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10 hours ago

Great hike

4 days ago

I love this trail and really hope they don't develop it. The views are amazing (when its not smokey) and it is a fairly easy hike. There are some steepish sections depending on your fitness level. It is open and not much shade. Dogs are allowed but there are some off trails that you have to leash them.

did this hike last weekend. never found the falls but still a very fun hike.

Very hard. Very steep...about 1000ft elevation gain per mile. Went last fall and while there where beautiful areas of the hike, and definitely you probably be the only one on the trail, I won't be a repeat user of this trail.

Good exercise, ghost falls is a trickle in summer, but hey, get outside.

13 days ago

14 days ago

Wasn't sure where the loop went, so when I came out on the road I turned around and came back the way I came up. It was pretty, and there were lots of animals in the bushes. Met a coyote on the way up and down.

easy hike. the directions took us to a culdesac tho? the hike actually starts at the park next door to the lds church. we did the loop where the waterfall was supposed to be as well and i never saw anything? lol maybe i was too busy talking or theres not much left this time of year?

18 days ago

Totally exposed to sun but a must do for all locals because it’s easy and the views are rewarding. Plus the pyramid at the top is an added bonus

22 days ago

Trail has been built over by a new housing development. No access, at least for now.

I had a few issues with this trail. It was decently marked, but not too well. I definitely made some wrong turns and luckily realized before I'd gotten too far. Plus, that waterfall was hardly a trickle and I ate lunch next to it thinking there's no way it's that small. It was. The other views were absolutely stunning and the trek was actually easier than I expected, since we passed several "more difficult" signs. I'll probably come up here again, but not for this trail.

23 days ago

Hike was nice. Took my dogs because app said they were allowed yet sign just as I was getting on Clark’s trail said no dogs allowed. Picked trail because I was hoping for some shady spots along the way. Turned around and went on Bonneville trail. We walked over bridge and my guys got to play in the water a bit. It was a nice way to cool off on a hot day. There were a lot of bikers at trailhead but I didn’t run into anyone. Probably because of the route I took.

This trail is predominately used my mountain bikers, so we had to step off the trail quite often. The falls is more of a stream with a drop off, so if you are expecting a large waterfall you will be disappointed. Some of the forks in the trail are not marked, so it is easy to get on the wrong path. I strongly suggest taking a picture of the map at the trail entrance to help guide you. The scenery and trees were very nice though.

horseback riding
28 days ago

The Aqueduct trail and Ralph’s trail leading up to the Bear canyon trail is open to horses but Draper City animal service officer who we passed on the Aqueduct trail said horses aren’t allowed above Bonneville Shoreline due to it being a watershed area. He said any sign that said no dogs meant no animals at all. Anyone know for sure? I thought there were two different kind of restricted watershed areas: one that restricted all animals and another one that only restricted dogs. I thought Bear Canyon Trail fell into the watershed area that restricted dogs but allowed horses. Anyone know for sure?
Unless horses are allowed the entire way, I would not place this trail in a horseback riding category.

Way too many bikes on this trail. On average, runners will have to jump off the trail, into the weeds 8–10 times - if you go on a summer morning. The route itself is great. A moderate slope up and down with enough shade to keep from overheating.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Fun riding down but as a beginning mountain biker I didn't have the strength to peddle the bike all the way back up. Had to walk the bike most of the way back up. I'll stick to trails with less climb until get stronger

1 month ago

Pretty fun but could’ve been better by either being harder or longer

No shade. Best hikes in early morning.

Nice, easy, short hike. Not sure why there were multiple “difficult” signs posted.......it’s a mountain-there will be an incline-nothing difficult though.

It is not kids friendly. There are a lot of wild animals. We’ve seen snakes ( small and big), baby deer, hears, squirrels. The waterfall is real ghost in July.

The path had beautiful views and some shady parts, but if you take a dog you can’t get to the waterfalls. So it’s kind of anti-climatic. Otherwise, great FIRST hike with my 4-month old puppy!!

Was nice, but no falls. My kids were mad. We also followed the wrong sign. But I had fun. Lots of biker, but they were all nice.

1 month ago

this would be a great trail, but mountain bikers ruin the hike. they are all over and don't care to look out for hikers. my wife was hit twice in one hike.

1 month ago

Draper is trying to sell this public land to a developer. There is a public hearing on July 10th at 7 pm at City Hall. Search for "protect deer ridge draper" at change.org to sign the petition to save this open space.

Draper is trying to sell this public land, including trails and the dog park, to a developer. There is a public meeting at City Hall on July 10th at 7:00 pm. Search for "protect deer ridge draper" on change.org to sign a petition to save this open space.

1 month ago

Very very difficult hike. I got to the summit though. Woohoo!

super fun & beautiful scenery !!

Great trail for hikers outside of summer. Too much tall grass too close during the summer for a snake-cautious hiker like me.

1 month ago

not bad for a moderate Trail better to do it in the morning when it's not so hot

mountain biking
1 month ago

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