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3 days ago

This is a photographer's dream. Loved the garden and easy access to drive to, no hiking!

4 days ago

We hiked this trail last year, but there was too much very cold water in the slot to get in far enough to see the Zebra striping in the rock. Today, no water in the slot!!! Yay!!!

Well worth the effort, beautiful red rock on the hike out, parts are reminiscent of the area near The Wave in Arizona. Beautiful striping in the slot if you can make it past the small blockage about 2/3 of the way in.

Trail is easy to follow, just be sure when you reach Harris Wash to look for the small cairns which lead you to the left, up the wash to the slot.

A nice hike if you have 2 hours, but not a must do. To really see the petrified wood, you need to do the optional trail loop, making the total hike 2.3 miles. $8 entrance fee per vehicle.

off road driving
10 days ago

Road was very rough and unclear in my opinion about specific whereabouts of trails and what not. Pretty great scenery and hikes along the way though.

It’s a shorter slot canyon but beautiful canyon walls.

So cool!!! If you're claustrophobic you might not want to go through the rocks when you get there, it gets pretty narrow when you get through and there is a dead end. Just liked this May 7th and there's about 20 yards of water to walk through about knees deep as well. Awesome hike though.

16 days ago

I rate this five stars for its ease of accessibility and beauty. There are not many areas where you can pull off the road and immediately be swept up in a hiking wonderland.

The drive on BLM200 is a little rutted but not so bad that our car, “Pepe the Prius” couldn’t make it.

Great for afternoon picnics or a quick place to just enjoy the splendor and enchantment of an unusual destination.

Easy parking and bathrooms onsite.

Hike, enjoy, relax and discover. Lots of fun for all ages.

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off road driving
16 days ago

Absolutely one of the worst roads I have ever been on. Plan on going either under 10 mph, or over 45 mph if your daring (this allows you to skim over the small bumps in the road). Pathetic road conditions.Giving three stars because of the incredible scenery and hikes along the way. Would give less.

If you're in a rental, enjoy the drive! If you're in your own car, it will probably never be the same again unless you're careful.

Beautiful trail to deliver mail! I will definitely be coming back for more. Not an easy hike and plan for lots of poison ivy in the canyon!

Overall it was epic!

21 days ago

There's a new barbed wire fence blocking the side canyon and access to the arch. The hike along the river is still very nice.

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Fun hike!

1 month ago

Fun for the family!

Hiked Zebra today (4.20.18) and the slot is currently bone dry. This is after the rain passed through the area earlier in the day. We did hear reports from others that Tunnel had waist deep water so opted out of that one for today. If you take a pack, make sure its compact, otherwise you can leave at the opening, as it gets extremely narrow. The slot itself is maybe 0.1 mile, but well worth the trek!

Very tight slot with very cold water below knees. Must be able to climb over rock and must be able to do steaming. The trail to the slots is very outstanding and trail was easy to follow

Extremely fun trail with great views of the lake and Escalante. The trail is fairly steep in places and is quite rocky as it ascends to the top of a plateau. The normal loop provides some views of petrified wood, but the best wood is on the .75 mile Rainbow loop extension, which drops off the plateau the climbs back up onto it. While slightly more strenuous than the climb to the plateau, the views of the wood and the landscape are totally worth it. The informational pamphlet is worth reading also, as it gives good info on the nature surrounding the trail. I saw about 20 deer on the top of the plateau. Highly recommend this trail with the Rainbow Loop Extension.

I believe Escalante has some of the greatest adventure hikes out there, BUT I have had enough scary experiences in Escalante that I would STRONGLY advise that if you want to have the adventures here you NEED 4 things. 1. All Trails or a similar app with the downloaded map on your phone with a spare battery or a Garmin. 2. An external GPS for your phone (I have a global SAT for only $40). 3. Water shoes in your backpack. 4. A paper map as a backup. ( Also always drop a pin at your car.). Escalante is a wonderland, but the trails are not well marked and so it is crucial you do your homework about what you are heading into and go prepared.
To get to the hike you drive about 10 miles down Hole In The Rock Road until you see a cattle guard with a parking area on the right side of the road. This is the parking lot, and the trail is just across the road. After not very long on the trail the cliffs turn beautiful with cool wave patterns. They are beautiful. We headed to Zebra trail and did that trail first, and then headed right which I believe is South. You get to a fence. I was told we had to climb under it. We walked by a field of cool black balls that were facinating, and this is where my All Trail came in as a HUGE help. Not sure if we would have found it without my external GPS, and that downloaded map, but when we did find it, it was an obvious crack in the canyon that you are looking at from above. The decent into the canyon was steep, but if you go at it slowly and carefully it was not bad. The next challenge to deal with is the water. We went when it was only high 50's in temperature, so getting wet was something we had to be careful about. If it was a super hot day, I am sure it would have been just a nice cool down. Each time.we got to water, we put on our water shoes and quickly got through and then dried off our feet and got our warm shoes back on. The big landmark of this hike is that the trail narrows down into a narrow canyon about 2 feet wide that is about 30-40 feet long. It has rocks that have settled on top creating a tunnel. Most the time this tunnel is filled with water, so you have to get in the water to make it through. I stayed close to the cave wall, so it only came up to right under my bottom, but in the middle it was deeper. Very cool hike, but like most hikes in Escalante, GO PREPARED, for it is super easy to get lost. Here is my blog for a 360 stitch of the hike. Tunnel. http://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/02/360-adventure-tunnel-slot-canyon.html?m=1


