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5 days ago

Backpacked up to Henry's Fork Lake for an overnight-er. The trail was mild, good for carrying a pack. Plenty of water available, as most of the trail is near the river or has stream crossings. The first 4.5 miles to the trail fork is through forest, then the view opens up to red peaks and cliffs. We hiked past Bear Lake, which looked like a nice place to camp. The view around Henry's Lake was worth it though. Saw 4 moose in the 2 days, so keep your eyes peeled. Total distance to the lake and back was 18.8 miles and took roughly 6-7 hrs each way (I'm a slow-medium speed hiker).

10 days ago

Beautiful! For an accurate trail guide with photos and map, check out my post: http://www.girlonahike.com/2018/08/backpacking-to-allsop-lake-uintas.html

So pretty! Great backpacking trip. See my full trail guide, with photos and a map here: http://www.girlonahike.com/2018/08/backpacking-to-dead-horse-lake-uintas.html

This is the least trafficked lake trail that starts at Christmas meadows. the gradual incline makes it a little more manageable for those carrying packs. There are a lot of fish in the lake. The place is beautiful. The distance is closer to 20 miles round trip.

Beautiful area!

awesome. lots of skeeter

3 months ago

Great destination for those seeking solitude. I camped along the creek in the upper basin and did day hikes to the various lakes. Saw only one other hiker on the trail—on a weekend in September.

on Allsop Lake Trail

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Great backpacking destination! Aside from a moderate amount of mosquitoes, numerous lake fish, we had the place to ourselves. Where was everybody!? Wildflowers between 0-2 miles were awesome. Quite a few cattle at miles 2-4. From mile 5 to the lake, you are walking in some pretty scenic meadows. Bring your camera! It took us about 4.5 hours to reach the lake and just under four returning to the car. There are several small sections that were muddy and swampy from horseback riding, which required circumnavigating. The trail is a very gradual and deceiving uphill, there are only two switchbacks. If you want a place to yourself, consider this destination. Easily fives stars, but minus one star for trail conditions and mosquitoes.

The scenery is 5 stars, one of the best hikes in the Uintas. The trail on the other hand is pretty awful. It's not a difficult trail, moderately long with a gentle incline the whole way, but it's more difficult than the stats lead you to believe. The trail is constantly disappearing, often instead of skirting around the boggy marshes the trail will head straight into them, where it then disappears for a quarter mile. If you are lucky you will find it on the other end of the marsh at which point it will lead you straight into another marsh. There are many river crossings as well with no bridges, but instead of river crossing that would help divert you onto higher or drier land these river crossing have the sole purpose of leading you through the maximum amount of marshland possible. Eventually you realize the futility of trying to keep your feet dry and just embrace it. Weather you spend 30 minutes carefully picking your way across the marsh, or walk straight through it in 10 minutes, either way your feet are going to get wet. I say all this not to discourage, but simply to let you know the trail takes longer and is more difficult than you might be led to believe, but yes, I would and will definitely do it again.

Hiked this trail as part of the 37 mile loop starting at the West Fork Blacks Fork trailhead. Crossing over to the East Fork Blacks Fork trail on part of the Bear-Smiths Trail. Then to the end of the West Fork Blacks Fork trail where it joins the Highline trail at Red Knob Pass. Followed the Highline trail to Dead Horse Lake and returned down the West Fork Blacks Fork trail to complete the loop Great loop hike with tons of great scenery.

Hiked this trail as part of the 37 mile loop starting at the West Fork Blacks Fork trailhead. Crossing over to the East Fork Blacks Fork trail on part of the Bear-Smiths Trail. Then to the end of the West Fork Blacks Fork trail where it joins the Highline trail at Red Knob Pass. Followed the Highline trail to Dead Horse Lake and returned down the West Fork Blacks Fork trail to complete the loop Great loop hike with tons of great scenery.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Hiked this last year in 2016. Had about 4 rivers to cross a couple of which we had to make our own bridge which took an hour or so. It would be wise if backpacking, to have a light pair of water shoes and save yourself the trouble. We camped below the lakes due to NO trail going up to them. We did day hikes up to the lakes which wasn't too bad with day packs, albeit steep and bushwacking. Fishing was decent and you are lucky to see ANYONE else.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Hiked to Bear lake for the night then up to Henry's Fork Lake, Doll Lake and back to the trails. Was able to see Kings Peak. Beautiful Basin. This trail and Henry's Fork Lake is slightly less used than Dollar Lake which is the main access to Kings Peak. The lakes in the upper basin are reported to have large fish.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hiked this trail when I was younger looking for a shorter way to get to Red Castle Lakes. Shorter but harder with more elevation changes but in my view more scenic because you are above timberline on much of the trail

relaxing hike through gorgeous Meadows and streams.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

I hiked this trails many years ago as an alternate route to Red Castle Lake. Great views because it follow a much higher route

Friday, September 09, 2016

This is a great destination that really gets you a feel for what the Uintas have to offer. A friend and I did it during mid-August this year (2016) with packs. We split it up into 3 days, making things pretty easy on us for day 1 and 2, with the whole trek back being done on day 3.

The trail up to Allsop Lake was difficult to follow at times. It weaves through some marshy areas where the grasses have overgrown the trail. There are a few cairns that will help you find your way, keep an eye out for those.

We saw a few cows, but not so many that there wasn't a place to camp as has been said by others. The weather was a little unpredictable (as always in the Uintas) but we didn't get soaked at any point, which was good. If you proceed south once reaching the lake (along the eastern shore), you'll find a spot with some boulders where we camped quite peacefully on our second night, very nice spot.

