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on Petrified Dunes Trail

4 days ago

Hiked this with my 6 and 2 year old little girls. They loved it both of them where able to climb and explore.

1 month ago

Easy, sunny.

It was totally unlike any hike I’ve ever done. Sorta felt like I was walking on Mars

Does have a few rough steep spots but even my 5 and 3 year old were able to make it to the top with a little bit of help on the slippery areas. They loved being in the volcano and the view is great from the top.

Very pretty, well marked trail even for beginners like us it was great!!

3 months ago

We did this trail after a very long day of hiking and it was the perfect way to end. As said, the hike is fairly easy, but the lava tubes are spectacular. At the end of the butterfly trail, the path splits into two if you go left you'll hit a massive lava tube that you can explore easily (with flashlights) to the right is a smaller tube, if you're little you can still crawl in a ways, but cool to look at regardless.

A great end to the day!

This trail is a blast! Well marked, lots of elevation change and pretty views, as well as many opportunities for scrambling and going off the path. Not too long but connects to many other great trails. Look out for the overlook (just off this trail) - provides stunning views and a fun little climb.

Remember to bring lots of water - there's very little coverage and there are strenuous bits.

trail running
3 months ago

Decent trail for hiking. Somewhat of a rough trail as you come to the top. I actually did some trail running on this trail. Great for hill training. Awesome views of Snow Canyon.

4 months ago

The hike itself was okay, but the lava tube was AMAZING! We will definitely be back again—next time with headlamps!
When you get to the T in the trail, the lava tube is 100 meters down the left fork of the Lava Tube Trail.

Beautiful scenery!

First mile is solid. A lot of the Trail is on sand, fits the name. The pools had water so good finish to the trail prior to heading back.

5 months ago

Cool hike, it is an old volcano. Surrounded by a large lava field for exploring also. I had a really good time on this hike as it is very unique and reminded me of Hawaii. Watch out! It is very steep with lots of loose rock I sled down in a couple of spots.

5 months ago

This trail definitely deserves the moderate rating due to the loose rock that is difficult to climb up and down through. It can be quite slippery, even in a good pair of hiking shoes.

Very fun and a beautiful view of snow canyon from the top.

There are spots in the trail that are obviously shortcuts, and have rocks placed at the bottom to prevent people from using them. To prevent further erosion in that area, please stay on the path and let the vegetation take over and restore that space again.

It’s cool because you’re hiking a volcano. It’s an easy trail to follow and offers a wonderful view of Snow Canyon and other Cinder Cones. Walking around the crater and going into the center is a neat experience. Worth doing again. Not the longest trail; however when if you’re short on time it’s perfect.

You can wind your way up the back of the volcano and then walk around the crater itself at the top. And you can see other cinder cones from the top! I thought it was cool

Great views from the top!

This was stunning!!! Cold but worth the off season timing. The pools had water in them and the trail was all but vacant. Fantastic hike!

7 months ago

Absolutely stunning!

8 months ago

Super fun trail. Mostly rock and cliff trail - we followed the arrow markers and use them to motivate and power up the hiking energy for the kiddos.

Some great scenery! The trail was not particularly difficult (was mostly flat) but the dimension that I didn't expect that made it a little more tricky was that the actual trail was literally sand. Good hiking boots are helpful, as those of our friends with just running/tennis shoes ended up with a lot of sand in their shoes. We went in November and the weather was perfect with a little briskness in the air.

8 months ago

Really fun to walk and scramble on the petrified dunes. The trail traverses the trails and is not always smooth (which makes it fun but can be tricky for those who may be a little unsteady on their feet). The trail is a little tricky to follow in some parts but watch for the upright/skinny signs and the half bowling balls with arrows. Really fun place for photos! The overlook is worth the short extra effort.

10 months ago

It was easy and fun. Mostly had the area to ourselves...very peaceful.

10 months ago

We took the front of the cone the first time we went because we didn’t realize there was a trail that winds behind the back-side. It was not an easy climb up the front, very loose, deep lava gravel and it gets steep at the top. The trail on the back side is nice until the very top, it got difficult for our kiddos and the people who didn’t like heights. Loose dirt and rocks and a little steep but there is an amazing panoramic view at the top.

Good easy hike. Bring a pole, lots of loose stuff

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Nice hike. Beautiful views.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

This is not dog friendly. The sign says no dogs

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Great hike with kids. Make sure you climb up the for the beautiful view of the canyon!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Loved this short easy hike. The kids loved climbing to the top of the dunes. Beautiful view.

Friday, March 31, 2017

An easy well marked trail with great views.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Very sandy during the first stretch, then spectacular views and white rock for climbing on, before heading steeply down into the valley.

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