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you can tell this is not one of the more hiked trails. a lot of over growth still nice trail.

I only give it three stars because the mine was fun for the kids to explore. Very steep loose dirt trails so very slippery. I made the mistake of going with my three young children and dog alone so that made it all the more challenging but even then I can’t imagine this trail being enjoyable without children. The mine is really cool. Bring flashlights or full charged cell phone lights. Really no shade on trail. Mine is nice and cool though.

13 days ago

Fantastic hike with great views and a nice waterfall near end. Saw 5 people on trail. Only marked down a star due to the road being closed to trailhead. I understand its closed probably for leftover snow, but it's the end of April! It added about 2 miles to hike.

Fun hike, shaded in the trees. Couple of places for nice views. Drive up the canyon road till pavement ends and park there and trailhead is there. Didn’t do the super steep section (where rope is) down to 2nd waterfall. Between short legs and old knees I thought it best to skip that section. I am 65 and just getting into hiking and didn’t seem too strenuous at all. Much easier than getting to waterfall up Adam’s Canyon in Layton.

Aptly named... very difficult unless you have the athleticism of a wolverine. Trail is hard to follow once you reach the ridge, and completely disappears a mile later. Lost the trail on the way down and ended up bush whacking most of the way... Full sun the whole way, wear long pants and bring LOT'S of water.

Ok, so maybe if you only go to the first waterfall it is moderate. We hit that and decided to continue on. We read the sign going along the creek and said no way, went towards pretty valley but didn't read the reviews before going so wasn't sure it made it to waterfall and turned around about 1/4 mile after the big rock. we took the trail to hell hole from there. After several steep sections made it to another waterfall a bit past the campsite. Perhaps on a heavier water year it would have been worth it. On the way back we figured let's see what the other trail is like. It cant be that bad going down. Several super steep sections some with ropes not all. Motto of the story, stop at the first waterfall or prepare for a hard hike.

Start this one early! We started at 9am, and after exploring the cave at the beginning, having a snack at the 1st waterfall (1 mile in), poking around all the old cars, and then playing in the big waterfall (2 miles in) for a while, we were hiking down around 2pm in the outrageous sun and temps. The descent to the big waterfall is very steep and about 40ft. down. There is a rope, and my 15 and 8 year olds handled it easily. My 12 and 10 year olds with autism basically slid down carefully on their bums while holding onto the rope. We played in the waterfall to cool down and had a great time. The climb out was a beast for my special needs kids, but they did it and were SO PROUD! Normally the trail back to the car seems to go by in a flash. This time it seemed never-ending. Must have been the heat. This trail is about 50/50 sun and shade, so at least we had moments out of the sun. This one would be gorgeous in the Fall.

I definitely recommend following peoples advice on previous comments as far as which path to take when a trail forks. I did my best to follow the map that is on the app but once I stop looking at it I did end up having to turn around and get re-oriented onto the path with the app map. Did not see any snakes. Saw lots of lizards, squirrels, and even a hummingbird. Tons of butterflies and flying creatures… Did not get stung by anything but I was moving pretty quickly which I think is key. On the map I did reach a grotto but higher up above the map THE grotto was pinned which I didn’t make it up that far, maybe next time. It is definitely hot so bring lots of water and sunscreen and maybe even a snack. I would not recommend bringing children due to the narrow path on steep hills, the slanted incline is very difficult to keep your traction plus some of the edges are very loose. Water level was pretty low so the water wasn’t pouring very fast or heavy but still beautiful and worth it

Great hike. A little worn and overgrown in spots, but awesome nonetheless. Probably better during the early summer though ;) Would recommend.

Quick, beautiful trail. You can drive right up to it on the Bonneville Shoreline if you have a higher clearance vehicle. A little overgrown near the top. The Grotto is gorgeous, this should be more popular, but it is a little tough near the top. Directions are key. It’s easy to take the wrong side trail. At the entrance to the creek be sure to take the trail on the north side (marked as steed creek trail) then once you cross the creek on a wooden plank, stay left and the canyon takes you right to the grotto. I’ve done some of the more intense hikes in Utah, but I would still say this is a tougher moderate hike. Not great for the typical kid and you do gain a lot of elevation on unsteady and steep inclines. Quick hike. You’ll love it.

This was such a nice hike on a hot evening. The first half mile or so is on the road in the sun, but then it is shaded and the grotto is nice and cool with the waterfalls. Follow the tips and make sure you go up at the “steed creek trail” sign. I think moderate is a good rating for this hike. I loved it!

