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Way too many bikes on this trail. On average, runners will have to jump off the trail, into the weeds 8–10 times - if you go on a summer morning. The route itself is great. A moderate slope up and down with enough shade to keep from overheating.

mountain biking
11 days ago

Fun riding down but as a beginning mountain biker I didn't have the strength to peddle the bike all the way back up. Had to walk the bike most of the way back up. I'll stick to trails with less climb until get stronger

11 days ago

Pretty fun but could’ve been better by either being harder or longer

Nice, easy, short hike. Not sure why there were multiple “difficult” signs posted.......it’s a mountain-there will be an incline-nothing difficult though.

It is not kids friendly. There are a lot of wild animals. We’ve seen snakes ( small and big), baby deer, hears, squirrels. The waterfall is real ghost in July.

The path had beautiful views and some shady parts, but if you take a dog you can’t get to the waterfalls. So it’s kind of anti-climatic. Otherwise, great FIRST hike with my 4-month old puppy!!

22 days ago

this would be a great trail, but mountain bikers ruin the hike. they are all over and don't care to look out for hikers. my wife was hit twice in one hike.

23 days ago

Draper is trying to sell this public land to a developer. There is a public hearing on July 10th at 7 pm at City Hall. Search for "protect deer ridge draper" at change.org to sign the petition to save this open space.

super fun & beautiful scenery !!

Great trail for hikers outside of summer. Too much tall grass too close during the summer for a snake-cautious hiker like me.

28 days ago

not bad for a moderate Trail better to do it in the morning when it's not so hot

I brought my dog along with me, lots of fun! She loved it and I loved it, win win!

1 month ago

Really pretty views from this hike. Great shade along most of the trail. Some wildflowers and so easy to get to. Lots of people on bikes, everyone had great trail etiquette. Would be great for trail running as well!

Good trail, and is great for those starting out. Dog owners should note that the BSL part is where dogs can be on a leash, all of the connections do not allow dogs. There were a few times I regretted bringing the dog because I could not venture on paths I wanted to check out.

Great dog trail and mountain bike trails connect to this trail. Easy loop for family and friends.

how and where does the trail start? I came across some houses and it's there's no trail. can anyone help? I really want to go hiking on this trail.

I might be wrong but didn’t there used to be the draper glow caves on this trail?

There's a lot of trails at the start so pay attention to the map. It's downhill at the start and uphill coming out. Sandy terrain so it wasn't overly muddy on our rainy day hike. I felt like I was hiking in somebody's back yard at one point, kind of weird.

Fun quick hike with my girls. The falls aren't much to see, mostly covered by plants. For a while we thought we missed it. There were signs all over to watch out for poison ivy...

Very pretty, quick and fun!

Nice and easy. Felt more like a nature walk with a few high steps here and there, but nothing serious unless you're looking for it. I would definitely bring family and kids along. The trails are clearly marked as well, so there shouldn't be any confusion. We went on a Wednesday and the overcast was perfect. Even on a hot day, most of the trails are shaded.

Perfect in the early evening when the surrounding scrub oak shaded us! My 3 and 5 year old loved all the bridges and fun rock tunnel!!
Take lots of water and beware of snakes! We saw two.

Very easy trail, pretty busy with hikers, families, and a few bikers. End of the trail leads to another trail, so if you parked a car at both ends you could prevent from having to do the same walk round trip.

2 months ago

Quick easy trail that is good for kids and dogs don’t need to be leashes. Great views.

I have not hiked close to a year now, this was a good beginning hike.

This beautiful hike is perfect especially this time of year! The bridge is amazing.

my first time hiking here it easy trail to walk and enjoy.

Very fun hike and easy with my toddler on my back. There are a lot of mountain bikers so watch out! And there are quite a lot of snakes on this trail, non-venomous and venomous (rattlesnakes). I’ve been 3 times in the past week and have seen at least 3 snakes on each visit. Beautiful Mother’s Day today with my little boy and husband seeing all the wildflowers.

I’m not sure what trail we were on, my boyfriend and I just parked by Hidden Valley Park. On the stroll with our dogs we passed a trail that said dogs allowed so we followed it. According to a stranger on my Instagram post we were on Bonneville Shoreline Trail and said dogs aren’t allowed. However, I can assure you, while there were a few signs saying no dogs allowed on specific trails, we did find one that said they were allowed on another one. It was a beautiful hike, I’d say pretty easy. Lots of kids, runners, bikers and plenty of dogs. I think it just depends on the trail you go on, so be sure to keep walking further until you find one that allows dogs :)

Hiked 4/26/2018. Saw two rattle snakes. It was a easy hike. I would go the same way I came in instead of hiking up then back down the driving path. But that way did offer great views just no shade.

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