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Awesome trail. I took my ten year old my Jack Russel and everyone did fine. It was a little more challenging than the average trail, but not too bad and definitely worth it.

SO MANY PEOPLE - trail is not wide enough and so it is hard to pass. Not sure would bring kids - saw a couple snakes on the path today. also has poison ivy.

We took our two poms up who love to hike. It was a fun trail and was beautiful with the run off from the waterfall the whole way up. Don’t recommend bringing small kids as there are narrow areas that are a dangerous fall. Plan on being a little muddy by the time you get back to your car. Will definitely do it again!

I took my 5 & 6 yr olds up to the swing. It was an awesome adventure and the swing was a BLAST... but I wouldn’t take a 5 yr old or younger again. There were some steep drop offs and we had a close call. Going to the swing was a pretty tough workout for two average kiddos. Also- be careful where you park, I saw many ticked vehicles on the side of the paved road that connects to the dirt road.

Easy hike along the creek. A couple of small waterfalls and the pictographs are cool. Some areas are steep and to get to the pictographs is a little bit of climbing over rocks. Walking down back to the parking area was a little tough cause of sliding on the trail but still an easy hike.

Nice moderate hike as described

Went with kids. Only made it part way. It was a narrow trail with a very steep hill always on the side which made us nervous. No shade. Loose gravel and dirt in many areas, and steep bits hard for younger kids. Wonderful view and some wild flowers. Hardly anyone else on the trail. May 13.

A fun hike, many creek crossings over log bridges bound together. A cool rope swing halfway to the waterfall, kids (and me) loved that. More rugged and rustic than other, better maintained trails.

19 days ago


Starting off on the north trail (up by the water reservoir) sets you up for one of the most difficult hikes you’ll find. There are no switchbacks, just straight up the side of the hill. I was breathless for the first mile. Now, it isn’t impossible but you need to be prepared. Also, the trail is NARROW and on the settlers hillside I’ve seen. Frankly, I was scared but had gotten to a point of no return so we powered through. Lots of wash it on this hills side has left the path unstable so go slowly and take trekking poles.

All of this said, the south part of the trail is beautiful and takes you by lots of water and some mild rock scaling as you climb over a couple spots. South trail is absolutely kid friendly!

this trail can be much longer than 6 miles if you want it to be, not sure why its listed as 6 on the site. round trip is roughly ~15 miles

There are two different trails to take to get to the waterfall. I took the North trail and it was pretty strenuous. Tt took me twice the amount of time to get there than it took me to get back (I took the south back). The waterfall didn't feel worth it to me after the hike. Almost no view from the South side, and little to no shade on the North side.

My least favorite hike around. Hard to access. If you don’t have 4 wheel drive, don’t bother. Lots of dog poop on the trail and the swing is poorly maintained.

26 days ago

No shade, not the greatest scenery. Hard to access. Wouldn’t do it again. Just don’t bother!

Nice hike along a waterfall, be careful it’s easy to fall in! Wish there were more pictographs.

It was absolutely beautiful! There’s quite a drop off at the beginning but super worth it to see the stream. My pups loved every bit of it!

So beautiful in the snow!

This is a hidden gem! There’s a lot swing about a mile up the trail, and a couple decent waterfalls as well. The trail is definitely moderate, you get your blood pumping but nothing too hard.

The south side is better, this side is much higher above the water and steep with some drop offs

Very little snow on the trail right now. Muddy in some spots. Fun little hike!

great trail, but icy towards the end so need shoe spikes. when you are about 0.5 miles in the trail seems to disappear, you just need to continue over the jagged rocks and the trail picks back up. dog loved the trail.

This is my favorite hike. So close to town but you feel like you are miles away. This was the first time hiking it in the Winter. We had trouble getting up to the trailhead since the first part of the dirt road was icy. We just parked at the bottom and hiked up. The first half mile of the south trail was pretty icy and I wish I’d brought my traction spikes. Then the next 1.5 miles was pretty easy with packed snow conditions and we made good time. The closer we got to the waterfall, the narrower the trail and the more powdery the snow. It wasn’t impassible in just boots, but snowshoes might have kept us from sinking in so much. Overall still a great hike.

Loved this trail!

This was a beautiful, shaded hike that runs by the creek the entire way. It takes about around 3.25 miles (6.5 miles round trip) to the waterfall and it wasn't that scenery, but right before you get to the waterfall (looking up in the open sky) you are all alone in the valley of the mountain surrounded by tall pine trees - it was an amazing peaceful sight I have ever experienced. I tried to continue to hike pass the waterfall about 0.05 miles ahead and ended up seeing some small fallen trees in the middle of the creek that hindered me to go further more. I noticed a faded trail on the right side of the hill that has been used before, it looked too slippery for me to climb on it and decided to head back.

Thoroughly enjoy this hike! I love the fact it followed the stream the whole way. It was moderate with small sloping ascents and descents the whole way. Finding the trail head was a little difficult since my car couldn’t make it up the washed out dirt road and we parked on 100S. Once on the dirt road follow it up and around to the left where you’ll see the ATV Park. The trail head is in that parking area.

This is a beautiful trail. You stay by the creek the whole way, which makes it peaceful and easy to follow. The rope swing is also a lot of fun. The waterfall still flows really well in late fall which is a rarity!

6 months ago

This is my go to trail. It's a straight up b!+(h for the first 2 miles but is awesome from there on out. Once you make it to skyline, I've always hiked down the road and bummed a ride down. It's not an easy in and out unless your a superstar but it will give you a huge sense of accomplishment knowing you climbed that monster.

Beautiful! You can’t run all of it but it was awesome.

Good hike, nice to hear the water flowing as one hikes... nice burner heading up into the canyon... swinging on the rope swing. Will go back in spring - waterfall will be awesome

I really enjoyed this one!

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