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It was hot going but the water was cold. Was a great hike.

Did this on 25Jul18. (5th time I've done this) Waited out a thunderstorm and the trail had puddles in some spots. A portion of the trail close to the falls was washed out and there are a couple of rocks to hop on in the river, to get across. Also falls were fuller than I've ever seen them. Roaring, really. Amazing as always hike.

22 days ago

Trail is relatively easy with very little elevation gain, but be prepared for sandy trails. Can be very hot and sunny at midday. Falls are gorgeous and a great place for a wade to cool down!

Awesome well worth it

Hiked July 9th. Yep, the sand was a butt-kicker, and the 102F heat didn't help matters with very little shade on the trail. That said, highly recommended trail. It turned out to be 6 miles round trip. Payoff at the end is so worth it. Plenty of space at the falls to lay on a towel. The pool at the falls started to shade around 1pm, and by 2:30 was fully shaded.

Loved this hike. It feels long when it's got in the summer, there's not a lot of shade. The places we found shade were really humid. This was a pretty easy hike. There is hiking through some sand and up rocks, but it wasn't bad. Definitely bring yourself a lot of water if you are planning on going in the summer, without cloud cover. If you bring kids, there are frequent access spots to the creek so they can cool off. There are fun places for them to explore and climb around on.
At marker 8, there are pictographs- when you see the bench.
So worth it once you finally get to the end of the trail- the waterfall is beautiful, water is cold. Kids can play/slide on the rocks to the right. The water is deep enough to swim in closer to the falls. Feels long, but it's definitely worth it!

Go in the late afternoon to walk in the shade, and enjoy the colors. We went after 6pm. Amazing!!! We went the weekend after 4th of July and the temp was nice. Still hot, but the shade was great! BRING CASH!!!! $5 PARKING FEE IN CASH! Honor system.

Like others have said : don't do this without a GPS! It was a great hike and the ashtray was worth the scrambling and exposure. It's also a good hike to do during monsoon season because there aren't any slot canyons to get caught in and the few washes along the way are easily avoidable.

Wundeful hike, but someone seems to have destroyed the cairns on the first part of the trail!!!
We started at 8 am and had the trail nearly for ourselves.

NO SHADE. While only 6 miles and 500ft of gain, it makes you work for every inch. Sandy paths and jagged rocks.

But totally worth it. Take a lunch. Sit by the falls. The pond is deep enough I couldn’t stand up and I’m nearly 6fy.

1 month ago

Started at 9 am it took us 3 hours rt. Sandy trail which made the hike a little harder. Well worth the prize at the end of. the trail. What an amazing waterfall.

All I can say is amazing!!

I first hiked here in college with a group of friends about 12 years ago in 100+ degree weather. The falls were even more beautiful this week than I remembered them. The trail was harder than I remembered it. The sand makes it tough to walk and even a 85 degree day is still tough to hike in here. Stop often, bring as much water as you can carry, bring food, a towel to wet in the steam along the way to keep cool, and enjoy the hike. Check out the petroglyphs at marker 8.

This hike is well worth going to the falls. Started later in the early evening around 5:30pm ended around 8:20pm, the trail was 80% shade, which caused us to chase the light. The sand is tough, just allow time to go slow and steady. We saw a snake and wild turkey. My daughter (17) and myself (late 30s) did fine, but we had over 16L of water and almost finished it all. Please bring more than you think you need of water.

Absolutely stunning trail! It was about 3 miles up/down. The sand made it a little more difficult. There were definitely spots where the sun was beaming and there were some folks that took just one bottle of water, NOT RECOMMENDED!! I went with 2 friends and there were some spots were we had to take some breaks. The waterfalls at the end is breathtaking, as the temperature went down a nice 10-15 degrees and felt amazing. Not a lot of bugs due to the heat, which was nice. There were some areas were you hear animals moving in the brush, but they were just little lizards scurrying around.

