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6 hours ago

Trail was incredible; amazing views and easy to navigate. Rate moderate to hard (mainly because I am grossly out of shape). Finished in 3.5 hours. Trail was pretty populated, but there was plenty of solitude as well.

The best way to see the Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon! We adventured from Sunset Point through Wall Street to Peekaboo then on to Queens Garden to Sunrise Point finishing up with a short jaunt on the rim trail back to Sunset. There are so many photo opportunities! Start early for parking and bring plenty of water. A bit strenuous if you're not a frequent elevation hiker.

Peek-a-boo loop was incredible! Do this trail for sure. It was a nice hike to combine with Queen's Garden. Nice mix of inclines and declines so you aren't getting killed doing one or the other too long. Took me about 3.5 hours to complete. Peek-a-boo loop is not too busy either.

Short hike but a really great one :-)

Belle balade de trois heures environ faite avec nos enfants (6 et 7 ans) part une belle journée d'août. Pas de difficulté particulière, sinon la dernière remontée un peu longue. De très beaux points de vue sur le parc inaccessibles depuis le haut.

Amazing hike with so much interest. I would suggest that if people leave out the side track to Bryce Point then this is a fairly comfortable hike and certainly not hard. Would be a shame if this trail was missed because of concern over hard grading. The East Rim to Observation Point in Zion was much tougher and that was graded Moderate. Overall Bryce is a unique place and this loop with the Navajo and Queens Garden will deliver most of the top sites in Bryce in my opinion.

Did this right after watching sunrise at Bryce point and was literally the only person on this trail. Gorgeous views of the grand staircase. To me, those views we're more awesome than the hat shop formations. Really easy going to hat shop because it's all downhill. So, coming back was really steep. Even just those two miles back were exhausting.

Excellent hike—really hits the highlights of Bryce Canyon. Lots of great viewpoints! The distance actually registered 3.8 Miles and elevation gain was 673 feet. We followed the exact trail.

Other worldly!

We did the walk from 4pm to 6pm. Amazing surroundings with distinctively variety of views of hoodoos.

It's a great idea to combine the queen garden trail and peekaboo trail. Amazing scenes along the whole trail!

You practically have to do this trail only because the shuttles dump you off almost on it; and, the view has you looking down into the hoodoos.Plus, the perspective is particularly good if you're going to continue to walk down into the valley.
This trail is ideal for families - not too hard, not too much grade, and short.

13 days ago

Beautiful trail every step of the way. Definitely a moderate to hard hike due to elevation loss and gain but worth it. Going clockwise will give you a better view.

13 days ago

Definitely not easy on the way back up but beautiful!

Awesome views.

17 days ago

Go as early in the morning as possible to avoid the heat in midsummer. Watching the morning light fill the canyon is a treat.

The Peek-a-boo trail has incredibly stunning views throughout. A good amount of up and down but definitely doable even for beginner hikers. I’d recommend making an 8 pattern with the two loops. Go left on Navajo, then right on Peek-a-boo and loop back the opposite way. Enjoy!

Me and my 2 brothers (ages 22, 26, and 27) just completed this in 2 days/1 night. We started at Rainbow point. Caught the shuttle at 9 from the visitors center and arrived at rainbow point th after the scenic shuttle ride. The bus driver gave a tour through a mic on the way. Views of beauty begin instantly and never end. Difficult mostly downhill hike to our first rest at iron springs. We were fresh so the difficulty was no problem. Iron springs had plenty of water. We were warned of E. coli to be present at all water sources and advised to filter and boil or filter and treat with tablets or drops. I used a Sawyer squeeze only and have not felt any issues as of this review (will edit if the bugs catch up to me). We then hiked to natural bridge which is were we reserved to camp but had plenty of gas left so we had a lunch and kept hiking. Natural bridge campsite had flies that bothered us. They didn’t bite but were pretty annoying. The campsites itself was in a lower wooded area. Right past the campsite there was some puddles of water but we did not fill up. We kept on hiking to swamp canyon campsite where we decided to set up camp. My brothers hiked down the trail a little bit past to find water (they found cloudy still water in a creek bed about 1000 ft down the trail from camp) while I secured camp against heavy winds. A heavy rainstorm fell on us thru the night. It was epic. We woke up to the sunrise, had coffee, and tore down camp to start day 2. We hiked past the creek where my brothers found water the night before to find clear flowing water due the night’s rain. Filled up here water here which was our last time to take water from a water source on the trail. Long hard day of hiking led us past the last half of the epic trail. Breaks along the way. Water was plentiful at yellow creek but there were E. coli warning signs posted that were not at the previous water sources so we were scared to drink it. I wish I would have anyways because we were low on water and ran out 2 miles to the end. There was flowing water up to the right fork yellow creek campsite which we also didn’t test. The last few miles were hard and constant elevation gain. Lots of breaks due to fatigue but we made it to Bryce point to catch the shuttle back to the visitors center. No water on the bus which I was praying for but at one of the stops on the way to the vc I spotted a water fountain so we all ran off the bus to quench our megathirst while passengers were getting on. We jumped right back on the bus and got dropped off at the visitors center where we started this long, hard, hot, beautiful, amazing journey.

