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1 month ago

It's a good trail with little no shade. Didn't have time to quite get to the peak after a loop hike but was within 1/4 mile

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2 months ago

Parking- Park at the sign that says Killyon Canyon Trail parking.The parking is limited (Maybe 5 spots max). We got there around 8am and there were two trucks (most likely hunters) there already. Facing away from the cars go and stay right. You'll go up a dirt road until you run into a concrete barrier which indicates where the trail begins. We ran into a few dogs by the houses but they all turned out to be friendly.

For me, the first mile from the parking area was runnable, after that I got my power hike on and the trail just keeps getting steeper and steeper. I was wearing leggings which was good because there is low brush that would have scratched up my legs if not. Trail is mostly exposed so hat and sunglasses are a must.

I made it to the top, and while it was cold, no show yet. Beautiful views at the top. I'm a fan of climbing so this trail was right up my alley.

We saw mostly hunters in the morning. Later in the morning, we saw more hikers/runners.

My gps says it was 9.8 round trip from the car and took us about 3 hours. Mostly power hiking up and ran down.

Dog friendly, not super scenic but an easy trail run until you start climbing towards the junction toward Big Mountain. Solitude is nice. Parking is not nice.

2 months ago

This was a fun and scenic trail that surprisingly doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

The highpoint of the area, Lookout Peak looks across North to the towering Wasatch range, training the eye into the Salt Lake Valley and in the far east the High Uintahs.

A clearly defined trail, you will start out in the Affleck campground. and make your way up to the peak.

All the snow was virtually melted when I was there.



This trail has lovely fall colors!! Due to a recent storm there’s a good bit of trees/branches down throughout the trail.

3 months ago

Muddy! Lots of branches / shrub blocking the path.

My friends and I hiked this trail. We couldn’t find the mine but we made it to the top. The last part of the trail was very steep and muddy. The trailhead is marked by a sign addressing hunters. It says it’s an archery only area. There were quite a few hunters, which we didn’t like but there’s nothing to do about that. The views on the trail were amazing especially with the fall color change.

Underrated trail very close to SLC. The views are gorgeous, and in the fall the colors are amazing on the second half of the trail.

Great trail with magnificent views, especially up top. The one concerning point is that the last 4 tenths of a mile are not moderate but more towards difficult due to the ascent and the steepness.

Not my favorite trail, especially due to flies and hornets everywhere. There is NO little flowing stream here (at least not in September) however it looked like it’s been a long time since the little stream has seen any water. The tiny bit of water you could see in a few places was Stagnant & looked disease ridden. That would explain all the bugs, and my dog kept trying to drink it. Trail wasn’t kept as debris and fallen trees were everywhere. Colors are starting to change so that was beautiful, but otherwise there are so many other beautiful trails you can take your dog in Utah

on Lookout Peak

4 months ago

As soon as you get past the initial forest area, this trail is gorgeous. I didn't see any smoke from the forest fires or anyone else on this hike. If you even somewhat like nature, this trail will be enjoyable.

4 months ago

Hmm, I was there yesterday afternoon/evening. The trail is fun. Has some steep sections and nice view in all directions. It is sun exposed and dry now; in August, it's not quite as pretty as in June when it is more green, but I like it a lot. And contrary to Eliz (below) it wasn't smokey. Leaves are starting to change, some nice pinks down low, saw a few horned tailed lizards just when I got to the ridge, a large animal moved in the oaks to my left (probably Sasquatch) and saw signs of coyote and moose. I like this trail a lot and the biggest bonus. Saw no one else on the trail the whole evening.

4 months ago

A meh trail that might have been more worthwhile had the smoke not obstructed the views at the top. Getting to the top, however, wasn't really a pretty hike though. Don't think I'll ever do it again.

on Lookout Peak

5 months ago

We start our journey from the Hoogle Zoo and "This is the place" Hiking trail entrance and it becomes 12 miles. Instead of entering from emigration canyon.

