. The rocky overlook is the halfway point. After that, the trail gets pretty steep and you're pushing through a lot of overgrowth. The terrain isn't quite as difficult as Lake Blanche, but it's comparable in difficulty, especially because of the distance. It is a beautiful trail with some stunning views and well worth doing if you like a challenging hike. But it shouldn't be attempted lightly. Start early and pack plenty of water and snacks if you're planning on doing the whole thing. It'll take a while.

Nice loop for a quick hike

Such a nice hike up with the dogs and family! Such a beautiful hike and love the creek for the dogs!

Super fun trail! Nice waterfall at the end.

started in dry canyon. after 3 miles the trail comes to a T, left takes you up the south west side the mountain. i found this out after I went up, because I went right first and ended up at a 2 track which probably would have taken me to the peak but I didnt. so go left at the fork. signage is very poor but the views are incredible once you get out of the canyon.

I went with three other friends early in the morning 9am this fall (totally recommend going in the fall). We stopped a lot for pictures and to catch our breath. (One has asthma). But we still made it up to the Caves in an hour and 45 mins. When we got there, the Caves were underneath so we climbed down to them and it was fantastic! We ate lunch there and it was wonderful weather, once in a while a big gust blows at you but not like you’re going to be pushed around. As a group, we went around the cave to find another one next to it. Be careful, even with good shoes it’s very slippery (dry). We decided to go down what looked like a trial and it lead us back to the original trail. Warning, about 2/3 there’s a fork in the trail. Left side is a very steep cliff that’s about a 9ft drop. It’s manageable if you have people around you. The right also has a small drop and it’s manageable for one person. Over all, the whole adventure took about 4 hours. I’d totally do this again(even going through the steep trail). Makes great memories with friends! Also, I’m not an experienced hiker. I’m mediocre at best. Have fun!

Nice little walk with a very cool waterfall and rock formation.

Overall a very nice trail. I would say a moderate effort to the top as it is all uphill but nothing too bad. The lakes and mountains at the trail end are fantastic!

This is more of a moderate hike. Not easy especially with little ones but doable.

It gets hot, limited shade and trail can get difficult to track at times. Pro is this trail is before the entrance of the state park even though they maintain it..no fee.

Steep. Yes. Difficult. Yes. Just keep pushing and the views are totally worth it. There is a log book on top. The scramble scary part is only about 15ft the rest is much easier ish. Lol.

This trail is a zoo up to Lake Mary, crowded and not super pretty with a view of the dam until you get up to Lake Mary. Lake Mary is a pretty lake. As is typical, once you get past 0.5 miles all of the crowds go away. After that it was beautiful, nice view down to Martha and then beautiful at Catherine. This is an easy hike overall. Fall colors are amazing. Oh and it hailed last night. Walk down and sunset colors were amazing. 5 for the natural beauty, 2 for the crowds to Mary.

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