Awesome hike! Nice gradual but quick uphill to begin the hike. Levels out to a nice high-desert alpine ridge. Take the extra 3/4 rainbow loop for a much more intimate look with the petrified forest, but be ready to get the blood pumping a little bit on the way back up.

After the 3/4 loop it can get confusing to get back to the main trail since everything starts looking like trails through the pines, but you'll eventually see the way back to the parking lot once you're on top of the ridge looking out into the reservoir!

Worth the $8.

on Zebra Canyon

2 months ago

Long walk to the start of the canyon. Very narrow.
A ways in we (2 of us), came to 1st obstacle which stopped the wife. I made it up past that, was stopped by the next obstacle.
Very good slot. I recommend doing both Zebra and Tunnel slots in the same walk.

By far one of the best hikes I’ve ever been on. The views are unbelievable.

A few notes:

We spoke to a ranger in the cannonsville station to grab permits to camp near the Egypt trailhead. Told her we were going to the cathedral, through the fence canyon route. She suggested we took a different route, which only required 1 river crossing rather than 5.

Once we were at the trailhead we decided to go for the fence canyon route since we had a gps with it loaded on. Trail is tough, and navigation skills are necessary. Scope out the best spots to cross the river at each point. Was about thigh-waist high deep at its deepest point in early March.

After the 5th river crossing we were like screwwwww this, so we decided to go the route the ranger suggested to us on the way back.
Cross the river just south of the neon canyon entrance and walk directly away from the dome that signals the entrance of the canyon. After that, you’ll feel like you’re lost in the desert for an hour or so, but you’ll easily be able to locate the final ascent to the TH. Lots of ups and downs, but Definitely worth going this route over fence canyon if you aren’t feeling a bunch of river crossings.

Overall, 10/10 hike, 10/10 views, one hell of an adventure.

2 months ago

Pros. Solitude and some really nice scenery around Death Hollow and Mamie Creek. Lots of available camping options.

Cons. Poor trail the closer you get to Escalante. Mile after mile of really bland scenery, sagebrush and junipers trees.

Overall I doubt I will do this trail again.

2 months ago

Fun area for the kids to explore.

3 months ago

This trail was much more than what we though it was going to be. There was flat red rock that we walked along for as far as we could.. Then crosses the wash and walked along the edge of the white cliffs! So amazing! It was windy but sunny sunny! It was a beautiful relaxing great walk. And absolutely quiet and peaceful!!

3 months ago

We hiked to Maverick Bridge and Phipps Arch via Phipps Wash, starting from Escalante River Trailhead, 14-1/2 miles south of the UT12/Burr Trailhead Road junction. Come prepared with river crossing gear, as we crossed once and had two occasions for ankle-deep water between river and canyon wall. Turn right into the wash, then right again into the first side canyon for Maverick Bridge. Coming back out of the bridge excursion, continue on up the wash, and turn left into the next side canyon. From here you're mostly on your own. Cairns are sketchy and trail is confusing at best. We carried a Falcon Guide book with us. After getting lost once, and almost giving up, we picked up the trail and found the arch. The final ascent is steep and involves a friction pitch. It is do-able, and you will be rewarded. Enjoy.

Do I need a 4WD or all wheel drive at all for Fortymile Ridge Road? I just want to get to the trailhead without getting stuck.

4 months ago

Such a fun area to walk around and play! Lots of room to explore and take in the solitude.

Rainbow Loop is a must! Regular nature hike path has some petrified wood but the added on 3/4 mile Rainbow Loop had much more to see and enjoy. It was well worth the add on! Without it, I’m unsure if I would have scored but a 2 or 3. When in doubt, hike it out!

4 months ago

Did it on the way out with the sun setting. Really cool and interesting formations.

4 months ago

Absolutely incredible hiking through the slot canyon. Gorgeous sediment lines between pinks, reds, and whites.

5 months ago

Zebra and Tunnel may be full of water, ask at Escalante VC first

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