7/28/2018: Day 1 ~11 miles
7/29/2018: Day 2 ~12 miles

Be mindful not to completely rely on backcountry water sources. We got lucky and found flowing water at 3 or 4 different sources.

Trail is pretty easy to follow except a few parts where we had to back track due to dried creeks looking like trails. But cairns (rock stacks) guided most of the tricky parts.

Lots of downed trees to dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge

Mosquitoes non existent from my experience, but annoying flies would buzz in your ear at some spots if you sat too long to rest.

Heavier than necessary packs, low water, and 2/3 of us live at sea level played apart in my difficulty rating.

10/10 would do again
10/10 would bring more water or secondary purification method for ease of mind
And always remember: dehydration will kill you a hell of a lot faster than E. coli.

Hopes this helps.

Incredible! The views above and below are magical! The ascent is challenging, but easily done with a short break or two.

This was an easy breezy hike with some amazing views of the hoodoos. The trail breaks off to other trails with clear signs all along the way. You hike down first and then back up.

Great hike. Make it easier by starting at the switchbacks

Great hike! It seemed like every turn made was another amazing view. We got going later than we wanted, but still had the hike mostly to ourselves. Highly recommended!

Did this today and loved it! Reasonably trafficked, but not so much that you didn’t have some peace and quiet too. Amazing scenery and not too tricky! Proper boots would be recommended if you have them though :)

21 days ago

We began around 7:30 am, and were able to park at Fairyland Point. This was an ideal starting point because it broke up some of the more intense climbing, and also provided us an opportunity to pause at the General Store 2.5 miles into the loop traveling counter-clockwise. We chose counter-clockwise based on recommendations we read here and that is sound advice! Starting early as we did, we were able to watch the sunrise as we worked the Rim trail portion of the Loop, and it is truly other-worldly! Spectacular views of the hoodoos and canyons on one side, forests and what almost feels like plains on the right for several miles before you descend into the canyon. Though the trail is rated 'hard', it was our experience as women of varied average to above average levels of fitness within our trio, that the most difficult section was mile 6.5-8 but was otherwise very accessible. Be ready for that serious climb in full sun around mile 6! Also, even subtracting our .25 side trip to the General Store, we felt this trail was longer than the 7.4 miles listed. We were able to complete the full loop, including the General Store break, in just over 4 hours. There was also a small stretch around mile 5-6 where you will experience drop-offs on both sides of the trail, nothing razor thin like an Angel's Landing, but if heights are a problem for you, I'm not suggesting you avoid it, but be ready to do some mental work and power stepping for about twenty feet!

22 days ago

Super fun backpacking trip! We did this in 2 leisurely days in the northbound direction, camped one night at Right Fork Swamp Canyon. Strongly recommended hike, and very suitable for beginners with decent legs.

1) Great variety of scenery, from up-close views of the rim, to panoramas of the canyon, to dense forest. Memorable sections for us included the initial descent into the canyon from Rainbow Point, a spooky section of the park near the middle of the trail that was devastated in a forest fire, Swamp Canyon, and the Hat Shop.
2) Altitude varies throughout the trail, but apart from the last few miles where you have to climb back up to the top of the canyon, it's a very manageable hike. Apart from the distance, would rate it a moderate.
3) Off the beaten track, you'll feel like you have the entire park to yourself. We did this trip in May. We saw nobody the first day, and two pairs of hikers the second day (until we met the throng of tourists waiting for us at Bryce Point).
4) Logistically pretty straightforward. We did virtually no advance planning (apart from bringing our gear). We arrived one day ahead of time to get our permits and book our seats on the Rainbow shuttle. The park lends bear canisters for free and gives a basic map that we found sufficient for our hike. We camped in one of the official campsites the night before setting off. The Rainbow Shuttle drops you off at one end of the trail, and all you do is walk back, which means you don't need to worry about transport back to your car. Campsites and forks are well marked. The trail passes through multiple paths that go back to the highway, if you need to return to civilization earlier than expected.

1) Water sources are unreliable, so you will probably have to bring enough water for the entire trek (very doable since it's a short hike).
2) The trail is easy to follow 98% of the time, but there are parts where it seems to disappear. Usually, this happens when the trail meets a creek or wash. Keep a lookout for Cairns, we never had to walk more than a few yards to find where the trail continued. Also, expect to jump over a lot of logs.
3) Loved the views on this trail, but those expecting to see tons of hoodoos and the rock formations Bryce is known for will be disappointed. Take an extra day to do some day hikes in Bryce amphitheater to get the best of both!

Great hike, we returned by the navajo loop switchbacks at Wall Street, definately would have been easier to return by Queens trail.

Amazing trail! My old father in law, who is a fairly experienced hiker, said it was the best hike he’s ever done.

Long, but very manageable. And the views are a constant wonder.

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