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Fun Snowshoe! A bit of a grind / slog uphill, but well worth it!

I want to come back and see if anyone else has helped back down the trail in the upper canyon.


3 days ago

easy hike, good views. Dont try and get a picture by the falls unless you want to walk back with freezing feet. Ha!

Beautiful, easy hike. Cool ice cave. Hiked today (mid-January) with hiking/snow boots and we were just fine.

5 days ago

Awesome trail for the family.

8 days ago

The scenery in Snow Canyon is beautiful. However, the lava tubes were not what I expected. Only one of them is large enough to actually enter and it would require repelling equipment to do so. The other two are are more like piles of lava rocks with small voids that you can crawl into. They don't go into the earth any distance, it's more like crawling under an overhang. The walk to get there is rocky, but very short and simple to navigate. The view from the overlook is worth the walk, but don't expect much of an adventure in the tubes.

great hike! we didn't go up the last portion but it was so much fun anyway. snow was packed in but we had spikes and poles. definately need to go back and go up to the cave!

9 days ago

I hiked this yesterday with a friend. It wasn’t too crowded and the snow was packed down so hiking boots were fine. We didn’t do the very last part to the actual falls because it was too steep and slippery. Other people were doing it though.

I hiked this trail five days ago before the snow hit Arches. It was lovely. I took primitive trail around to the dark angel and then back on the main trail. Definitely need to follow the cairns and keep an eye out for them but even with that the travel was pretty well marked. It was a moderately challenging walk, relatively flat with a few climbs here and there. Very enjoyable and nice way to see a lot of Arches.

13 days ago

Perhaps it was a mistake to do this hike the day after visiting Zion, but this trail was a let down for me. There are tons of tripping hazards in the form of volcanic rock (more so, it seemed, than other hikes in Snow Canyon). The only view is the wall of Red Cliffs, but that is unchanging throughout your hike. Most people we saw on the trail were actually over on the Johnson Canyon route - maybe there is a reason it is more popular. We enjoyed looking at the nearby neighborhood because at least it was something different than the monotony the trail otherwise offered. We were so disappointed by this trail that we turned around before making it to the cave. The trailhead for this one is before the Snow Canyon State Park entrance; I’m thinking they know it isn’t worth paid entry!

Amazing short little hike. It has hard snow pack so no snow shoes necessary. The view at the falls is amazing. Truly a great one for the whole family. And the reward is well worth the work.

Hiked this January 1 and we were the only ones there. It was cold heading out but we quickly began removing layers as the trail is exposed until the lair. Snow covered most parts of the trail. We were very cautious heading into and out of the lair as it a little slippery from the snow on the steepest parts of the trail. The goblin’s lair at the end was so rewarding! Kids loved it and so did we!

Great hike, at times following the trail on the slick rock was challenging but very few people had no one at Navajo and only a couple of people at Double Arch. Temp was 18 degrees at 8:30 am when I started well worth the hike

16 days ago

I hiked this trial while taking a break from a road trip with my dog and it was absolutely perfect! Such an easy hike which is great because I just wanted to take a quick hike and get back on the road. It was perfect for my dog and the views were incredible. I’m also a photographer and I always try to find easy trails during my road trips with great views to photograph, and this one did not disappoint! I didn’t go all the way because I heard there was a hole in the wall climb that my dog couldn’t take, but we were on the trail in total for an hour and 10 mins.

Make sure you bring cash for parking ($5) and appropriate shoes because it’s definitely a dirty hike!

18 days ago

We really enjoyed this trail - we got a little turned around and started heading down the Whiterocks trail. We were happy to have done so, however, because we got to check out some beautiful tri-color petrified dunes (not to be confused with the Petrified Dunes trail). After getting back on the right trail, we passed a couple more lava tube openings. The trail itself wasn’t too heavily trafficked, but the lava tube openings were basically tourist traps, so we steered clear. There was a great offshoot to the Overlook rock formation. My five year old, who did this trail with us, waited in a cool sandstone cave about half way up with my mom, and my husband and I went to the top. That required a little scrambling, but nothing major and the views were worth it. Overall, the trail was pretty flat for the most part, but the rockiness made it difficult (or at least uncomfortable) to navigate at times. Snow Canyon was beautiful and this was a great way to enjoy some of its beauty.

