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Beautiful hike but the path is very unclear at many points and is not good for kids, especially in a baby carrier as you need to balance and use your arms multiple times. Otherwise the hike is the perfect distance and mostly in the shade :)

26 days ago

Very nice trail!

Great trail that stays in shade and cover

This is a great hike. Just remember you are following a creek up the canyon, not going straight up the mountain. There is a sign that points to the trail going up the mountain but this trail turns left at that point and starts going down into the canyon to the red bridge. Our kids loved it. There are some steep places, not dangerous but have to slide down a little bit. The water is cold and refreshing.

South trail was nice and fairly comfortable to get out of the 102 degree weather. There is a lot of wasps on the trail and a few snakes. was a bit disappointed in the falls but I'd still do this trail again as it was shaded a lot be and it follows the creek the whole way so no problem with a water source.

My family and I (husband, 4 year old and two dogs) took the south trail today from the trailhead to the top of the waterfall. My Apple Watch put us at over 5 miles and it took us over 4 hours, with breaks in the water for the dogs and a break at the top for some snacks. It wasn’t a bad hike although there were some areas that worried me a bit with my 4 year old (drops straight down with one minor slip). Some parts of the trail seemed pretty overgrown too and we were walking basically straight through plants. We had fun at the rope swing which is right next to the water so great place for the dogs to cool off too. Mostly shaded with a few areas of sun. Much hotter on our way up than on the way down. All in all it was a good hike for all of us. The dogs did great and so did our 4 year old for it being his second hike. You will come out dirty as it is fairly dusty and some areas are must. My husband had an awesome “tan” on his legs from all the dirt and our son’s face was covered in dirt

My husband and I completed this hike on July 1.

The AllTrails map is accurate in terms of getting you to the trailhead and starting you on the trail.

However, there must have been some error, because it led us way too far past the petroglyphs. We had never done this trail, and we walked past the glyphs without noticing them, just going off the app's guidance. We hiked way deeper into the canyon and through some very sketchy obstacles. We finally decided to turn around because it was getting too dangerous, even though we hadn't found the glyphs. On the way back, we finally found them.

For those doing this trail.... the glyphs are on the left side as you're hiking up the waterfall area. They are at at a slightly higher elevation than the trail.

Not sure why the app didn't work for us. I think we would have had a better time if we hadn't exhausted ourselves going so far past the glyphs. Be careful, everyone!

Driving up to the trail head was a little scary for me in my little sedan (but I made it just fine!). Lots of areas where it is washed out and steep. It was a lovely hike along the stream, but the trail became overtaken with vegetation. Didn't see a whole lot of people on my way up, but on the way down there was more. I thought the falls were pretty but I was expecting something bigger. I would do this hike again with some friends though.

Took our 3 and 5 year olds. Plus the dog. They all loved it. Might be a little long for littles so come prepared with snacks and take breaks.

This is a nice little trail, but not a kid friendly trail. I never want to take a toddler here again. Up to the bridge, it's okay for 5 and up. Past the bridge, no one younger than 12 or so.

1 month ago

The trail was great but the directions weren’t. Make sure to head left once you meet up with the main trail. At the end of the red bridge turn right and head up the mountain. It took me a couple attempts to actually find it.

Not a good trail to hike. Straight up the dry mountain with no shade and no wildlife or flowers. Don’t waste your time.

This trial is a bit confusing. Not clearly marked (exact trail name or mileage) we just took a trail that lead us back into the mountains. We ended up taking the north trail in (full sun, large elevation gain) and the south trail out. NOTE: South trail is much better. It’s Shaded, runs right along the water etc. We started about 6pm and got down around 9:15pm. Only ran into 1 small family going up and a few small groups on the way down. They were camping. It was around 2.3 miles in and 2.3 miles out. We did spend some time at a small waterfall (not sure if it was the main attraction or not) and then headed down. Saw multiple snakes, trail was packed with dragon flys, mesquites, grasshoppers, and foxtails (not so great for dogs - glad I didn’t bring my pup). There are a few camping sites right in the middle of the trails, and a fun swing. The trail can be a bit scary at times (steep drop offs, lose rocks and dirt) but overall is was a good hike. The waterfall that we saw wasn’t all that great, however still refreshing. May venture out again at some point.

Hot, dry trail but great view

The pictographs were interesting, Didn't know there were some so close to home

Not well marked
We climbed for almost an hour and followed a few different sets of directions and we're disappointed to still never find the site, but it was a beautiful hike nonetheless.

My husband and i took our 3 and 5 year olds and wore our baby in the pack. There is one area that’s a little scary with kids but not worth missing this hike and swing! The swing was so fun. The kids loved it. The hike was fairly easy. Only a few areas that were steep.

I took my 5 year old daughter on this hike and we loved it. The highlight was definitely the rope swing for her. The hike is nice and shaded on the south trail. It gets a little rocky at parts so I agree with the moderate rating. The water fall is pretty, but not as nice as some of the other ones around. We definitely will do this hike again and just go up to the swing.

Fun, mostly shaded hike. May be too challenging for littles. Tends to get a little crowded.

great hike in the summer lots of shade rope swing was fun beautiful scenery

Awesome trail. I took my ten year old my Jack Russel and everyone did fine. It was a little more challenging than the average trail, but not too bad and definitely worth it.

SO MANY PEOPLE - trail is not wide enough and so it is hard to pass. Not sure would bring kids - saw a couple snakes on the path today. also has poison ivy.

We took our two poms up who love to hike. It was a fun trail and was beautiful with the run off from the waterfall the whole way up. Don’t recommend bringing small kids as there are narrow areas that are a dangerous fall. Plan on being a little muddy by the time you get back to your car. Will definitely do it again!

I took my 5 & 6 yr olds up to the swing. It was an awesome adventure and the swing was a BLAST... but I wouldn’t take a 5 yr old or younger again. There were some steep drop offs and we had a close call. Going to the swing was a pretty tough workout for two average kiddos. Also- be careful where you park, I saw many ticked vehicles on the side of the paved road that connects to the dirt road.

Easy hike along the creek. A couple of small waterfalls and the pictographs are cool. Some areas are steep and to get to the pictographs is a little bit of climbing over rocks. Walking down back to the parking area was a little tough cause of sliding on the trail but still an easy hike.

Nice moderate hike as described

Went with kids. Only made it part way. It was a narrow trail with a very steep hill always on the side which made us nervous. No shade. Loose gravel and dirt in many areas, and steep bits hard for younger kids. Wonderful view and some wild flowers. Hardly anyone else on the trail. May 13.

A fun hike, many creek crossings over log bridges bound together. A cool rope swing halfway to the waterfall, kids (and me) loved that. More rugged and rustic than other, better maintained trails.

this trail can be much longer than 6 miles if you want it to be, not sure why its listed as 6 on the site. round trip is roughly ~15 miles

My least favorite hike around. Hard to access. If you don’t have 4 wheel drive, don’t bother. Lots of dog poop on the trail and the swing is poorly maintained.

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