Interesting trail. Quite easy and popular until you head straight up the peak. It’s quite the scramble with some loose rock at the beginning. Views are pretty good at the top with lots of places to branch out. Came across a moose on the back side.

Beautiful trail and views. Ran into lots of people and bikes. Quite a bit of shade. Would do again on a less busy day

5/25/24 Great running trail. Wide footpath, packed dirt... Until you turn and head up to the peak. The trail to the pig heads straight for it. No switchbacks on this one. I was able to run all the way down from the peak. Felt amazing.

over grown
1 day ago

Started at 7:15am on a Sunday and didn't see anyone else on the trail until we got back to the trailhead. The trail was varying levels of wet with thick and slippery mud in some parts as well as some horse poop. There was a fair amount of overgrowth, and pants were helpful. We hit snow after about a mile, but it was light and crusty until around the cabin. After the cabin, the snow covered a lot of the trail, making it hard to follow. The trail also turned into a stream bed for a little while. Our original goal was to loop down to Mill Creek via the Great Western Trail. The sharp left turnoff to head toward the ridge was an overgrown, snow-covered trench that did not appear to be a trail on first sight. We completely missed it and found ourselves halfway down the right-hand fork that goes toward Willey Hollow Creek. That trail provides an overlook with lovely views of the valley and the Salt Lake. We decided to double back and save the loop for another day. Oh, and of course. Green. Meadows. Wildflowers. Lush lower mountains. Snow-capped higher mountains.

Easy hike with a small incline the whole way up. Slightly crowded trail. But amazing flowers and gorgeous views. Pups loved it. Watch for bikers.

The dog and I loved this hike! The wildflowers were beautiful. I got to the trailhead about 8:30 and only ran into about 10 people on the way up. Much more on the way down. I would say this a pretty easy hike, considering it’s rated moderate. Very doable.

My daughter and I loved this trail. Beautiful views, full of shade which is good on summertime. Dog friendly.

2 days ago

Excellent hike. Plenty of shade, lovely smells and views. Got pretty busy closer to noon, but great trail if you have a pup.

2 days ago

The trail was great. As others have said, lots of bikers, but it really isn’t too much of an issue as the trail is pretty wide the whole way up. There isn’t much to see other than one or two really cool views of the canyon, but those are well worth it.

Great hike today. We saw two wild turkeys, I think they were and deer. Trail was pretty empty as the conditions were rainy and muddy. Lots of mountain bikers.

Didn’t make it far due to whiny child. But it was beautiful and I hiked this my whole youth. Highly recommend!

4 days ago

Great hike! Trail follows the creek. Parked below pay booth and hiked up about 2.7 miles. Lots of shade. Trail a bit overgrown in spots but not bad. Crossed the creek 4 times; all on log bridges. Couple of those crossings were a bit dicey, but all very doable. Check out or hike at #oldmenhiking

Decent views for a moderate trail without too much incline. Rock is fun to climb out on.

One of my favorite trails! Great for the pups too.

Finally hiked all the way to Elephant Rock. It rained for about an hour or so while I was going up, but the trail is so packed down that it hardly gets muddy, so that's a plus. Very green this time of year, and a ton of wildflowers. There's a beautiful field full of false sunflowers about a half hour or so up. Was pretty quiet on the way down, as I was up there in the evening, so I saw a lot of birds and deer.

on Holbrook Canyon Trail

off trail
over grown
7 days ago

Super bushwhacky, especially the second half. Watch out for ticks and rattle snakes. Saw some really pretty butterflies. Lots of water crossings that you will get your feet wet in.

Went on this trail for the first time and the scenery is beautiful! It’s a long way to go but so beautiful!

9 days ago

Absolutely beautiful! This is a amazing trail that follows the creek up to the mountain. About 6 miles up their is an old mine from the 1920s! However the path crosses the creek often and the bridges require dexterity to cross. Massive amounts of wildlife but it is a hard hike! Backpacked 1 night about 2.5 up and will return soon

A beautiful walk up for a mile and a half. Cool breezes and cover from the sun. However it’s a gravel road, and a fair bit of traffic up and down. It’s wide and easy enough for younger children.

Really nice hike with lots of green views and wildflowers. The trail is mostly shaded and very pleasant to walk along. It is narrow with a decent amount of mountain bikers, which makes it tricky to share.

10 days ago

This trail is by far my favorite

This trail is good. It was my first trail with bike. So, I loved it. Mostly shade.

The first 2.5 miles, there are about 7 water crossings. Some conveniently have foot bridges, but often times you have to carefully navigate along branches and rocks to cross. We were prepared with trekking poles (for balancing) so our feet never got wet! I imagine in another few weeks this won't be as much of an issue. We ended up only having enough time to go 2.5 miles out but the last mile was our favorite by far.... deep canyon, cool air, no crossings and greenery everywhere. 90% shaded. We definitely will go back to finish this hike when we have enough time. It took us 1h40m out and back 5 miles but we jogged a little bit coming down.

My sister introduced me to this trail and it never disappoints. Today it was so green with beautiful flowers everywhere! As she stated below, the crowds made it hard to social distance, but we did our best.

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