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Cottonwood Heights, Utah Map

The first two miles were great. Diverse geography with water, forest, rock walls, and meadows. After that, the trail is extremely overgrown with thick vegetation and is barely visible. Legs got cut up trying to push through them. I lost the trail at 3.5 miles and was only half way up to Storm Mountain. I think the out and back estimate is wrong, it's actually one way.

Someone with a machete really needs to clear this trail! Do not attempt it at its current condition!

4 months ago

This hike made me feel like I was Leonardo Dicaprio in the Revenant. The first third of the hike is shaded and it's easy to follow because it traces the creek. The middle part is a bit more hairy because it's quite overgrown in more than a few places and the trail is quite skinny. The last 1.5 miles to the peak is gorgeous and worth the hike.

I didn't see any rattlesnakes (in response to previous posts). Keep a close eye on the trail though, you can easily get confused!

Only made it halfway there and turned back due to lightning, i got off the trail a few times by accident, be careful to not do that... it wasn't fun... :-P

Gorgeous Hike lots of climbers and hikers, wonderful waterfalls.

Decent hike and worth doing for sure. It rained on my way up for about 45 min so it made the weather very nice. Not windy and the sky was mostly overcast.

5 stars for fun and adventure. there is still snow up in the upper meadow and to the top of Storm Mountain. Probably best to wait a couple more weeks and hit this when the upper meadow is melted out. I was stubborn and wanted a summit so had to keep going. Lucky for me someone else had made a path in the snow to follow. There are three small peaks when you get to the top. Go to the one furthest west and that will be the true top. I was lacking on time so I had to deal with being 10 feet lower than the real summit.

I only started hiking this trail last fall, and I hadn't been able to find the trail past the upper overlook, but it is mostly clear of snow now. So I'm going to plan enough time to try to do the whole thing next time. There is still snow down in the canyon, but I didn't use my micro spikes today. Saw my first wildflower of the spring today too! The description says no dogs, but the trailhead says dogs are allowed in leash, although almost everyone had a dog, and none of them were on leash.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Rough trail. The first mile is hardest. So steep and rocky. The last half of the trail is narrow in places and not exactly well kept up.

Monday, October 16, 2017

I absolutely love this trail. It's tough but you see a lot of habitat diversity on your way up the mountain, from the foothills at the bottom to the forests up top. If you're into birds, you see a lot of raptors and songbirds throughout the hike. There is some clambering involved on your way up, and butt-scooting on your way down, but I highly recommend this trail. ❤️

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A lot of elevation makes the trail seem longer than it is. This trail kicked my and my dog's butts. Love the diversity of the trail. Some parts are so green and lush it doesn't resemble Utah. Stay to the left at the upper meadow (rock slide). The trail is overgrown but passable. You'll hit more grass meadows and thick woods that would be great for camping. When you hit a giant rock field start heading north up the hill to summit Storm MT.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017