off road driving
4 days ago

The last 9.5 miles of the road is in the Glen Canyon Recreations Area and roads are rougher. Recommend a 4 wheel drive or high clearance vehicle for the last 10 miles. About 4 miles from the Hole in the Rock (HITR) you can find a 1957 plaque recognizing the San Juan mission of the Mormons. Ir can be found on the north face of the rock near the drilling site and equipment. ~5 miles from HITR you will find the Reflection Canyon TH. Given this is a BLM land managed area of the park system, there is little development and signage, but lots of wilderness areas and side hikes including slot canyons and arches. Recommend anyone visiting this area to invest in the National Geographic Trails Illustrated topographic map "Canyons of the Escalante" map 710. High ranking for the history, sheer number of hikes, and variety in landscapes.