14 days ago

Another trail in Davis County that isn't maintained after about 3.5 miles. However, there are 2 turnoffs that link over to Ford Canyon Overlook. I would HIGHLY recommend doing the Bountiful Peak Trail with the turnoffs instead of the Ford Canyon Overlook trail if you want to see off the cliffs.
Trail was easy to follow for 2.5 miles. At 2.5 miles there started to be pretty consistent trail markers (soda can bottoms and some pink ties) that helped in a few spots even though the trail is still pretty obvious. There were a few downed trees that I couldn't move and the scrub oak is starting to encroach on the trail. I was glad I had pants and long sleeves. At 3.5 miles or so I spotted the last trail marker and the forest opened up into more of a field. The trail is difficult to follow due to lots of little paths from runoff or whatever. At about 4 miles the fields end and you hit a wall of aspen and scrub oak. I tried pushing through a few places but it was too dense for me. You can see the peak about a half mile distant and see the vegetation thins out but I looked ahead and couldn't see a trail after the vegetation thinned out again.