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great hike with a beautiful ending result.
highly recommend

As others have said, the walk to the end is quite rocky, but not hard. Very nice long walk to wonderful views of the canyon.

1 month ago

Breathtaking view at the end. We didn't know what to expect and were very positively suprised. Would do this hike again in a heartbeat. The hike itself is fairly easy and not too long, but the view!!!

1 month ago

Breathtaking view at the end. We didnt know what to expect and were very positively suprised. So worth it, would do again in a heartbeat. The hike is fairly easy and not too long, but the view...

This was a great hike, as mentioned above not a ton to look at during the hike, but the overlook is amazing. So worth it! Lots of steps so watch your footing:)

1 month ago

Beautiful views after a moderate climb up the mountain. There are several viewpoints past the first one, making continuing down the trail well worth it.

In fact, you can make this a 12 mile through hike all the way to the end of the plateau at the opposite end of the canyon.

Know that nearly all of the trail is either rock, boulder, or a few inches of sand.

Lucky it rained and packed the sand a bit, as much of it is deep sand making it tough on the incline. Nice views though.

1 month ago

While long it was flat and on gravel mostly, it was easy. But that scenery, tho- wow! Totally worth it even in the heat of the day.

It was a decent hike. The reason for mediocre scoring is all the sand- hence the name. Once you got out into the canyon area and you could scramble up to the peak past the last pond, it was a blast. But the drudgery of all that sand to and fro means I wouldn’t do it again.

The trail is rocky and sandy so I wore Chaco sandals, they were an excellent choice for me. The trail is pretty easy with varied terrain but we saw a huge rattle snake on the way up. It’s not very covered so wear sunscreen. We did this on day 1 of a three day southern Utah hiking trip and it was the perfect way to start the trip.

3 months ago

Hiked this with my 6 and 2 year old little girls. They loved it both of them where able to climb and explore.

The hike to the look out is very rocky and not much to look at, but the overlook once you get there is AMAZE!! Pretty easy hike, just annoying as it feels like you’re walking through a dried up river.

road biking
4 months ago

I rode my bike on this trail. Depending on the direction you go, it is easier or harder. If you start at the Johnson Canyon trailhead parking area and go north up to the Upper Galoot parking lot through the park, you gain 463 feet according to alltrails. Going back on this same trail, there is only a 49 feet elevation gain. (Time, S to N was 45 min, and N to S only 15 min.) I have both of these as separate recordings in my account here on alltrails. I also rode through the park on the road, which was almost the same challenge up and back, but both with strikingly different views. There is just so much to explore in this park!

I would say if you want to ride bikes on this trail as a family or with people (like me) who may be trying to get back in shape, start at Upper Galoot and go down to Johnson Canyon Trailhead. In case not everyone can go back due to the elevation gain or being tired or too hot (not a lot of shade on the trail, and don't forget water and sunscreen), maybe the strongest biker can bike back (a bit harder to go back in this direction) and shuttle everyone back.

Absolutely stunner view and what a payoff! The approach is quite muggy and hotter than surrounding areas. The payoff was stunner and we spent an hour alone there. Good option for those with a 4 legged friend that are blocked out of zion.

Great hike, the view was amazing!

Great hike! The first mile maybe difficult for those with back or stability issues. It does level out and is worth the breath taking views at the top. Take a lunch and relax for a bit at the top.

as stated the hike itself isn't particularly thrilling or difficult but the view is beyond worth the walk. It's seriously breathtaking. The first bit of the trail is really rocky before becoming more sandy later on.

Awesome view!

4 months ago

Easy, sunny.

A great early morning hike. Lots of rocks and sand, but an easy climb and a spectacular view. What a payoff. Sunrise is best.

Very nice hike for those who like exercise. Beautiful trail with a big payoff view at the end.

It was totally unlike any hike I’ve ever done. Sorta felt like I was walking on Mars

5 months ago

Good hike that ends with a great view from the peak. Best part is coming down the valley with the brown lava rock on one side, the white sandstone on the other, and the red hills straight ahead.

Very pretty, well marked trail even for beginners like us it was great!!

6 months ago

We did this trail after a very long day of hiking and it was the perfect way to end. As said, the hike is fairly easy, but the lava tubes are spectacular. At the end of the butterfly trail, the path splits into two if you go left you'll hit a massive lava tube that you can explore easily (with flashlights) to the right is a smaller tube, if you're little you can still crawl in a ways, but cool to look at regardless.

A great end to the day!

This trail is a blast! Well marked, lots of elevation change and pretty views, as well as many opportunities for scrambling and going off the path. Not too long but connects to many other great trails. Look out for the overlook (just off this trail) - provides stunning views and a fun little climb.

Remember to bring lots of water - there's very little coverage and there are strenuous bits.

Excellent view at the end.

7 months ago

The hike itself was okay, but the lava tube was AMAZING! We will definitely be back again—next time with headlamps!
When you get to the T in the trail, the lava tube is 100 meters down the left fork of the Lava Tube Trail.

Great hike!

The views could not be better. The first mile and a half is forgettable but after that was enjoyable, fun, and soul inspiring. First part is mostly rock and dirt, then dirt and sand, then slip rock, and then mostly sand to the overview of Ivins and the lower Snow Canyon. If you plan on doing an out and back be in good shape or make sure you have plenty of time, probably both! In my case, I planned on it but ran out of time and would have been dragging by the time I got back.

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