Start this one early! We started at 9am, and after exploring the cave at the beginning, having a snack at the 1st waterfall (1 mile in), poking around all the old cars, and then playing in the big waterfall (2 miles in) for a while, we were hiking down around 2pm in the outrageous sun and temps. The descent to the big waterfall is very steep and about 40ft. down. There is a rope, and my 15 and 8 year olds handled it easily. My 12 and 10 year olds with autism basically slid down carefully on their bums while holding onto the rope. We played in the waterfall to cool down and had a great time. The climb out was a beast for my special needs kids, but they did it and were SO PROUD! Normally the trail back to the car seems to go by in a flash. This time it seemed never-ending. Must have been the heat. This trail is about 50/50 sun and shade, so at least we had moments out of the sun. This one would be gorgeous in the Fall.