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Fabulous views, no other hikers, a good amount of snow on the trails. Agree with the other comments to go counter-clockwise because of the steep part. Lots of trails so watch your map!

Steep but short climb to 10420 peak and the views were gorgeous, but from there it was literally and figuratively all downhill. The trail was mostly buried in snow and we were so frustrated by the time we reached the bottom that we skipped the second lake and were underwhelmed by Bloods. Nobody else was at Bloods, but halfway back to the car was a throng of high schoolers blaring music and yelling and doing ski and snowboard tricks--not really what I'm looking for when hiking.

Great trail, headed out towards Blood Lake and the views were breathtaking. The only wildlife we saw was a moose which was AWESOME. We were 25 yards away from her on the hiking path.

Gorgeous view from the 10420 peak. It was very windy though, so we didn't stay long. We did the anti-clock loop. The path from the pass (parking lot) to the peak is not very long but VERY STEEP!

This is a wonderful hike! Gorgeous views and variety. Take it counterclockwise from Silver Lake Rec center (hitting Twin Lakes before Lake Solitude). The first half of the trail was crowded on a late Saturday afternoon, but the second half was empty.

Note: as you’re coming down after Lake Solitude, be careful to stay on the trail. You’ll be walking down an access road and see another small lake ahead of you. As soon as you see it, take the (mostly unmarked) small cutoff to the left. We walked an extra half mile down the road before realizing we had left the trail.

The views at the top are fantastic. It wasn't too difficult because of many flat parts which allow you to catch your breath while hiking. Fine hike for most everyone.

Very awesome hike. Spectacular views the whole way through looking out over the mountain range in all directions. I definitely recommend doing this hike counter clock-wise, as there is a pretty steep area this would be best to climb up instead of down. You’ll come across a few mountain bikers at the beginning and end of the hike near where you park. The hike overall is not too heavily trafficked.

So fun for dogs

2 months ago

very fun to do at sunset !

Fantastic views, mostly easy except one sharp climb if you start from the East. I would not recommend going down that hill so the trail is better done counter clock wise.

great hike, loved it. wish I brought a floating device and swim clothes.

Great trail. Amazing views. Appropriately rated as moderate. Could be difficult for kids at certain points if you go all the way to Sunset Peak. Saw a moose, lots of chipmunks and a marmot.

Amazing views and beautiful forests. I’m a slower hiker and there are some parts which were more rugged than I expected but it was so worth it. Keep your eyes and ears open for mountain bikers.

I LOVED THIS HIKE!!!! Definitely would recommend. we went at sunset then hiked down in the dark. super easy hike if you are a regular hiker! super sandy once you reach the saddle. AMAZING VIEW at the top!!! short and sweet hike! go at sunset definitely

a great intermediate hike. amazing wildfowers and last time there was a bull moose feeding on the edge of lake solitude.

3 months ago

The hike from Silver Lake to Lake Solitude is super easy. We arrived at Lake Solitude at dusk, and it was gorgeous. It then gets much steeper as it winds along a road. The view of Twin Lakes from the top is AMAZING! Coming down to Twin Lakes from up top is quite steep and narrow. Then beware of a large section of loose little rocks on the way back down to Silver Lake from Twin Lakes - worth it for amazing views (especially from one little spot off to the side of the trail).

Did this hike this morning and it took me 1 hour to lake and then 40 minutes back to the parking lot. Both lakes are beautiful! The trail wasn’t clearly marked in some areas and there were a lot of forks in the trail so many times throughout this hike I luckily had service and pulled up this app to check if I was going the right way. I would have done this faster had I not gotten lost when I got to the peak on the trail. All sides were rocky and it wasn’t clear at all where to go. I must have taken the wrong path but the view up there was amazing. You could see 4 lakes down below.

So if you’re wanting to do this trail, when you get to the parking lot and see the trails, go right up the mountain. If you just want to go to blood lake, take the left trail.

Absolutely beautiful! The wildflowers were abundant, lakes amazing, and a huge bull moose was out grazing near the trail.

This was a great hike, accurately described as moderate use. The wildflowers are starting to explode now.

This loop is impossible to find just plan to do this as an out and back. I have never been lost on a trail and I couldn’t find the down section after pioneer peak to save my life. Ended up hiking over 11 miles after giving up and doing it out and back. Sunset peak is great and the whole hike is beautiful with wild flowers and lakes.

Today was beautiful! Went at 8 am on a Sunday, parking was okay, full but we found a spot in the lot. When we left at 1pm the police were ticketing parked cars up and down the street that were over the white lines.

The hike was beautiful!! It was a steep challenging hike but fabulously worth it. Even went swimming in Lake Lackawaxen, which was awesome. the hike could have been done faster but we had sone people not used to hiking and took many breaks and a big break to take a swim.

Also, there were tonz of dogs on this hike.

TAKE BUG SPRAY. MOSQUITOS ARE HORRIBLE. We borrowed some from someone on our way.

This hike down to Bloods Lake used to be one of our absolute favorites, especially to take the dogs swimming. It was serene and beautiful and lightly trafficked. But now the place has become completely overrun with partying teenagers. If you’re looking for loud music, kids screaming on rope swings, an incessant flow of hikers in flip flops and swimsuits and no peace and quiet this is your place! Went there last weekend to show some visiting friends the trail and couldn’t even find a place to park at the top. You know it’s gotten bad when the forest district put Porta potty‘s at the head of the trail. Maybe need to continue on to Lakawaxen and other lakes to get away from all the kids. But there are so many other better places to go

Super pretty, a very steep climb to the top! Bring bug repellent in the summer.

This seemed like it would be a great hike, but there were so many mosquitos you could never stop to rest for fear of being eaten alive! They found every place I neglected to spray with bug spray. We went around 6:00 in the evening so maybe it was just the time of day. It would have been a great hike if not for the bugs.

BEWARE OF MOSQUITOES! This trail is beautiful. Very easy walk to get to a stunning lake. The last part is down hill and a little steep so wear good shoes and watch your ankles. Also be sure to bring bug spray or you WILL be eaten alive (maybe that’s why it’s called bloods lake

Lots of trails/service roads in the area, numerous routes to these destinations.

Did this hike yesterday and had a blast! Beautiful views. If you do the full loop, the first part is pretty steep, but the view from the top is worth it! Will definitely do this hike again!

Nice views especially Lake Catherine

Small Lake in a nice setting.

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