If you're up for an adventure: I had wondered about the possibility of traversing the ridge between Allsop and Deadhorse Lake before we left. I made an attempt without my pack to pick my way up a gulley to the southeast of our camp, and was successful in reaching a ridge south of what might be called the Allsop Peaks. However, I don't recommend doing so unless you're very comfortable moving through loose rock and aren't planning on carrying a pack with you. The steepness, combined with the nature of the scree would make the gulley very tough to climb with a pack. Anyways, at the top of that ridge there was a gorgeous view of Deadhorse to the east and Allsop back to the west, along with the cirques surrounding both. Worth it if you're experienced and stupid enough to try it. Be careful going back down, I tried to find a different route and nearly fell twenty feet where the cliffs shear back. Go back down the same gulley, it seems to be the only way down.

It was a fun hike up in the Unita's. If you like fishing (I do not but people in my group did) you can catch a lot of fish in the river. One person caught over 50 in 2 partial days. Camping by the lake was nice. We went over and saw EJOD lake which is pleasant. If you feel up to it worth going up to dead mans pass. You can look over into another valley with some lakes. We did not stay long because of lightening. Good trip but probably won't go again. Enjoy.

Monday, July 11, 2016

I liked the feel of this lake less all the campfire pits in a permanent campfire banned area.
I tied the Kermashu (sp) lake into this trail for a quick weekend get away. The trail is easy to follow with out much felt up hill until about mile 6.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Hiked to Ryder and camped in meadow 1/2 miles below the lake. Day hiked Ryder and Mcpheters Lakes then to the end in the drainage below Hayden peak. Views of the entire middle basin were fantastic. Many downed trees blocking the trail

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nice easy but long trail to a nice alpine cirque. The lake is pretty, but a bit on the small side. Unfortunately the area was completely trashed by cattle while I was there. The trail was destroyed, and the meadows and flowers completely trampled and killed from the cattle. It was near impossible to find a spot to pitch my tent due to the fact that there was a cow pie every 2-3 feet on all flat areas.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I have been on this trail many times through the years. I love to camp and hike the many trails in the area. One of my favorite parts of this trail are the wood bridges across some of the swampy spots. My kids also enjoy being out here. The only thing about the area you have to be aware of are the many Moose. Great trail for all.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

One way, this one registered 10.2 miles on my GPS. So this is a 20 mile up and back trail. Beautiful trail. The off the shelf maps on GPS actually have the wrong trail going in and would have you bush whack for 4 miles. This has a steep incline near the end as you head up to the lake. If you do this one in June there will be small snow patches to keep your fish cold, but LOTS of bugs. Better done later in the summer. Ryder has more fish, McP has larger fish.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Norice and Priord make up the West Fork of the East Fork of the Bear River (confusing I know) The drainage is much larger in width than its neighbor to the east (Allsop Lake) and holds 2 major lakes rather than 1. The Trail requires that you cross the river, without a bridge so be prepared for that. I imagine in early season the crossing could be more serious but it isn't too bad normally. (20-40cfs) The trail can be faint in places. The back of the bowl opens up to large meadows. The ridge behind immediately behind abuts the Four Lakes Basin drainage accessible via the Highline Trail and Rocky Sea Pass. If you have the legs and a shuttle back to EFOTB, its not a bad route. The first 3-4 miles of the trail are mellow, passing through old burn scars and incredibly wet meadows below fed by numerous springs coming off the left side of the canyon. Wood decks help maintain the trail. After 2 miles you encounter some old "Tie Hacker" cabin remnants. Worth a break to look around. Then you hit the wilderness boundary sign, then the fork where you choose Allsop or Norice/Priord From there the trail picks up a bit in gradient but not terrible. The scenery doesn't change much for several miles until you start hitting the upper meadows. Then it's pretty beautiful. Beware, horse packers use this trail as much as the two legged type. Sadly, they can destroy a trail in no time, especially in wet weather, which in the Uinta's is kind of a given. Plan accordingly. The fishing is decent at both lakes.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trail is seldom used beyond the falls (5 miles) Very quaint, narrow drainage that climbs steadily deom the top of the falls until Allsop is reached. Trail is faint in places but you cant get lost. Lower portion goes through the 2008 burn scar. Pristine meadows and decent fishing.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hiked up this trail as part of a 32 mile loop trail where we connected this trail with the Highline trail and returned to the same trailhead using the East Fork Blacks Fork Trail. The trail was very muddy with lots of puddles but this was after a couple of days of rain. While there were a lot of boggy areas to cross the trail should be much dryer if it hasn't rained for a couple of days. There were four river crossings that were made more difficult because of the lots of rain over a couple of days which caused the river overflow its banks in places. In lower water the crossing should be much easier but still be prepared to use rocks, trees or wading to get across. Much of the trail had tree blazes or rock cairns but one of the larger cairns half way up led us off the trail up to an old cabin and corral which turned out be a great side trip. The upper part of the trail is above timberline and leads to Squaw Pass on the Crest of the Uinta's. The view of Little East Fork Black Fork and Oweep Basin is outstanding and worth the effort.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hiked to a spent two nights here. Climbed over the pass and dropped down to Lightening lake for a days fishing. Beautiful area.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Easy trail until the last couple of miles. Beautiful basin. Backpacked in the mid 70's

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Good trail that climbs steeply once it leaves the river. It sits in a beautiful drainage.

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