We hiked this starting around 6:15pm. The trail is not clearly marked for some time. We found ourselves “stumbling” onto the trail. My GPS said that it was around 1.5 miles up, 1.6 down. We did not go to the mine. Took us around 2 hours to get to the flag (it was super hot, and we were slightly creeped out thinking we kept hearing rattlesnakes...although we never saw one) we took multiple breaks and sat at a bench 1/2 way through the hike. We spent a good amount of time up top, watching the sun set

Great well maintained trail! Pretty the entire way through!

It was a bit rough for my out of shape family but it was a great view and I loved the mine. I’m a bit scared of heights and the narrow steep trail had me a bit anxious, especially on the way down. However I didn’t have too much trouble and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Utah

1 month ago

Did Triumph up, which was brutal, semi dangerous and gorgeous views, it pushed me and I loved it. Hard difficulty steep pitch, loose shale, nothing to hold on to. Definitely need hiking boots, walking sticks and maybe rescue gear and first aid for Triumph trail. It’s just a swift gain in elevation. Waterfall and creek were awesome at the top of Triumph . Did the Davis creek loop hike coming back down. Loved it. There are rocks and roots to trip on and it is really overgrown in some parts. Did it at night. Would do Davis loop again in the day going up. Wouldn’t take my 5 yr old but my 8 and 14 yr old could handle Davis creek loop.

Missed the real short loop by taking the wrong trail. Discovered the error and just had a longer hike than expected

The grotto was nice and cool on a warm morning. Very nice

Great views of the valley and the Great Salt Lake. A good trail for the entire family. If you like mines, Patsy’s is an easy walk into.

This was a super fun hike because of the old mine at the end. Before you go, Google the history of the mine, then you will have the back story as you search the tunnels. Bring a flashlight!

Great hike but it's full sun for almost the entire way, so just be prepared for that.

Great trail for everyone, the elevation gain is not a major factor. However, the trail leading down to the waterfall was too difficult for my 6 yr old to traverse.

I hiked this trail this morning with my 8 year old. It took us 3 hours, but we have to stop and see every bug and look at every rock. Haha. Definitely an overgrown trail and very easy to get lost on; thank goodness my sister had been there before and was able to guide us. Also, I’m glad I wore pants after reading the reviews; there’s plenty to brush your legs on. The little waterfall at the end was completely worth it. If I hike it again though, I’ll start earlier in the morning. On the good side, we only saw two snakes (:

6/2/18 Just tried Doing this hike with my hubby and baby in tow... we parked in the designated parking spot and went across the street to the gate and went around to be on the BST... after a bit went down a hill and made a slight right into a JUNGLE! this is NOT a nice trail, you could barley see where to go... while looking on the all trails app it said we were going the right way but it was pretty awful... we would have kept going but ran into some water that was not passable due to not wearing water shoes... I was glad to be wearing pants due to several thorny bushes... there is another trail head just up the road from the parking lot that we were told later had a waterfall... so maybe try that one... anyways bad luck with this one... too bad....

2 months ago

Great hike. Worth it but certainly for those who feel comfortable on the edge. There are a few parts where you’re on a very thin trail over a cliff.

Super fun but very steep. The kids made it ages 3,6,7 but it was difficult. Worth the hike. Round trip- 3/12 hrs.

Nice hike for Memorial Day. Loved being up at Flag Rock to see the view and ponder what so many have sacrificed for us. Fairly easy trail, but definitely exposed. Luckily it was only in the 60s. The mine was cool and definitely required a light to explore.

The views were a 5 but the trail isn’t well maintained and is on the more difficult side of moderate. Watch out for snakes and steep slopes. Definitely an awesome trail but it’s not for people just getting started with hiking. The trail is also easy to get confused on for direction.

2 months ago

Beautiful morning for a hike. The views are spectacular the farther up you go. Well kept trails although a little narrow at times, especially if someone is passing by. There were a lot of families with children and they were all doing well. Patsy’s Mine was a fun little spot off the trail on our way to Flag Rock. I recommend starting early in the day as the heat of summer could make it too difficult.

In the morning around 8:30, it rained the night before, so the trail was pretty wet and my pants wound up soaked from walking through all the brush. I would recommend long pants since you’ll be walking through shrubbery almost the whole way. You’ll be on a decent incline almost the whole way, and the trail is pretty narrow and treacherous at times so I would leave the little ones at home for this one. The trail gets pretty narrow and the edge is really soft towards the top. Overall a beautiful and quick hike.

Very cool place to cool down on a hot day. The trail can be a bit confusing. Once again watch out for snakes.

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