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Beautiful hike!!

I ran this trail in the rain, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The trail is moderately steep in areas, but it’s not too steep. It’s wonderful. If you’re considering this trail, definitely do it! :)

The heavy crowds don't distract from this beautiful trail. It start steep, shaded by big pines, followed by scrub oak. There are several bridged stream crossings and much of the trail is shaded. I nearly always see wildlife from deer to snakes and even the occasional moose. The trail is multi-use so expect to share the trail! Hikers, bikers, horses and motorcycles are all allowed. To get away from the crowds continue past the big rock to Rudy's Flat. There is room for camping and few venture this far. I usually mountain bike the trail but often hike with the kids, camp at Ruby's and snowshoe in the winter.

16 days ago

There are two trails here apparently . One that goes above the parking lot and one that goes below into the canyon. We did the latter. Great family friendly trail. You will cross a couple creeks and rivers but there are bridges over the creeks and the river is currently still calm enough to walk through. Beautiful trees everywhere and lots of shade . There are a couple steep hills.

16 days ago

Great review below that says it all. once was enough. Made a loop by hiking the Kenny creek trail

25 days ago

Very difficult and seldom used hike. Starting point is at the far South-East end of Mueller Park so you will have a bit of a walk to get to the trail depending on where you park. I started recording when the pavement ended. First 0.4 mile is a dirt road, then the trail started. Until you hit the campsite I marked the trail wasn't overly difficult to follow. Every time I started to wonder if I was still on the trail I was able to find a plastic tie trail marker.
You have to cross the creek 13 times, in addition to crossing and using the tributaries (mud) as a trail often. There is also a section that is in and out of the creek and may get dangerous depending on the season. I was able to slowly pick my way through this section without getting too wet, but you should assume you will get wet on this hike.
The trail was pretty overgrown at times but once you pass the campsite it was closer to bushwhacking. Even with pants my shins are bruised from pushing through. I eventually turned back once I hit a large snow field that was deeper than I cared to work through and I had been having trouble locating the ties as well. The trail should continue about 1.5 more miles. I think I had gotten further but noticed my GPS stopped advancing at 2.75 miles.
I would recommend turning back at the campsite for about 5 miles RT.

I love hiking the Cave Peak trail up by Bountiful Utah, and making my way up to Elephant Rock where you'll find an amazing view of the scenery, trails, hill sides, and mountains you just hiked! Its a shorter hike only about 10 miles all together but along the way you'll meet amazing people who share the same flare of traveling that so many of us do. The scenery along the was is amazing, filled with lots of places to take pictures, and videos. One of my favorite places along the way is this clearing at a bend in the trail where the trees cover the sky almost completely but leave enough space for this beautiful lighting from the sun to come through, the ground is littered with small bushes, leaves, and these moss covered logs stacked up against each other to make a shape resembling tepees, when you come to this clearing its like you've entered another realm and really goes to show you can find beauty everywhere. This trail isn't widely known about, accept to the locals who live in Bountiful Utah, but it is my favorite trail because not only is it a good hike but short enough to bring along the family, but because every time I go i bring back a new experience, one of a magical nature!

Amazing trail.

Had a blast !! Great trail! Sunny day!

Very pleasant hike! The slope is pretty gentle all the way to Elehpant Rock. There was quite a bit of fresh now on the ground on 3-18 but the trail was easy without the need for microspikes.

I snowshoe and hike this trail all year long...it’s usually pretty crowded and sometimes tough for mountain bikes to squeeze past the hikers. That said, I love the location, the ease of parking and getting right on the trail and the scenery. Elephant Rock isn’t the best reward after a long hike but it’s a great workout.

2 months ago

Great trail! We have an issue finding trails where my pup can come that aren’t an hour out. So this was a great beautiful local hike for us that we’ll do many more times! It doesn’t have a super clear ending. But we joked about 6 Miles total. Going back and forth with the creek was great. We went with a little melting snow, I’d imagine spring and fall are beautiful!

Decent place to walk a dog or take in views of Bountiful McMansions. The destination is a medium sized boulder with a view of the oil refinery. Also busy. Mountain bikers year round.

Other than the weekend crowds this is a wonderful trail!

The trailhead for Holbrook Canyon is across the street from the Bountiful Temple. While there is no spectacular destination at the end of the trail and it is very similar to many other canyon trails along the Wasatch Front, it is a very enjoyable hike. This trail has many stream crossings, many of which have small bridges and the rest are possible to cross without getting wet as long as you can balance on rocks or logs. There are several sections of the trail that are wet and muddy. The trees provide shade most of the way. The hike does have many short steep climbs and at times there are some steep slopes that fall away from the trail and go down to the river with no railings. Near the top of the trail bushes have grown over parts of the trail. Pants are of benefit if you want to do the last half mile of the trail. The trail peters out after about 3 miles. Some of the best things about this trail is there are lots of nice places to camp. I noticed about 4 spots with tent sites and fire pits and saw several others that would work as well. There are also deer in the canyon. I saw about 6 near the top of the canyon. There are several large rock sections that would be fun to climb around on and explore. The river is very relaxing and beautiful and only makes the camping sites even better.

mountain biking
6 months ago

The map is way off for the actual BST you ride through Parrish Canyon which is probably the only highlight of riding. Very nice singletrack to ride, but the trail can be dull at times. There is a section where I have to walk my bike, it is very sandy and steep.

Great views, but busy. Don’t go Tuesday mornings around 6am or you’ll run into about 45 high school kids from several local mountain biking clubs on the trail.

Really nice hike. Lots of people and lots of mountain bikers though.

Still a pretty trail. Heavy use though. Don't expect to be alone. 6 cars when we got there 30+ when we left.

7 months ago

Fall! What a wonderful season to hike this Trail. Mid-hike (about the waterfall,) the canyon narrows, trail was icy making river fords (log and rock crossings) much more tricky, and I would say the most technical part of the trail. Definitely less traveled and more overgrown from "the falls" on up to "pipeline path," but still very evident and passable, with the canyon opening back up and making travel eaiser, but still muddy in spots. AFTER "pipeline path," trail obviously continues eastward, higher up canyon on (south side of creek,) but CONSIDERABLY more overgrown, so I turned back.

7 months ago

Great hike by the little creek. Second half of the trail is a little over grown and muddy. But still pretty awesome trail!

Very beautiful !

loved this hike. It wasn't super hard but beautiful. It does get a little technical when there's a lot of water, but totally worth it. not a bad hike.

Little crowded lots of bikers but boy what a beautiful trail!

7 months ago

Tons of horse dung; I passed a group of 10 horses while hiking today. Had to stop at 3 miles due to overgrowth but the trail should continue at least one more mile to a waterfall/pool according to the Davis County Trail Map.

Beautiful, easy hike up to the Elephant Rock. Will see many bikers, dogs. gradual incline entire way.

Good moderate hike with a little climb at the end. Great for a jog

This is my favorite hike in Northern Utah. I love how you're walking a long a creek the whole time. It is very hard to get lost. In the 20+ times I have hiked it, I have yet to see a snake.

Excellent trail with some good shady spots. But watch out for snakes, I ran into three of them on my last hike.

Nice hike with my kids and pup. No snow yet on the trails.

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