WOW. This trail exceeded my expectations. And for the record, it is OPEN! The views were constantly amazing -- literally everywhere we looked, there was something beautiful to look at. We stopped a ton for pictures, but we were able to get it done in 3.25 hours. I was super nervous about the elevation gain, but this version of the route makes it easier. There's still a steep incline on the way back up, but it was completely shady by 12pm. I also appreciated that the inclines throughout the trail were undulating, so we got some built-in breaks. We were pretty much alone on the trail until we circled back to the Wall Street section on the way out. I'd recommend doing this one earlier in the day to beat the crowds and also avoid some direct sun (very few shady spots). The trail is very well-marked, and there were no sketchy / narrow areas. If you're in Bryce, this is a great way to see a lot of the most popular sites in a short period of time.

no shade
10 hours ago

Super fun trail and not terribly hard! The way you poses as more of a challenge than the way down. Lots of different views that make it all worth it!

Excellent trail with beautiful views of both sides of the canyon. Lots of shade and easy to find.

no shade
19 hours ago

I loved this trail. Not terribly difficult but still presented a good challenge.

It’s open and super awesome!

no shade
20 hours ago

Beautiful in the morning light!

Nature’s beauty at its best. The moderate rating is accurate, due to the switchbacks and inclines. We hit the trail just at sunrise 6:10am. Seeing the Canyon change colors as the sun rose was amazing.

This trail is a must!! Steep uphill at times but technically not difficult. STUNNING views and photo opportunities. We started at noon and it wasn’t crowded at all or too hot at any point. The only thing that got to us was the altitude as we come from a much lower altitude, so at times on peek-a-boo and the switchbacks to start/finish Navajo had us pretty winded. Nothing unmanageable. It’s a fantastic hike!

It’s open. Elevation changes aren’t bad.

2 days ago

Easy paved trail up to a beautiful view of sunrise point. Also easy access to sunset point if you’re not looking to walk very much

Amazing trail, tough climb back up with a toddler in your back, otherwise no complaints!

This was my first trip to and first hike in Bryce Canyon. Man, it's beautiful. Can't wait to return. It was an awesome feeling finishing this hike, and I'm glad I did it. We went down Wall Street and up Two Bridges. Great view of Thor's Hammer in the way up.

Great trail! Saw several families, fairly easy with a few uphill spots. Definitely take the trail loop from sunset point to sunrise point. This way you will be doing the steepest part downhill.

A more well-traveled loop in the park, worthy of a hike when visiting. Wall street is steep, so we started at Queen's garden in order to avoid going down Wall street.

Easy well marked loop that connects 2 viewpoints. Great for kids. I saw a man pushing a stroller along pretty easily. Great views.

Great trail, great views! So glad we did it.

We ended up starting at sunset point and going down Wall Street to Queens Garden up to sunrise point. The weather was fantastic ! Highly recommend starting at sunset and going to sunrise, the hike back up the canyon is a gradual incline instead of a steep climb going the other way.

This is one of my favorite hikes anywhere! The weather was crisp and clear today, and not too crowded. We arrived at the parking lot around 2:30 p.m. and easily found parking. Had plenty of time to do Navajo loop and peekaboo loop and still have two more hours of daylight.

Absolutely beautiful. Epic hike.

beautiful! otherworldly!

Good for a family walk with some nice views.

Navajo Loop was open today.

Extremely unique hike. A must do in Bryce Canyon NP. Hike back up to rim can be strenuous but doable.

Logged as 8.2 miles from sunrise point as the road access from Fairyland is closed right now. Take lots of water! Great trail, although I enjoyed peekaboo loop more.

Quick and easy with amazing views! Definitely open right now!

We were told Navajo Loop was closed, so we only did Queen’s Garden. Gorgeous views all around. Downhill on your way in and uphill on your way out. Very windy! People even lost their hats and there is a spot where people put the hats a with rocks in them! You get right up close and personal with the Hoodoos! Amazing hike!

We take a lot of Pictures

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