Fabulous , great flow over falls . Very refreshing after a mid 90 degree hike. Nicely marked to show petroglyphs along trail . Many species of birds at trails end . GPS showed it was 3.5 miles each way .
Nice large beach area at base of falls , there were 20 others @ falls and it didn’t feel crowded.. One of our favorite hikes in the area, fabulous scenery!

3-4 stars, can’t give more as this trail is poorly marked with cairns only occasionally placed. Toward the end of the trail you can take fork right to a small swim hole, the top of the falls, or veer left for the bottom of the falls . Small area to enter falls but we were lucky to have it to ourselves . Very hot trail, very little shade, hike early & bring more water than you think you’ll need. Very low flow and nothing compared to Lower Calf Creek Falls trail .

We took our 5 year old and or 2.5 year old. It was very steep, but or 5 year old did the whole climb! we had to carry our 2.5 year old 1/2 way down, and all the way up. The waterfall was smaller than lower calf creek, but the trail was not very busy at all (on memorial day weekend). It can be hard to follow the trail at time. Sometimes we'd choose a way and were confirmed with a tower of rocks a little ways down the path we chose. The waterfall was still really cool, and it was fun to jump into the very deep pool right below the fall. The water is very cold though, so be warned. We also saw a fish in the pool.

As others have said, fairly flat, but the sand makes it more challenging. Falls are beautiful, but WOW is that water cold! Hiking early and late is much preferred, as with most everything here, because there is very little shade on the trail. We had a great time!

Amazing six mile walk. There is restrooms at the beginning. It's not steep, just the sand makes the hike a little complicated. Where shoes that don't let the sand get in. The view is great and the falls at end is the prize

1 month ago

Great drive which opens up to a lot of trail heads of which all are worth doing. For a quick stop do singing canyon for a neat treat.

The most beautiful waterfall hike I’ve been on! Take a picnic, swim suit and stay a while. It’s a hot hike so take a ton of water. Not hard at all but the deep sand is a bit tricky. Word of caution is if you take your dog make sure they have booties. We ended up carrying our dog out most of the way. The sand burnt his paws. Otherwise one of the best views.

scenic driving
1 month ago

We needed a break after a tough hike the day before in GSE so we decided to drive the Burr Trail. I was absolutely shocked by how beautiful this road was. We took it from Boulder to Peekaboo Arch. I would have loved to continue all the way to Powell.

Beautiful hike. Loved being down in the gulch and the waterfall was beyond amazing. We started around 9 to 9:30 and got to the falls about 10:45 and left at 1. It was very hot the day we went and we ran out of water early on our way back which was horrible. Bring tons of water!!!

Fairly easy trail, gradual up and down elevation as opposed to straight up. The cool river bed area was over run with silk worms and caterpillars. It should be beautiful in the next few weeks when the butterflies come out. Gorgeous waterfall! But wow, the water was cold!!

Amazing hike with amazing reward.

Amazing hike. Family loved it. Water was cold and refreshing. Packed in lunch and a blanket. The sand is a little slow but just keep chugging. Worth every second of family time and hike time. Bring more water than you think you need.

We did this hike starting at 3 p.m. on a hot day in June. The first 40 minutes required stops for water breaks, but then the canyon provides shade for the rest until the falls, which are amazing! We stayed for an hour at the water with only 5-15 other people around. It felt like the falls belonged to just us. Being later in the day, the hike back was completely in the shade. It's a must if you're doing Staircase!

Awesome hike! Wasn't crowded but was definitely really hot in the summer. Bring lots of water.

The most amazing hike and the falls at the end were absolutely breathtaking! We started early around 915 AM and it was perfect- we saw a lot of people starting their hike when we were on our way out and it was getting pretty hot. It took us 3 hrs round trip, including our 30-45 min break swimming in the falls. Fairly flat hike, but the sand can sometimes make it seem more strenuous. Dog friendly which I love, and plenty of river openings along the way for them to wade into. By far one of my most favorite hikes I have ever done!

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