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8 days ago

Did Triumph up (by accident) and Davis creek loop down. Triumph was brutal, semi dangerous and gorgeous views, it pushed me and I loved it. Hard difficulty steep pitch, loose shale, nothing to hold on to. Definitely need hiking boots, walking sticks and maybe rescue gear and first aid for Triumph trail. It’s a swift gain in elevation. Waterfall and creek were awesome at the flat ridge of Triumph. I didn’t continue up. Kinda took a not well traveled path to cross the creek to Davis loop.

I’ve gotta say it, this trail is terrible. I’m new to the area and decided to try it based on all the good reviews. I parked at Farmington Pond and started the trail from there. Within a half mile or so there were so many forks and side trails, with no signs, that I never knew if I was on the right one. I followed one trail when it forked and had to back track when I saw it was headed north. I took the less obvious trail that followed the creek (thought that was a good clue) and that was very steep, very narrow and very hard to stay on. There were parts where the trail had been swept away from rock slides. After about 1.5 miles I could see it wasn’t improving and I turned around. Some locals told me I was on the right trail but I would not recommend this to anyone. Park up on the road and take the Farmington Canyon trail instead.

What a great hike! We saw 5 wrecked cars along the way. (One was just a chassis) The colors were beautiful. The kids loved it. Waterfalls, rocks to climb and wonderful scenery!

Awful trail. Once you hit the second large rock and head east up the mountain it is extremely loose and steep. We actually missed the designated trail at first and were using the mess of other trails/washes to work our way up. Discovered a soda can bottom attached to a tree and that confirmed we had missed the trail. Head over to that and it was a bit better sometimes, but not enough so we headed back. There are sporadic markers on the trail and I set up a cairn at the second rock where the turnoff is to help anyone else who attempts this mess.
Only scrub oak etc as far as we made it but there may be shade further up.
After we turned back we headed over to some overlooks above Rick's Creek and then went to the waterfall.

It was a good hike, beautiful. The trail head is hard to spot, but here’s a tip: it is right where the map leads you. It’s off to the side of a big brown sign, there is a faint trail. I started the hike at 6:00 pm after school one day. I’m 16, in high school, and I did the hike alone. I simply hiked, didn’t jog, and reached the top at 6:40 pm. It was very steep for the first half, probably a 40 degree incline. It was beautiful at sunset though, absolutely amazing. Will most likely do again with friends. Only tips I would give is stretch your calves before you start because it’s a killer. The trail is a little roughly marked for the first little bit, but just follow the signs. Four stars because of how rough and i kept it was. But great.

It was beautiful the fall colors are peak!

1 month ago

Great, relatively easy trail. Could be hot in the summer as some areas aren't shaded. Loved the big waterfall. It was totally worth the ascent to get down into the gully to see it.

Found a geocache right at the point where the trail starts to go uphill more steeply. Utah has some cool looking rocks! The grotto was worth the narrow path, which was slippery dirt at some points where someone had even left a rope for people to grab onto during the most tricky part. If you wear the right shoes (which I didn’t) this hike shouldn’t be difficult at all for an adult. It almost seems like the path was a game trail originally.

2 months ago

Hiked up to an overlook that looks down on the Grotto which I hiked to later. Steep trail

2 months ago

We took our two young children in a stroller (the whole trail is paved) on this walk and they really enjoyed it. There was alot for them to see including fruit trees, some of the animals from lagoon, and a large bridge. The trail is well maintained including trash cans and picnic tables along the way.

Great. I’d definitely do it again. Only gave it 4 stars because we went in the heat of the day. Our mistake. The trail is shaded about 50% of way which really saved us.

Fun trail (once you find it). The hike is quite challenging, due to the length of steep upward hiking. The footing is not technical our difficult, just the steepness of the hike. If you like the feeling of hiking straight up a steep Mountain, you will love this hike.

If you are looking to make it to Flag Rock and Patsy's mine it's much easier to look up flag Rock via Patsy mine on this app and take that route. It is 4.4 miles to use this route and 2.6 to go the Patsy's mine route. It's also good to know that there is another dirt road that goes up there and we'll get you closer if you just drive down a ways there are parking spaces off the side.

The trail is fine for the first mile or so, then becomes progressively more overgrown until it just kind of ends about a half mile short of where the map says it should. There aren’t any really good views and the fact that you don’t hit a summit makes it pretty frustrating, especially when you factor in how difficult the trail is to follow.

2 months ago

Didn't know where to park because I couldn't quite find the beginning. Parked in a cul de sac and walked for a bit. Animals and pavement were nice for a walk but not a hiking trail at all.

Waterfalls are low right now. Either I’m getting old or I forgot how difficult this hike is. Nonetheless it is a good hike and great workout. I would skip the “pretty valley” portion if we were to do it again. It’s not that pretty.

Great hike to a couple of neat sites, it's exposed the entire way but the mine is perfect place to explore & cool off before heading on up to the flag. It is fairly steep in a few spots but it's not really long so very manageable.

on Lagoon Trail

2 months ago

Went with my son and dog. A lot of fun

Markings were so-so. Awesome views but there was a lot of over growth on the trail, hence the 2 stars. I should go up there with a machete and trim it up for others.

Per the elevation, it is steep but definitely doable. There is a bench around 1 mile up.

Went on this hike last weekend. I went up a different trail for about a mile that met up with this trail. the mine goes quite far until it splits off into two and that's where I stopped. it wasn't too far from the mine to flag rock, but a decent vertical. It's a great relatively small hike and I recommend!

2 months ago

Fun! Kids love it because they can ride their bikes or scooters. It’s fun to see the animals too!

Great early morning hike. You can see your target so that was motivating. The mine was a little damp, beware of low clearances if you’re tall. Lots of fun. The trail head is right under the light post and parking is across from it. Happy Hiking !

Not sure if the author mixed up trails. But this DID
NOT match the beta... ZERO shade. ZERO forest. Straight up side of barren mountain with short scrub oak and cactus. One of the Worst hikes EVER! Totally exposed by sun.. took dogs thinking it would be shady. No shade!

you can tell this is not one of the more hiked trails. a lot of over growth still nice trail.

trail running
3 months ago

walked/jogged this trail but it’ll be better off in a bike than walking

I only give it three stars because the mine was fun for the kids to explore. Very steep loose dirt trails so very slippery. I made the mistake of going with my three young children and dog alone so that made it all the more challenging but even then I can’t imagine this trail being enjoyable without children. The mine is really cool. Bring flashlights or full charged cell phone lights. Really no shade on trail. Mine is nice and cool though.

3 months ago

nice easy shaded trail for a quick getaway.

3 months ago

Fantastic hike with great views and a nice waterfall near end. Saw 5 people on trail. Only marked down a star due to the road being closed to trailhead. I understand its closed probably for leftover snow, but it's the end of April! It added about 2 miles to hike.

Fun hike, shaded in the trees. Couple of places for nice views. Drive up the canyon road till pavement ends and park there and trailhead is there. Didn’t do the super steep section (where rope is) down to 2nd waterfall. Between short legs and old knees I thought it best to skip that section. I am 65 and just getting into hiking and didn’t seem too strenuous at all. Much easier than getting to waterfall up Adam’s Canyon in Layton.

Aptly named... very difficult unless you have the athleticism of a wolverine. Trail is hard to follow once you reach the ridge, and completely disappears a mile later. Lost the trail on the way down and ended up bush whacking most of the way... Full sun the whole way, wear long pants and bring LOT'S of water.

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