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Farmington, Utah Map

Always enjoy this hike. It was great for a late November hike.

3 days ago

The path is pretty clear until you cross the creek. After that, all bets are off! Hell of a leg burner!

Great afternoon hike through the canyon. The Waterfall is solid ice, but beautiful. be careful working your way down to it. It's slicker than it looks right now, I was glad there was a rope. Also, the access gate is now closed for winter, so it will add a few miles to walk up to the trailhead. and there is no sign at the trailhead. It starts where the road loops back. I only saw two other people the whole day. Enjoy !

Love this trail. The road was closed so it added about another 1/2 mile to the trailhead but it wasn’t bad since it is paved. Only passed two people as we were coming back down. Enjoyed the waterfall even though the scaling down the rope is a little scary but so worth the views.

This hike was so much fun! I’m a fairly avid hiker so it wasn’t too difficult for me but there’s for sure inclines as you go along the trail. I did go off trail a few times so be sure to double check where you’re going! It was just a tad muddy too but nothing crazy. It was such a beautiful hike, I’d highly recommend it :)

The road to this trail head is closed, which adds a .8 mile uphill on paved road hike. There is a dirt parking lot on the right where the gate is. The road is steep, so we were pretty worn out by the time we got up to the trail. I’d say it’s a pretty steady climb to the first waterfall which is where we turned around because it took us an hour to go 1.6 miles when we got there. It’s a pretty hike, it only took us 25 minutes on our descent back to our car. I’m looking forward to trying this next year when we can hike the full distance.

Beautiful hike!! Make sure you’re paying attention to the map/trail. It is easy to get just slightly off path. Absolutely worth it at the end, the grotto is small but so cool! I did get stung so look out for bees!

28 days ago

Steep - definitely not for kids as there are many narrow drop offs. Beautiful loop & waterfalls. Many spots of fall leaves still in full color - but the many fallen leaves made the trail beautiful too.

29 days ago

This trail was tight and steep with lots of scrub oak. Easy to get lost in the dark if you don’t have a light. Definitely would recommend! We dropped down to Flag Rock for a fun finish

1 month ago

The trail is gorgeous and a moderate length. It is very steep during certain portions. There are however ropes for the some of the steepest sections. There are several waterfalls on the trail as well.

We did this trail in October and my husband and I loved it! The leaves were gorgeous throughout the hike, and the end of the trail was beautiful. The Grotto was so cool! We lost the trail occasionally because there were so many fallen leaves, but we found it again pretty quickly. Would recommend for anyone who likes hiking, but there are some steep sections that aren’t mentioned in hike description. Fortunately there are a few ropes along the trail to help with the steep parts. We enjoyed it, and finished it pretty quickly!

1 month ago

Beautiful fall colors up there today!! Throughout the entire hillsides there's fall beauty. The view is spectacular & the waterfall is the icing on the cake! the hike is pretty steep but, it's a short hike to the waterfall. totally worth it!

1 month ago

Dad Sherpa and son to the top of Davis Creek waterfall. Nice and steep! Only saw 4 people in 2 hours of hiking!

This trail was difficult. What made it the most challenging was how overgrown the trail was. There are small aluminum can rounds attached to trees as trail markers which are pretty consistent, this is what we followed since at times we could not see a path. Awesome views throughout and at the top and you really do feel triumphant. It took longer to get to the top than we thought and we ended up going down in the dark, which would have been much more comfortable in daylight.

1 month ago

gorgeous. plan some time. the views are too good to hurry through

Great trail, I think it is on the easy side of moderate. There are two waterfalls, the first one is small but the second one is great and it was surrounded by ice, really beautiful. I went to the end of the trail but it was very overgrown and not worth the extra 200 feet or so.

Great trail, I think it is on the easy side of moderate. There are two waterfalls, the first one is small but the second one is great and it was surrounded by ice, really beautiful. I went to the end of the trail but it was very overgrown and not worth the extra 200 feet or so.

I started out going to The Grotto, but didn’t want to be surrounded by that much woods. So I took the trail to Patsy’s Mine and checked out the mine

I didn’t make it to the waterfall because my dog was misbehaving, but the colors right now are absolutely stunning!

Just stunning right now! Thought I would go for a quick trail run and it became more of a run, take picture, run, take picture sequence. This is a good hike for kids. Enough incline to make it a workout but not too tough. There are multiple areas with crashed cars along the trail if you know where to look. My favorite car is at the second water crossing instead of going right as the trail leads. Go left and around some trees and see a crashed vehicle in the rushing water. Soon after you are back on the trail you come to the path that takes you to the waterfall. It’s on the right and down a steep section. Bless those that have left the rope to help climb down as it can be kinda scary. Will have to help small kids and take it slow. Wear a shoe with good grippy soles. Be careful not to knock rocks onto those below. I’ve had that happen and a rock falling on your head and hands hurts! The waterfall is a pretty sight! Right now at the bottom of the Falls and along the sides is ice which means the rocks at the bank look wet but are also slick with ice water so be very careful. The Fall leaves right now are gorgeous. With the cooler temps the leaves are falling quick. Fun to have them billow around you and to walk through them. You better hurry if you want to see them. 10/10/19

The trail was steep on the way up. Mostly loose dirt and rock. Once you hit the switchbacks up top it gets kind of sketchy. Trail is thin, slick, and several drop offs where it’s washed out. It’s not horrible but I wouldn’t take kids up this route or go if you’re afraid of heights or falling. The views at the top are awesome. Met a couple other hikes up top who suggested we take the trail to the north into the trees on the way down. It was a little longer but definitely better scenery, much better trail, and not sketchy at all.

This took us to a place with a bunch of no parking signs so we had to google where to go. Trail was okay, mostly moms with strollers (like me). Pretty shady so that’s a plus from other paved trails in Farmington.

Every time I look this up, I am finding only info on Sky Line Drive down near moab. Any insight on info for this?

1 month ago

Nice trail. Breathtaking views and scenery. At 2 miles in the Waterfall is very nice.

We went out to explore this trail today. Big thanks to previous posters who gave great directions otherwise we would have driven right by. Once you get off the pavement you need to keep going up the twisty mountain road. It’s a pretty steep and narrow drive in some places so drive with caution. One thing I would add to the reviews is to wear gloves if you plan on using the rope to climb down to the waterfall. The rope is so helpful but rough in places and my hands got scratches from the rope. Also it was snowing very lightly so the amount of time this trail will be open is coming to an end. The colors were breathtaking and so worth the hike. I plan on doing this one again before the winter is here.

1 month ago

With overcast skies today, I made it up the north fork of this trail. This seems to be the more steep and narrow leg, but it was good hiking if you can stay on the trail. It is less clear in some spots, but not bad.

I am from Idaho and came down with my boyfriend to lagoon for my birthday and to do some hiking. We’re both outdoors people and pretty in shape, this was a good hike to get a workout in but not completely kick our butts. It was absolutely beautiful and 100% worth it. We did some off trailing and got a little lost but thanks to this app we were able to find our way back! I would 1,000,000% recommend this hike to anyone who loves a beautiful place to find your inner zen and maybe do some meditating. Make sure you stay on the trails though!

I decided to hike this on a day where it rained all morning. Going up, the trail had water running down it and across it in many spots. By the time I turned around and went downhill most of the water was gone. Muddy in spots.

Well marked with great signs. The grotto is beautiful.

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