Really fun hike up to scenic vista point. The trail itself is fairly easy to follow but there is a fair amount of overgrowth on the sides to push through. While our little dog appreciated the packed earth trail, we did have some concerns considering the narrowness of the trail and the several snakes we encountered in the overgrowth on the sides. You do have to park quite a ways away from the trail head, so once you start seeing signs, (we only saw one official parking area) start trying to find parking there or along the street. The elevation is subtle but makes it progressively tiring.

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6 months ago

Trail is really dry, with no water available after the bottom section. For a Sunday in the Wasatch, this trail must be as empty as it gets. Overgrown or completely exposed to sun with no in between, and I would recommend pants if you don’t want to get your legs cut by random plants. Views at the end are nice. You could get better views more easily, but the trade off is that this trail is basically empty.

Pretty good hike. I tracked it around 2.6 to the top. Trail was overgrown and hard to follow the last .5 mile or so. Good views throughout.

First half is nice. Second half is really overgrown. Walked through some grenery which resulted in some allergic reaction in my arms and legs, but not my daughter. 90% in the shade, and parallels water, so cool in temperature.

Wow!! This trail was amazing. If you go, do it in the heart of beautiful spring and you won’t regret it. The greenery was outstanding! Lush! Interesting ecosystems and views were very nice.. I didn’t do it as a point to point. But hit a summit instead.. chill the first mile or so and then some el gain. Don’t forget to check out the old mine!

April 29th. No mud on the trails until you get to the upper portion. It's shaded, so there is some snow, but it's packed to ice mostly with a little mud on the side. There were three stretches of ice and that was it.

I expect any snow or ice on the trail will be gone in a few weeks. It's pretty and green up there. Went to Ruth's diner down the road after the hike.

The trail was very quiet on my visit 3-25. Only saw four other folks the whole way. This first half of the trail was really muddy. The last stretch to the top of the ridge is a real leg burner. Still a couple feet of snow on the steep portion made things more diffiult. I managed to make it without micro spikes without much difficulty.

Really glad I made the extra effort and went to the end. Snow was pretty deep and would fall through about every 5th step. Last 1/2 mile is steep also. Views on return actually rival the top in my opinion.

Since there is no parking at the trailhead, I dropped the kids (15, 11, 9, 7) off there and let them get a head start. I parked about 3/4 of a mile away and hoofed it up there and met them up the trail a little ways. The trail had nicely packed snow and we were fine in our hiking shoes and snow boots. I love the contrast of white snow with the red bark twigs. This little hike followed a pretty creek and had some easy ups and downs. We stopped at the stone marker for Killyon’s Canyon since the trail beyond was really muddy. Great little hike!

11 months ago

The parking spot for this trail is a bit of a walk from the trail head. Look for it just prior to turning right on Killyon road. Anything further up is private property and no public parking spaces.

No need for snowshoes at this time. I brought along yak tracks; I did not need them in the morning when I hiked, but they would be nice to have later in the day when the sun hits the trail and it starts to lose its traction.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Fun winter trail. Playground.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The official parking for the trail is about 1/2 mile before the GPS map starts. 1/4 mile paved road, 1/4 mile dirt fire lane. There are tons of no parking signs everywhere else, be courteous.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Easy hike to a big Douglas-fir tree. Pretty views of the canyon and down into Salt lake.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Nice & not too crowded. You cannot park at the trailhead, so go ahead pull over to park when you start seeing signs to do so.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

We've been out here with our 4 year old son and dog recently and it was great for them. The stream was nice for our dog to get a drink and cool off in. My wife went back alone and wanted to go to the lookout peak and she missed the left fork turn (it would be nice if they had better signs but there are not at this time). She's going to go back again soon. Just be prepared at the 3 way intersection to take the left to head towards lookout peak.

Monday, August 07, 2017

A bit overgrown and the felled trees to cross were a bit rough. Overall great hike for Emigration Canyon. Shade for over 90% of the way. So many hummingbirds.

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