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Evanston, Utah Map
1 month ago

Easy but heavily used trail that is great for a short trip into the wilderness.

So glad that this one has finally been selected for All Trails. This is a peaceful get away spot.

2 months ago

This trail was awesome. I came from SC and had no problem completing it. There isn't that much of a climb but it is pretty long.

I lost a blue Nalgene along the way. It has an Orange "Spy" sticker, a Yeti sticker, a Harborside Pizza, Cordova, AK sticker, and a Blacksburg meadery sticker.
If someone finds it, DM on IG @ mroody12

3 months ago

We backpacked in for Labor Day. We were worried because there were so many cars in the parking lot but fortunately everyone was going to Amethyst Lake. We only shared the basin with two other overnight campers, it was so desolate and beautiful! The hike is great for backpacking because it’s not too steep. It had a mellow to moderate incline for most of the way, and only a quick steep area towards the end. There are so many beautiful meadows and stunning views. We measured the distance and it was actually 19 miles, so prepare for the extra distance. I highly recommend this hike!

For the Uintas this is one of my favorite hikes. It is a good place to go if you like open meadows and a relative easy hike. If you go all the way to Dead Horse Lake it is 10 miles but an easy hike with no real steep uphill until the very end, and then it is minimal. Then you are rewarded with one of the most picturesque lakes in the Uintahs.

I would suggest not camping at the lake as it is right along the Highline Trail. There are many good sights all along the river that runs nearly parallel to the trail. We Hiked in 5.5 miles, made camp and made a round trip to the lake the next day.

The only negative to this hike is the getting there. It is basically 22 miles of dusty washboard road. With the last 6 or so very rocky. Given that you have to make two stream crossings better have a vehicle that can handle all this. That said it probably keeps people away.

3 months ago

I did King's peak and then went back via this trail, or at least I intended to. Heading north at Henry's Fork Lake the trail diverges with no sign, one path being Henry's Fork Lake trail going northeast, the other goes north along the shoreline and then remains mostly in the valley where the eastern side is almost always visible. I took the latter absent mindedly and never saw the western lakes, Bear, Sawmill, etc.

This would not likely happen to someone going north to south as the trail has a post for Bear lake where it diverges from Dollar lake.

Alligator lake is not visible from the trail.

horseback riding
3 months ago

Fun but challenging ride for horses. A decent portion of the trail is either granite slab or loose boulders. Horses made it but it wasn’t the best trail for them.

3 months ago

Amazing place to visit!

3 months ago

Backpacked up to Henry's Fork Lake for an overnight-er. The trail was mild, good for carrying a pack. Plenty of water available, as most of the trail is near the river or has stream crossings. The first 4.5 miles to the trail fork is through forest, then the view opens up to red peaks and cliffs. We hiked past Bear Lake, which looked like a nice place to camp. The view around Henry's Lake was worth it though. Saw 4 moose in the 2 days, so keep your eyes peeled. Total distance to the lake and back was 18.8 miles and took roughly 6-7 hrs each way (I'm a slow-medium speed hiker).

4 months ago

Beautiful! For an accurate trail guide with photos and map, check out my post: http://www.girlonahike.com/2018/08/backpacking-to-allsop-lake-uintas.html

So pretty! Great backpacking trip. See my full trail guide, with photos and a map here: http://www.girlonahike.com/2018/08/backpacking-to-dead-horse-lake-uintas.html

The trail has apparently been rerouted and is longer in mileage as a result. The actual trail does not follow the red line on the app once at higher elevations.

This is the least trafficked lake trail that starts at Christmas meadows. the gradual incline makes it a little more manageable for those carrying packs. There are a lot of fish in the lake. The place is beautiful. The distance is closer to 20 miles round trip.

Beautiful area!

awesome. lots of skeeter

Amazing views and beautiful wildflowers. Quite a few mosquitoes but nothing too terrible.

7 months ago

Great destination for those seeking solitude. I camped along the creek in the upper basin and did day hikes to the various lakes. Saw only one other hiker on the trail—on a weekend in September.

11 months ago

Good trail. Beautiful area

If fishing isn't good at Amythest Lake try Ostler

Monday, November 13, 2017

Love it. A great day hike and seems like a good overnight destinations in the warmer months.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

One of my favorite places in the Uintas. Difficult climb between about mile 2.5 and 4.

on Allsop Lake Trail

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Great backpacking destination! Aside from a moderate amount of mosquitoes, numerous lake fish, we had the place to ourselves. Where was everybody!? Wildflowers between 0-2 miles were awesome. Quite a few cattle at miles 2-4. From mile 5 to the lake, you are walking in some pretty scenic meadows. Bring your camera! It took us about 4.5 hours to reach the lake and just under four returning to the car. There are several small sections that were muddy and swampy from horseback riding, which required circumnavigating. The trail is a very gradual and deceiving uphill, there are only two switchbacks. If you want a place to yourself, consider this destination. Easily fives stars, but minus one star for trail conditions and mosquitoes.

The scenery is 5 stars, one of the best hikes in the Uintas. The trail on the other hand is pretty awful. It's not a difficult trail, moderately long with a gentle incline the whole way, but it's more difficult than the stats lead you to believe. The trail is constantly disappearing, often instead of skirting around the boggy marshes the trail will head straight into them, where it then disappears for a quarter mile. If you are lucky you will find it on the other end of the marsh at which point it will lead you straight into another marsh. There are many river crossings as well with no bridges, but instead of river crossing that would help divert you onto higher or drier land these river crossing have the sole purpose of leading you through the maximum amount of marshland possible. Eventually you realize the futility of trying to keep your feet dry and just embrace it. Weather you spend 30 minutes carefully picking your way across the marsh, or walk straight through it in 10 minutes, either way your feet are going to get wet. I say all this not to discourage, but simply to let you know the trail takes longer and is more difficult than you might be led to believe, but yes, I would and will definitely do it again.

Hiked this trail as part of the 37 mile loop starting at the West Fork Blacks Fork trailhead. Crossing over to the East Fork Blacks Fork trail on part of the Bear-Smiths Trail. Then to the end of the West Fork Blacks Fork trail where it joins the Highline trail at Red Knob Pass. Followed the Highline trail to Dead Horse Lake and returned down the West Fork Blacks Fork trail to complete the loop Great loop hike with tons of great scenery.

Hiked this trail as part of the 37 mile loop starting at the West Fork Blacks Fork trailhead. Crossing over to the East Fork Blacks Fork trail on part of the Bear-Smiths Trail. Then to the end of the West Fork Blacks Fork trail where it joins the Highline trail at Red Knob Pass. Followed the Highline trail to Dead Horse Lake and returned down the West Fork Blacks Fork trail to complete the loop Great loop hike with tons of great scenery.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Hiked this last year in 2016. Had about 4 rivers to cross a couple of which we had to make our own bridge which took an hour or so. It would be wise if backpacking, to have a light pair of water shoes and save yourself the trouble. We camped below the lakes due to NO trail going up to them. We did day hikes up to the lakes which wasn't too bad with day packs, albeit steep and bushwacking. Fishing was decent and you are lucky to see ANYONE else.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Hiked to Bear lake for the night then up to Henry's Fork Lake, Doll Lake and back to the trails. Was able to see Kings Peak. Beautiful Basin. This trail and Henry's Fork Lake is slightly less used than Dollar Lake which is the main access to Kings Peak. The lakes in the upper basin are reported to have large fish.

relaxing hike through gorgeous Meadows and streams.

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