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Nice short walk through the woods. end of the trail has a decent overlook of the top of the Zion plateau in the distance. Very easy trail.

Nothing dramatic to see other than the lookout, but an easy family walk with plenty of flowers & insects along the way for little ones on a summer day.

Spectacular views!

20 days ago

Loved this hike, but it's not for the faint of heart. The unsupported trail from Ramparts thins the crowds (we never saw anyone else), and if you just patiently keep going you get to the arches. When reading the reviews we were unsure whether we should follow the ridge line (very steep and dangerous) or go down on the river bed (safer but much less visibility). It turned out that the final 1/4 mile has a nice trail that you stumble upon from the river bed. That's the way we'll do this in the future. :)

Nice little hike. Beautiful view at the end. Is just a VERY short hike.

Simple walk through the pines, but does have a nice overlook.

1 month ago

Great hike! I’m not a fan of exposed heights, but this didn’t bother me at all. Great views and a nice respite from the maddening crowds and heat at Zion. Excellent wildflowers and a stunning Bristlecone Pine near the overlook.

very difficult. last section was mainly very loose gravel on a steep slope, essentially a twisted ankle or death slide waiting to happen. had to find a fallen tree embedded in the hillside to use as a handhold to get myself back up the slope. gave up on the arch when I started to sense maybe I wouldn’t be able to get back out - a hundred feet of rope might be useful. be warned last section is wayfinding over precipitous terrain

I came to Kolob Canyons today to hike several of the trails and found that the park is current closed and will be so from 1 May to 1 December 2018. See https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2018/03/15/kolob-canyons-to-close-for-7-months/#.WxG_jWenpI4 It's a beautiful place and I look forward to getting to these trails.

We hiked this trail on April 28 (a Saturday) to avoid the crowds in the main part of Zion. We did this trail then went to the end of the park road to Timber Creek Overlook. I'd recommend you do both also if you make the trip up there. The hike up Taylor Creek had some great views in both directions. The double arch alcove at the end is pretty cool. We didn't venture up to the supposed waterfall past this point as the creek was dry up at the alcove.

Unfortunately they had snow and we drove right past this trail, we turned around to where the starting point should be and saw the empty wood sign. Im assuming they put up the trailhead names once you can hike, but we had to drive back down since there was no cell service to find something else to do.

breathtaking views! loved this trail!! look up!!

The family loves this trail. Kids enjoy crisscrossing the creek, and the alcove at the end of the trail is a great spot to have a snack and re-energize before hiking back out.

Nice hike. Took all the kids. Out and back hike, about 5.5 Miles. Lots of creek crossing. Some shaded areas.

After a very busy day at Zion we decided to try Kolob Canyon. We are so glad that we did! This was a fun, beautiful trek! The creek crossings would have been a blast for our kids if they were here! The quiet trail was a relief from all the craziness of Zion. The endpoint of the arches was spectacular!

Easy trail with many creek crossings. A few too many people for my taste.

Me and my wife carefully counting all creek crossings, it is 63 times each way, so total should be 63x2=126 times; some of them are in and out the water on the same side, those should be considered crossing too; a lots of snow on the surface of creek, it makes our crossing easier without touching the water.

8 months ago

After two days in the main canyon at Zion, my husband and I were ready for a break from the crowds. We did this hike on Saturday 11/25. The trail is sandy but easy to follow. The challenge is the creek crossings--I counted ~52 each way. That's right, over 100 creek crossings roundtrip. That means lots of ups and downs. The creek is low right now, so we were able to avoid getting our feet wet. The double arches at the end are very pretty, and there are some good views of the rock throughout, as well. We saw several other groups (but nowhere near the crowds as the main area of the park). There was plenty of parking at the trailhead. Definitely recommend for a change of pace.

Great easy trail. You can continue past the arches and there is a waterfall with a small trickle of water. You can keep going past that but we did not go, next time.

Nice trail. The start of the trail at the trailhead has a number of steep steps to begin with, however it does level out into a sandy trail through the canyons. As others have said, be prepared to cross the stream 15 times or more.

9 months ago

I assume this might be ok if you don’t mind paying for more information. This basic level is much less then anyone would need in the field. It is a real problem for anyone to us this information when it is so incomplete.
Be careful

In some sections you can easily jog even with a Camelbak 3 litre reservoir. Double Arches at end are worth this easy out and back hike

Great hike without any strenuous climbing that's great for kids. We took our 7 and 9 year old children and they loved it. Plan to cross the small stream 50+ times, which along with majestic views, makes this a fun hike. Great to experience this hike without all the crowds typical of a Saturday at ZNP.

Wonderful trail with lots of creek crossings, and a beautiful arc in the wall of the canyon that fills you with awe. We did this trail after finding an hour + wait for shuttles at Zion on Labor Day weekend. A park ranger recommended it as an alternative and it didn't disappoint. Experienced and beginners will enjoy lack of crowds, easy pace and bountiful beauty. We endured a downpour, thunderstorm, rising waters and lots of mud and I enjoyed every minute.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

We liked the very old trees ... 4,500 years old

Saturday, August 05, 2017

This hike is on the Kolob Canyon side of Zion, right off of I-15 between Cedar City and St George. There are only a couple of hikes available on this side of Zion. This one is relatively easy, except for the heat this time of year. There is some shade on the trail. The elevation gain is not that noticeable amid the ups and downs of the trail as it crosses the creek dozens of times. I agree with the person who described this as "Zion in miniature". There are lots of hikes in Southern Utah that have more spectacular scenery than this one, but it's not too shabby, and much less crowded than other places.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Fun and easy hike, just be careful with the ankles.

Not to strenuous of a hike, positive is that it is far less trafficked than the other more popular hikes within Zion, however you still get a reward all the way through to the end!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

One of my favorites!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lots of loose rocks before arch so watch your footing. Well worth to keep going past Ramparts and Spectra. No defined trail but if you keep going, you'll find the arch.

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