Short and slick! The mossy grotto had beautiful ice formations and the waterfall was frozen through...great photo ops!

18 days ago

Lovely winter hike. The road and trail were sufficiently packed that snowshoes were not necessary, although they may help some folks. No waterfall visible during the winter, but it was still worth it for a beautiful woodland walk.

One of the best hikes! Did this on Dec. 25. Trail was icy. It was icy and very slippery near Double O arch. So bring some traction control with you if you are doing it in winters. You will not regret the additional weights of it when approaching Double O. It took us almost 6 hours to finish it. But again, we took a lot of breaks to take photographs. Also, the hike definitely seemed more than 7 miles. My fitbit, by the end of the hike, showed we had walked 9 miles. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If you want to beat the winter crowds, start early around 7-8am and a minimum of 2 liters of water even in winter.

Pretty short (but slippery) winter hike. The waterfall was a frozen cone, which was interesting. Not worth a trip by itself, but a nice easy hike if you’re already in the area.

Unbelievable hike. I took the primitive trail and had a hard time staying on the trail even with this app, and it involved more scrambling than I expected!

Completely covered in snow and ice-definitely need spikes right now. Took me twice as long to go a mile than usual, and as I was losing daylight I had to abort the mission. I'll definitely be returning to finish. Completely gorgeous Winter Wonderland right now.

Went in via the primitive trail, made for a much more rewarding experience when you reach the arches. Bring 1.5 gallons of water per person, heat stroke is no joke. We left at 5 am mid July to beat the heat! Great sunrise - 10/10

If you’re looking for an easy paved and cut out trail this is for you. You’ll be directed to the waterfall with ease. Now, if you want to go to see the donut shaped rock where the waterfall has cut through, you’ll need to do some climbing. My group scaled the waterfall. Shoes and pants were wet, but to us, it was worth it to feel the icy water and take pictures at the top. We typically do difficult hikes, so adding this climbing factor make it more interesting and worthwhile.

Good trail, the hike up to the trailhead was the biggest workout for me but the scenery was nice and it wasn’t too long

My husband and I completed this hike on December 15.

Initially, We planned on doing a canyon hike that morning, but were thwarted due to a the road being inaccessible. So we scrambled to find another hike in the area, and ended up doing Flag Rock!

This hike is steep and narrow much of the way.... definitely not ideal for young children. So steep and strenuous, in fact, that we stopped several times to take off layers of clothes!

The trail was a mix of snow and mud, so we were glad we had our snow cleats. You could probably make it with some sturdy boots, but the cleats really helped us grip on the steep uphill portions.

From the top, the views of the valley are predictable but decent if you're into cityscape views . It's definitely nice to have a destination to hike to. There is a nice bench at the top to take a rest.

We'd recommend this hike for anyone looking for a decent workout!

30 days ago

1 month ago

The trail is good now. No snow shoes needed.

Hiked last summer...This trail is very overgrown the first time I tried to find it I failed and ended up on a different trail. However, if you do manage to get on the right trail it’s a lot of fun climbing over giant rocks and having the trail completely to yourself. It’s very steep, but a short hike and there are ropes along the trail to help you up the rocks. Although they seem old and frayed so I wouldn’t trust them completely. The cave is pretty cool, but it was scary climbing on the old rope and the inside of the cave was very slippery so you could easily get hurt if you climbed all the way to the back of the cave. (Bring a headlamp)

Super fun trail. Took the route of starting at the Primitive trail and ending with Devils Garden Main trail. Personally I found this to be nice because I went up the steep rock on primitive and not down it, which I was told many people turn around at that point. I will say though if going in the winter and planning on taking the same route, have ice spikes or chains. The Main Trail was icy around 2pm. The whole loop took me 4 hours and that includes stopping for lunch at Dark Angel and getting lost for about a half mile while looking for the Main Trail. Good hike all in all.

1 month ago

This trail was SO beautiful today! The snow was perfect on the trees and mountains and good to walk through. Lots of people snow shoeing and with touring skis. I had hike spikes and poles and that worked great. The falls at the end was amazing and so worth traversing up the rocks at the top to get inside the little cave. The road to the trailhead is closed due to snow but it doesn’t make it that much longer.

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