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nice family walk

4 days ago

Went with the scouts. Fun trail. Pretty good ascent for the whole time. Cave is cool. Nice place for kids to play in for a second.

I did this hike with my 3 year old and 1 year old in a carrier. We almost made it to the water. We ended up turning around .18 miles from the Grotto. We could have made it, but we started out at 4pm and needed to be home at 6. I am going to attempt this on a different day.

The trail when dry, isn’t too bad, it’s narrow, but I trusted my 3 year old on the steep edges. The worst part about this trail is the .55 mile hike on BSL with absolutely no shade walking to the trailhead. We followed the tips and used the map and was able to find the trail.

Very little shade, so bring sunscreen and lots of water.

5 days ago

Narrow, paved, mostly shaded trail along the amusement park. Make sure you check the map because it’s not clearly marked. When you follow the direction, note that it takes you to the trailhead where parking is not allowed. You will have to search for street parking in the neighborhood.

Beautiful hike. A bit harder than expected; is rate this moderate. Slight and slow incline. Old cars were creepy but interesting. My 11 year old handled it like a trooper! Several places you have to cross small streams. Would do it again!

We never found this trail using the AllTrails map. We didn't have a good trail map but did have a guide book showing the trail's location relative to Farmington Cr. AllTrails shows the trail to be in or near the creek bed most of the way from Farmington Pond parking area up to the waterfalls. After giving up but later looking at an aerial photo, the actual trail can be seen paralleling the creek, not only out of the creek bed but north of Farmington Creek Rd most of the way.

The trail meets FC Rd at a sharp switchback in the road where there's a small parking area, then exits on the north side of the parking area to continue again along, but a couple hundred feet north of, the creek. It appears to eventually overlook the waterfall.

so, we did this Trail w our 7 month old Baby in our Osprey. we did very well but it got so steep that we had to turn around. this is by far not a moderate trail... this is a difficult trail trying to get to the water fall.

We had alot of fun and certainty scenic.. bring sunscreen and plenty of water.

trail running
15 days ago

Went tonight and it was nice and cool. Didn’t see any snakes since we were later. The trail is super difficult to find so read the tips. I actually didn’t make it to the waterfall because I didn’t see the “keep mostly right after the little log bridge” tip. Going to head back in a couple weeks to find it. Beautiful, nice hike either way. Hiked up, ran down.

Just completed this hike, well most of it. The path is very covered with greenery, sticks, and brush. Very hard to see at times where you are walking. We saw multiple [rattle]snakes on this trail. Once you get to the fork at the end, the path is hard to determine so we turned around. The path is not shaded and muddy in some parts. Also, you must walk a steep mile uphill to get to the trailhead. GOOD LUCK!

Easy hike with an awesome mine to go into. Very fun for the kids.

Follow the “Tips” that are given above and you’ll find it easily. And when it says ‘almost always’, it means always stay right (after the left following the wood bridge of course) to avoid some treacherous re-routing! Fun little short hike with a pretty decent incline and a little pay off at the end. I took my babes and my pup, we all loved it!!! Also, we went early in the day and it’s early in the season - so it was cooler and there was only one hornet I saw. Deathly afraid of them so I for sure won’t be doing this hike in the summer!

road biking
17 days ago

This was my first time doing a “real” bike ride. Thanks Kelly for your review, I had the same issue not knowing where to park by the red farm so I parked by Nordstrom Rack by the train station. The trail has an opening on the north side of the walking bridge.
The path is nice and smooth except for slight inclines and a few wood bridges. There are benches to stop at if you need. I turned around about 4 miles down and there is a port-a-potty there if needed. I saw horses on the west side and enjoyed the Mountain View on the east. This is a trail I’ll be visiting often!

21 days ago

It was a fun little hike. Kids (3 & 6) had a fun time looking at all the birdhouses that lined the trees on the way to the pond.
There was a couple of areas that I had to look at the map to figure out where to go.

This was a good hike. The cave is awesome to see.

It was easy to get lost, pretty hard to find the way to the grotto but it was absolutely worth it once we did!

Not the trail’s fault but found a rattler about 2 miles in. Went to go try a different fork and reports of rattlers on that trail too. This was on 4/28 late morning. Be vigilant.

The directions for this trail take you to the lagoon trail in Farmington- which you walk on paved trail for about a mile (? I wasn’t wearing a tracker so not sure how far) until you get past Farmington pond and to the actual dirt trail. Next time I will park at the pond park and hike up from there.

26 days ago

Pretty awesome place. I remains safe and respected for people to see.

We hiked this today (4-22-2018). I’m not sure where they get that this hike is 2.6 miles but it’s 2 miles round trip. The map is wrong. We hiked to Flag Rock which well past Patsy’s Mine. It is a good hike but the app needs to be fixed to show the actual distances.

trail running
30 days ago

Great running trail for strollers and those with children.

1 month ago

The mine is cool and worth the hike. I wouldn't take my children past the mine to the flag. I recommend going up farmington canyon to get to the dirt road then hike from there.

1 month ago

The trail was really cool! I went with my brother and two dogs and we had a blast! The trail goes around the backside of lagoon, allowing you to see Rattlesnake Rapids and some of the pavilions. They also have bison, antelope, horses, and cows that you can see while walking on it. It was really enjoyable!

on Davis Creek Trail

1 month ago

I agree with all the reviews that have said this hike should not be rated moderate. It’s deceiving because 85% of the hike is great. It’s just the areas where I felt like I would fall off the cliff as I was hanging onto the rope and sliding on my butt that make it so this hike should be rated as HARD. It’s a beautiful hike and my husband loved it, but I was so grateful to be done with it when we got to the bottom.

1 month ago

Fun little walk with the kids, baby and wife

Fun trail, we took our almost 4 yr old and 18 month old. Pretty steep sections, but worth the hike!

Not well marked. Enjoyed the steep incline to the top.

Nice solid trail. Too much trash. Not very challenging but enjoyable.

We love this trail! Easy access, easy walk! Great for my old dog who is easily tired.

Great little day hike with family. Hiked this with my five year old. We hit the mine first and then continued up to the flag pole. The road to get you close to mine is easy if you have moderate ground clearance.

It’s kind of hard to find, I used a local blog to get good directions (girlonahike). But it was worth it to find it, the grotto was fun to play in. I went to first week of June and didn’t see any hornets luckily, because I would have high tailed it out of there if I did. I didn’t see anyone else on the trail.

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