Bumpy dirt road to get there. Creek runs by the trail the whole way which is great for the dog. A few rocks to scale but nothing difficult. A little too crowded on a Friday morning with lots of families but a nice trail and I enjoyed it.

TAKE THE SOUTH TRAIL!!! This one for the first .8 miles sucks! its not shaded, it's steep, and it's hard to track the trail some places. When it FINALLY joins the south trail it's awesome the rest of the way up (and SHADED) But avoid the North trail at all costs! When we came back down we took the South trail and it was MUCH better! Its about 2.5 miles to the waterfall all the way up the canyon and well worth the trip. about halfway up is a rope swing too (my teenagers LOVED it!) if we do again we'll definitely take the South trail though. Overall we hiked 5 miles all the way up and back.

We started on the North Deuel Creek Trail and joined the trail about .8 miles up. Take the South Trail. Its MUCH nicer! Beautiful trail all the way up. Tricky in some places and muddy in others but still awesome! about halfway up is an awesome rope swing. And the waterfall at the top is worth the climb. Took us about 3.5 hours round trip. Hiked 5 miles overall.

Evening hike was great. Lots of shade and the trail follows the river the entire hike - very majestic. Not to steep and the trail is easy to follow. Bring some bug spray. There are mosquitoes in a few patches. Totally awesome rope swing at the 1-mile mark. Scary but a lot of fun. There is a waterfall at mile two. As for camping - not that great. There are about three or four areas with pre-built fire pits and benches, but only enough room for one tent (maybe two small tents), but you would be right on the trail. So I’ll bookmark this as a great day-hike and leave it at that.

Great trail, pretty busy on a Saturday. It was well shaded and followed a nice stream. I wore chacos in case I got wet but it was very easy to stay dry.

Do not bring kids on this hike. We ended up turning around because the whole way that we actually made it was very steep and narrow. I had read to try from the south because it is less steep than the north, so that’s what we did. I would have been nervous even if we didn’t have the kids. I would say maybe this hike is for more experienced hikers. Besides that, the views were incredible and it was pretty shaded

Good trail; a little short but the views of Duell’s Creek are not to be missed. It is a bit narrow and rugged, but It was a good bit of exercise!

If hiking with younger kids- I’d advise taking the South trail in and out. We took the North trail in and South back out with kids 12,9,5. Some steeper cliffs in parts that made us nervous for the 5-year old on the North trail. The two trails meet together about a mile in. The whole family made it to the falls- brought lunch. Great hike!

Always a great hike!

Awesome hike. Great for dogs. Shaded almost the whole way, good hike during hot times. Running water the whole time. Make sure to park all the way to the trail head to save time and not get a parking ticket!

10 days ago

Fun trail. Lots of dogs and a few mountain bikers too.

Gorgeous trail the entire way, one of my favorites! We counted 12 stream crossings all with footbridges. This trail will be on our list of yearly hikes.

This trail is amazing. When we went up it was super quiet, not nearly as busy as we were expecting. There’s also a cool little rope swing about halfway up, and the waterfall itself is cool to hang around for a little bit.

13 days ago

Went up here with a friend for a quick afternoon hike. It's a really short hike, but it definitely wouldn't be great for small children. It's got some fairly steep parts, and the trail is right next to the creek after the first waterfall. Once you get to the end, it's certainly a scramble to get up to the pictographs. Your options are to either climb up the rocks that are practically in the waterfall right now, or to climb across some boulders above. We chose the boulder route, since there was a family with some young kids that were taking their time and really struggling with the trail below. I wouldn't say the boulders was the easier choice, but definitely better if you don't want to get wet, or if there's a lot of runoff. Sad that the pictographs are really fading, but it's still wonderful to see such an amazing piece of history so close to where I live!

Trail still in good condition. Plenty poop bags from dogs. Report of a rattlesnake on the way down but didn’t see it.

This is definitely one of my favorites! good for kiddos and doggies too. there is one rocky part that you need to be careful but it's not too bad, but the rest is quite easy. I love all the bridges that cross the river several times back and forth. there's a rope swing about halfway up, but it was broke when we went. there is lots of shade and the trail follows the river all the way up to the waterfall! highly recommend this trail!!! Super fun!! WATCH FOR RATTLESNAKES!

Great trail lots of good veiws and cool bridges and waterfalls. It gets really skinny in some parts where rock slides happen but besides that it’s perfect. There is a really cool rope swing about 1/4 of the way up it’s fun to do but it gets crowded towards midday

19 days ago

Nice moderate trail with a lot of shade along the way. We started at 8am and took our time going up. Coming down two hours later the trail was pretty crowded. Definitely worth the hike to see the waterfall at the end.

there were so many people but still a great hike. I'd definitely recommend going on a weekday. also the rope swing is back which was a blast :)

Good trail. Provides some challenge for grade school-aged hikers. Some areas with long sheer drop offs, and rock scrambling. I had to carry my 3 year old but my 6 and 9 year old were fine. About 2.4 miles round trip to get to the swing and back. I would definitely give this a solid “moderate” rating due to the more challenging areas. Lots of shade, follows a river/creek almost the whole way. Every dog we passed on the trail was off leash, if you have an aggressive dog this may not be the trail for you.

This is a nicely maintained trail for a leisurely hike. I've never been on a trail with this much shade, which is really nice on a hot day. It never gets very steep (so if you are looking for a big cardio workout, this isn't the trail you are looking for), but it's a very scenic hike with a nice payoff (waterfall) at the end. The trail runs alongside the stream the whole way up, and there are lots of beautiful areas with water cascading off of the rocks in the stream.

A beautifully shaded trail along a stream with a fun swing at about the half way point. It's doable with kids but you'll have to help them scramble up rocks in a couple parts.

Some of the trails are a little on the narrow side, right up against the creek, but not unmanageable. My 5 year old was a little freaked out, but we got there. Normally, you’d be able to get to the petroglyphs by climbing some rocks to the side of the waterfall, but there is too much runoff and the water is spilling over right now. If you are a little more daring, you can get there through other ways.

We didn’t love this one. The waterfall was nice, but the path was so narrow at times, it was a bit sketchy. There were a couple of very steep inclines, and coming down we had to slide on our bums. It was pretty, but I don’t think I’ll be taking my kids up there.

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