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Absolute murder - take your time on descent as some parts are loose. Very rewarding little peak.

Great hike with a great reward at the end. The cave lets you cool down before descending.

We loved the hike and the tour! We took our 3 year old and 1 year old and they loved it.

One of my favorite hikes the way up is amazing and the caves are even cooler!

We loved this hike! We went at 9 am when the trail was cool and shaded. It is a bit steep but paved and there are benches and places to catch your breath along the way. We’ve taken small children on this hike and have alternatively let them walk and carried them.

great hike took my 2, 5, and 8 year old boys they all loved it and was a lot of fun was a long hike but the cave was well worth it and the view was beautiful

3 months ago

Amazing and glad I had trekking poles!

Don't wear sandals like I did! Wear good athletic clothes because this hike is a great workout. There were points where I'll be honest, I wasn't sure hiking uphill all that way was worth the cave up top, but boy was I wrong! Happy to report it is definitely worth the climb. There are beautiful mountain and valley views, and the cave (thank goodness) was an amazing place to cool off on a hot summer day. Oh, and there's bacon inside (take a ranger tour, you'll see what I mean). My favorite cave in the national park service.

amazing all the way around. Loved it.

It's steep, but the cave is beautiful. Great hike

It’s 1.5 miles straight up hill. No gradual rises but totally doable. Went with my sons 5th grade Fieldtrip and had a great time!

The view is amazing. Anyone that says differently is taking it for granted. Bring lots of water because it gets hot and it’s uphill the whole way up. Make reservations ahead of time and bring a jacket for the caves because it can get fairly cold inside the caves. Loved it!!

I did not do the cave tour because tickets were sold out today so will give it 3 stars but the hike is a good cardio , I have enjoyed the workout. Next time will make sure to do the tour.

4 months ago

Meh. More for the workout, not the views.

4 months ago

I went on this hike with my grandparents, aunts, and younger cousins and although it was a fairly steep path, they all made it to the top just fine.

Great views. Uphill the whole way. Bring lots of water. There is shade and benches for resting. Great workout - took us about 90 mins up and back but we didn’t visit inside the cave because we didn’t know you have to buy tickets to tour prior - you can buy them there but we got there about 11am and wouldn’t have been able to get in a tour until 4pm. Recommend making online reservations. But still cool to make it to the top without going in the cave. A lot of families on the trail - a lot of the kiddos were crying or tired so depending on your child’s activity level they may not love it.

the hike up is steep, and the caves were pretty cool. I am not a huge fan of caves, so i can't give it a very high rating... but I did enjoy the hiking portion!! Ranger Elaina did a great job leading the tour, too. :) if you're going, bring water and a jacket. it's hot this time of year, and the cave is cold...

Plan to make a reservation for a cave tour which is only about $8. A National Park pass covers the entry fee to the monument. There were a lot of people and a lot of kids for a Monday in July but the hike although steep and pretty darn hot in the afternoon is really awesome. The trail is paved and well marked. We were shocked how unprepared people were, you need a lot of water and they tell people that at the ranger station and people weren’t even equipped with the minimum of water required. The cave tour is awesome. I would definitely recommend this hike and tour and would do it again but book an earlier tour time.

I really love this hike. It is pretty steep for most of the hike. Because of the quick elevation gain I would rate it as hard. There are people of all ages in this trail which is great!
There are mile markers to tell you how far you've come which is nice, especially going up hill. There are bathrooms at the top. Plenty of benches along the way make this hike doable for most all skill levels. The gates to go up open at 7 and when we got there right when it opened it was packed.
I would definitely recommend this hike to others. The views are incredibly beautiful, especially at sunrise.
If you don't like steep elevation gain I wouldn't do this hike at first. Work up to it.

4 months ago

Beautiful hike! Smooth, paved trail with spectacular views! People of all ages were spotted on this hike! The caves will be forever remembered!

5 months ago

Very steep hike. Beautiful views. Paved with lots of resources at areas but little shade. The caves are very cool and feel good after a hike up in 90+*! My kids ages 4-11 all did it with a few piggy-back rides for the 4 year old. Definitely a bucket list hike!

5 months ago

extremely steep paved trail. Had us huffing and puffing the 1100 feet strait up elevation gain. Not alot of shade but had a few benches to sit and rest on. I would rank this trail as hard. The way down was great with breathtaking views tho. The caves were interesting. Our tour guide was long winded and we just wanted to walk through but she stopped and talked alot.

A stretch for your legs and you definitely make an ascent up to the cave, but the views are beautiful and unique. Completely love this interesting hike!

Amazing views of the cliffs and canyons. Make sure you don’t go too late into the day because they stop letting people in the caves around 6pm. Will definitely try to go again so I can see the cave

Beautiful view, easy walk with some steep areas. The cave tour is worth it.

I like this hike for so many reasons. I love the steepness of the trail. I love the peace and quiet that you'll find because not many people are hiking this trail, and there are spectacular views to see the whole time you are hiking it. It gives you a really good workout because this hike is very challenging, and I would definitely not bring a beginner on it. Wear good hiking shoes that have traction. I found that it really wasn't that hard to get up the steep slopes if you're wearing the right shoes. Make sure you have plenty of time to get down the mountain because you will need to go slower, due to the loose gravel and rock. The slope is pretty steep and it can be hard on your knees, but if you hike slowly, you should have no problem.

6 months ago

My favorite daily hike! Been hiking it for 10 years and it never gets old. I’m so happy we are able to use this monument for recreational purposes.

We’ve hiked this trail before, and every time they have made beautiful improvements to this trail making it safer and more beautiful. My daughter (12) was feeling sick, but we decided to go for it anyway since my sister and the 7 other kids were so looking forward to it. The other kids (15,14,12,11,10,8,7) had no trouble scampering up this steep, paved trail. But because my daughter wasn’t feeling well, it took us a LONG time to get up to the cave. A whole school field trip got in front of us, so instead of the 9:45am tour, we had to go on the 11:30am tour. There was a wonderful ranger EMT that checked my daughter out, just one of many incredible rangers. The woman who lead our tour was incredible! The kids can still name the ingredients it takes to form a cave. The cave is incredible. So beautiful and interesting. This is a steep, tough hike not to be underestimated, but the cave makes for a great payoff!

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