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So many reviews of hiking but my favorite way to do this trail is on touring cross country skis or a fat bike.It takes a while to do all the switchbacks and traverses but the view is wonderful in the winter time. It is a two bottle trip at a minimum. Sometimes the Powerline trail, which it transects has enough bonus powder down that I can free heel ski with magnum BC bindings. If it is to rough I simply backtrack down.

This is a great trail in the winter... spikes for the first 1.5 miles then snowshoes to break trail the last 5... about 6.5 miles if you go straight up instead of the switchbacks at the end..... enjoy the pictures.... choose a low avalanche day based off UAC

Fabulous hike. I really enjoyed it in the Winter. I did a Google Earth trail while I was here so if you want to check it out virtual like you can see it on my blog www.shaunasadventures.com or in Google Earth. I was grateful for whoever painted the green rectangles on the trail to Mark the path. Brilliant! Made it super easy to follow the trail. Definitely had to watch for ice. Normally I would put my crampons/Spikes on if a trail has ice, but it had more areas with no bare rock that it was easier to detour around the ice. Arches were magnificent! Loved it!

the scenery wasn't spectacular, but it was perfect for little kids. it was plowed and salted most of the way so the trail was nice and easy in the cold.

4 days ago

One of my personal favorites, it's a quick, but steep and tiring hike to Pretty Valley and the frozen cascades are gorgeous. We climbed to the top of the big rocks and looked over the valley. Beautiful stuff. Until then the trail is well packed. We tried continuing past the massive rocks but the deep snow and time shortage prevented us from continuing. Wish we could have continued though!

Wonderful winter hike. spikes are perfect right now. We saw a moose on Thursday.

Nothing short of amazing. I have done this hike four times this year but the winter brings a whole new beauty to this hike. Waterfall is mostly frozen. Beautiful take your camera.

4 days ago

Easy walk in the wash, lots to explore.

AMAZING! This is much more fun and spectacular than Delicate arch. Quiet trail, awesome views, and the arch is jaw dropping. Exploring around the arch makes your feel like a little kid! DO THIS HIKE! Again, MUCH better, in my opinion, than Delicate Arch.

It's a steep hike that offers really cool views of the Salt Lake Valley. Not one of my favourites as there's no waterfalls, rivers or lakes to look at. It is doable in winter and I enjoyed myself over all, but it is exhausting fighting all that snow and it delays you. Make sure you have more time than you think you need before sunset. It's dangerous with light-hearted sliding down the steep, slick trail.

Just finished this hike. If your looking for a way out of the inversion soup, this is a great little hike to get above it. The trail is hard pack snow, making it a really nice, smooth hike. It’s actually a more comfortable hike than in summer in my opinion. With micro spikes and poles you’ll have zero problems on this trail. Beautiful, sunny warm skies up there above the smog. It’s well worth it!!

off road driving
5 days ago

Really Fun trail, we did it in SXS’s in January and it was partially covered in snow.

Our Crew consisted of 2 RZR XP4 Turbo’s on 32” tires, 2 RZR XP 2 seat on 30’s and 28’s, and an RS-1

We didn’t bypass any obstacles, however we are very experienced, some sections an obstacles are challenging and you will scrape and drag bottom. Most everything has an easier bypass or line. There is a large drop ledge near midway that will test your nerves, highly recommend a strap on the back held from above if you’re not comfortable and experienced. Will do many times again.

Fun Snowshoe! A bit of a grind / slog uphill, but well worth it!

I want to come back and see if anyone else has helped back down the trail in the upper canyon.


Beautiful hike. Got very hot even at 9 am in July. But was well worth it.

Gorgeous trail, and best of all dogs are allowed every day!

Such an awesome hike. Did it in two days one night, but spreading it out over another night would have been nice. Started in a Thursday morning and was back Friday evening. Saw other people out but we’re alone on the peak for most of the time we were up there. Starts out forested then opens into valleys with awesome views of the surrounding mountains, then over the pass and up to an epic peak.

Toured up this morning. Great views once you get through the switch backs but steep and narrow skiing the trail back down. Be much better in the summer so you don’t have to hike the road up

Super fun and beautiful! You can’t really get lost on this trail but if it weren’t for this map, I definitely wouldn’t have found the Vortex. It’s really fun to skip and jump around on the rocks! I agree with the moderate rating. I hiked this pretty fast and saw some people running it. No more than 2-3 hours is needed. I finished in under 2 and I stopped for tons of photos along the way.

So great for views on a snowy/foggy day! Bring spikes if you’re going to hike it in the winter because the trail is super icy. It’s great for dogs to run around too.

My tip is to treat the trail as an out and back instead of a loop because the second half is basically just a road. When you get to the stream, turn back. Way prettier.

trail running
6 days ago

I did the rim trail part - easy and great views. January so some snow and ice but manageable. I tried hooking onto the mill creek trail but it was covered in ice and snow - okay to hike maybe. But no way I could run it.

Lots of switchback at the beginning. Gradual climb to Elephant Rock. Trail well packed from heavy used. Didn't need to use snowshoes or chains

Gorgeous hike up along the creek the whole way. Many small waterfalls, 10 bridge crossings and icicles from the cold. The snow gets deeper and deeper as you go along. There is a really cool swing and a fire pit if you want to sit by the creek and have a fire. The rock formations are also amazing. Some narrow trails with steep drop off's for those who are scared of heights. But only at the beginning.

This is basically the Memory Grove Trail. Back in June of last year, I ran to memory Grove Trail and it was OK, I gave it three stars. I am giving this one to start because city park is nothing until it gets to memory Grove Park. Memory Grove Trail is a nice trail with a lot of honors to the military. It has a gradual increase of elevation for the 1st mile and a half. Half the trail was closed because there was a lot of snow so I turned back the way I came.

Beautiful in winter!

This trail is wonderful. It’s a little challenging with some mildly steep rock to traverse before you get to a more flat path, but this just adds to the experience in my opinion. Both arches are pristine and Corona Arch is one of my favorite hikes I’ve done so far in Moab, if you’re looking for a place to go during the shutdown this is your hike! It took my group about two hours to complete this with plenty of stops for photos and sitting to enjoy the winter sun - this is definitely not crowded in the winter!

9 days ago

Great View! Connects to Sand Hill which connects to Elephant Arch.. Wouldn’t mind making a day out of that!

Lots of options and outlets, did in late fall and it was great. Will do again in spring also great for trail running

9 days ago

The road to the trailhead is unpaved but our Mazda3 made it just fine. Bring cash for the permit ($6 per person and per dog). The start of the hike is through an exposed flat area, and then opens up to some beautiful slot canyons. In the first slot canyon there is drop of about 8 feet where you have to make an interesting climb down some questionably wedged branches. If you’re short you may need some help on the climb up. We saw a 12ish year old boy at the end with his parents, so kids can make the climb with help! This hike is definitely worth the drive and we’ll definitely be returning.

Super pretty with all the snow. A bit steep. Fun to see people sledding and skiing down!

One of my favorite trails I’ve ever hiked!! Love the river that’s right next to you and the scenery is amazing!! Definitely a must do!!

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