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Escalante, Utah Map

Do I need a 4WD or all wheel drive at all for Fortymile Ridge Road? I just want to get to the trailhead without getting stuck.


Takes about an hour to drive to the canyons from town. Watch for cows when driving and be safe! Once you start the hike, you head down to the wash sooner than you may think- so look for the cairnes to direct you. Peek-a-boo has a steep 12’ entrance but after that is beautiful and easy! You then go into a wash and about a 1/2 mile in sand to Spooky slot canyon. Spooky is REALLY fun! Some areas are only 10” wide so it can get tight. I’m 5’5” and average size, and I had to squeeze through in some areas. The end of Spooky (if you do the loop with Peek-a-boo first) is really technical. I would say is even advanced so make sure you are prepared for scaling some boulders and being solution oriented. You’ll love this hike and I would recommend to anyone!!

25 days ago

Such a fun area to walk around and play! Lots of room to explore and take in the solitude.

Started at the water tank "sneaker route" trailhead. only make it coyote natural bridge. Will come back and make it to cliff arch someday! There is usually a rope to descend but we were there during the winter and scaled the wall into and out of the canyon as there was no rope. Would not recommend this scramble unless you are able bodied and pretty confident. Rewarding views and solitude make this hike worth it!

Rainbow Loop is a must! Regular nature hike path has some petrified wood but the added on 3/4 mile Rainbow Loop had much more to see and enjoy. It was well worth the add on! Without it, I’m unsure if I would have scored but a 2 or 3. When in doubt, hike it out!

25 days ago

Did it on the way out with the sun setting. Really cool and interesting formations.

Amazing! Awesome hike! Gets kind of technical in a few parts and not for the faint of heart, started feeling claustrophobic a little bit in spooky gulch but wasn’t too bad because the narrow part didn’t last too long. We went clockwise and getting down into the hole at spooky was a little ... spooky

27 days ago

Absolutely incredible hiking through the slot canyon. Gorgeous sediment lines between pinks, reds, and whites.

this would be the most usual route - park at the Water Tanks if 2WD (37.389971, -111.034848) or Coyote Trailhead if 4WD, descend via the Crack-in-the-Rock (37.419111, -110.984897) and down the dunes to the river, passing Stevens Arch (37.433528, -110.979202) and Coyote Natural Bridge (37.416267, -111.027685), camping somewhere along the way and exiting near Jacob Hamblin Arch (37.419008, -111.043115)

at least 120 feet of rope is strongly recommended to exit near Jacob Hamblin Arch, it's fairly steep (see photos), not for the acrophobic - generally an able bodied person will be able to climb up and secure a rope for the less agile. it's also possible to tie a rope, descend near Jacob Hamblin Arch for a day trip, then remove the rope on the way back up. extra ropes are recommended for lowering packs at Crack-in-the-Rock or Jacob Hamblin Arch. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN COYOTE EVEN WHEN LEASHED.

1 month ago

Zebra and Tunnel may be full of water, ask at Escalante VC first

1 month ago

kinda the long way to do this - better to drop in at the trailhead via the crack, camp, come out at Jacob Hamlin (150' of rope recommended) - NO DOGS ALLOWED IN COYOTE (it's part of Glen Canyon)

this route would add on a lot of extra mileage w/o great scenery - better to drop in at the crack at the Coyote Trailhead, camp, come out at Jacob Hamlin (150' rope recommended) - NO DOGS ALLOWED IN COYOTE (it's part of Glen Canyon)

yeah, you could do this. better to go to coyote trailhead, drop in via the crack, camp, come out at Jacob Hamlin Arch (150' of rope recommended) - NO DOGS ALLOWED IN COYOTE (it's part of Glen Canyon)

the boring way into Coyote - long, not scenic. best approach is to drive out to the trailhead, go down through the crack to the river, camp, come out at Jacob Hamlin Arch (150' rope STRONGLY recommended, first 1/3rd out very steep)

sometimes (rarely) known together as Spook-a-Boo. TAKE WATER. dogs not recommended in Peek-a-Boo - steep. highly trafficked and not everyone knows what they're doing out there, don't underestimate this loop. DO NOT GO INTO BRIMSTONE (next canyon over) ALONE, WITHOUT ROPE - a photographer got stuck there for nine days years back, could've died

1 month ago

great hike but the last part is STEEP - I couldn't make it, too hot that day and had underestimated how much water I'd need and how tired I was. my football player buddy who's a hiking machine made to the top no problem, said it was great - would definitely give it another shot. the last bit can be confusing without a map - you walk into the last spur canyon and the trail seems to run to the back, but really you need to CLIMB TO THE LEFT - look for the cairns and keep looking up up up, you won't see it until you're on top because it faces the other way, back towards the river-ish

scenic driving
1 month ago

nice drive through the woods with a HIGH bridge - dropoffs near road may give some pause, but road is well maintained. not a great idea during deer season, woods will be full of hunters, ask locals when hunting season starts. nice views of changing aspen in fall. watch for cattle on road.

Fantastic canyons but not for the casual hiker. Entrance to Peekaboo involves scaling up about 12 feet of slick rock. There are carved handholds but still takes a bit of daring.

Spooky is very narrow. In places I was wedged in on front and back. Not for the claustrophobic. There is also one area that takes some chimneying to get up or down.

Fantastic hike but definitely know what you’re getting into.

scenic driving
1 month ago

road past Spooky / Peek-A-Boo turnoff is ROUGH

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