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Amazing sights everywhere. The beginning is quite steep but becomes a little more moderate and easy for the last miles. Some marking were a little unclear but the path was relatively well kept. The second half is almost fully exposed but there is a little shade.

23 days ago

Flat easy trail with fantastic views. You can drive on paved roads all the way to the trailhead. The roads are new enough that they aren’t showing up on AllTrails yet. We saw a fair number of bikers and a few other hikers. We did this end of July. Probably best earlier in the year. The meadows were full of flowering plants that were past their prime at the end of July. We will do it again in June and hopefully hit those meadows at their peak.

1 month ago

Steady incline and amazing views of Pineview. Make sure to bring lots of water for you and your fur friend as there is no creeks or springs. This will be fun to snowshoe too!

Great trail, lots of shade. Only got to the first shoulder. Pressed for time. About 5 miles.

Beautiful hike through dense forest followers by open ridge trails with views in every direction.

trail running
1 month ago

Trail is very beautiful with one downside - you can hear the road traffic.
However, the bridge on the north side of the trail was washed out last year and has still not been replaced. In other words the trail is still closed as of 07-03-18.

1 month ago

Love biking and hiking this trail.

The hike is beautiful. It provides sections with shade and many others with great views of the Ogden Valley, Ben Lomond Peak, Pineview Reservoir, Ogden Peak, and Ogden Canyon. It is somewhat steep at times but not terribly difficult. The smell of horse mint and other plants is so refreshing. There is no water on the trail. Bikers and dirt bikes also use the trail so keep an eye out.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite hikes. If you can just make it past the initial switchbacks, then you’ll probably be fine. After that, there are some lesser uphill climbs (there are routes around some of them, if you want to skip some!of the uphill portions), but it’s generally a very moderate hike with great sight lines all along the trail. This trail in my experience tends to be a busy one and it also allows motorcycles, of which there were more than 10 that passed me on my last hike.

1 month ago

Easy hike with amazing views and beautiful wildflowers in mid June.

During the Spring the initial north face switch back elevation climb is through dence vegatation including oak brush and spruce trees. The trail starts with a very cool single track and even at times a shady tunnel effect as you climb upwards. There is a small spring coming down one of the switchback turns. A good place to rest in the shade if you need it.

Finally, you come to the "light at the end of the tunnel" and after passing a giant spruce tree the trail opens up and now you're exposed to the sunlight and drier sagebrush. In the late Spring you'll find lots of colorful wildflowers with the panoramic views of the Great Salt Lake, Ogden Valley, Mount Ogden and Ben Lomond.

When you reach the posted sign: Lewis Peak 3 mi North Ogden Divide TH 2 1/2 mi the trail will divide a few times on your way to Lewis Peak. You may either climb the small peaks along the way to enjoy the panoramic views or you can save your energy and skirt around them. In either case you won't be disappointed.

After two miles of gentle up and down changes in grade you'll come to the final ascent through a hillside covered in quake and aspen. Again the top of Lewis Peak is exposed. So, hopefully your wearing a hat, you put on your Sport 50 SPF, brought at least a liter of water, a snack and a extra pair of dry socks. After taking in the views, it's time for the 5.2 mile trek back.

It's a mostly downhill from now on and so you might feel those blisters start to develope. The wind can pick up in the afternoon, it might not be a bad idea to carry a light shell in your small pack.

In the winter, after a fresh snowfall, I love to snowshoe this trail.

Did this yesterday. Almost turned back about 1.5 miles in because I ran into very low, dark fog, but I waited it out for about 10 minutes and the sun started breaking it up. Glad I didn’t quit because it was a great hike, great views, and nothing dangerous (like real narrow edges over a steep cliff, etc). The only “bad” thing is there are some steep rolling hills between about the 3rd and 4th mile, which means the return trip isn’t “all down hill” right away. I think it will be great to do again in fall.

Panoramic view of ogden valley. Very steep but fun and more than moderate IMO
Can be muddy. Pretty narrow. Don’t enjoy bringing the dogs here. Much better dog trails. Some shade. Loose rocks and divits from horses can be hindering.

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3 months ago

Great ride from Pineview to Ogden Canyon. Pineview is easy enough to take a novice rider but the descent to Ogden Canyon and back out is intermediate to expert. This trail allows dirt bikes. Hikers please step aside to allow riders to pass. Riders keep your speeds down! Weekends will be busy keep it 2nd gear.

off road driving
3 months ago

Incredible ride you can access from Pineview or Ogden Canyon. The switchbacks going up from Ogden Canyon can get pretty rough and requires some skill to get up. Hikers keep in mind this is a Dirt-Bike trail please step aside and let motos pass. Riders keep your speeds down around blind corners!

Nice hike with spectacular views. Very narrow in parts and can be muddy which sucks going down.

The trail was nice and easy, just what I was looking for. I didn't hike the whole thing because I mainly went to fish. There is a decent amount of fishing spots along the trail. I went in March and it was not busy at all and hardly muddy. However, all vegetation was dead so the scenery could've been prettier. At times the trail goes on a road or sidewalk as well, so it doesn't feel much like a wilderness escape or anything. I wouldn't really hike this trail for fun, just to find a good fishing spot.

A great hike all year round. I especially enjoy snowshoeing on this trail. There is enough elevation gain at a gradual grade, that makes for a good cardio workout. I always bring at least a liter of water, wear sunglasses, head covering and I pack a snack and a light weight shell to protect from the wind.

The switchbacks are shaded, but the summit is exposed to the sun and wind. Excellent 360 degree panoramic views of Ogden Valley, Mt. Ogden, Ben Lomond and the Great Salt Lake.

Snow packed and ice covered trails. Ice trekkers are a must right now on the trail. I only went to were South Skyline Trail loops, then the snow wasn’t packed down and snowshoes were needed.

This trail is quite the hike up and has beautiful views.

Great trail!

Easy to find paved parking lot that had a bathroom (though bathroom was disgusting and don't have any toilet paper).

Trail is a moderate climb, at least for the first 1.5 mikes or so, which was all we did. Went on Jan 12, and I'd say microspikes or snowshoes are a must at this time!

Multiple opportunities for great views. Much of the first mile or so is shaded. No water on trail.

Didn't see a soul. The last quarter mile was a bit icy. Def recommend

9 months ago

Went with my sister 2 days after the season's first big snowfall. Easy to find trailhead thanks to AllTrails' directions sent to phone! : ) Us Midwesterners were on vacation in Utah and looking for a good winter hike -- this fit the bill. Steady uphill with scenic views of White Pine Lake and watershed, plus snowcapped mountains and ridges. Muddy conditions were exacerbated due to fat-tire motorbikers, but otherwise a great trail.

Took a lot of rest stops but was worth it. It is a well maintained trail.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The trail has very nice views of Eden. The trail is very steep and exhausting until you get to where it flattens out. It was not busy when we went on a Saturday around 10am.

Friday, August 18, 2017

One of my new favorites. The first two miles are tough both way. But the incline is not terrible after that! Beware of rattlesnakes in the summer months!

Definitely a harder moderate route... ha. Beautiful trail. Fun. Takes about 2 hours each way.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This was my very first mountain bike ride ever and was great to learn on. Partially paved, with beautiful views of the lake.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Thursday, June 15, 2017

we only went about 1/3 of the way through but it was very pretty i did not like that you can hear the road most of the way and there is no where to stop as far as we went

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