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We enjoyed this trail. Wonderful view at the end and a distant petroglyph in the middle.

Nice relaxing hike to the falls. Stayed cool the entire time, falls were beautiful. Not as pretty now that all the leaves have fallen from the trees.

Great easy hike for the family.
Deer In the valley and fish in the creek!
Great color on the walls with the afternoon sun.

Hiked on 11/3/18. This was an amazing trail that was 6.5 miles according to my girlfriend’s Garmin watch. It took us right under 3 hours while taking breaks at the nature guide spots. (Nature guide is found in brown sign in box 10/10 recommended picking one up as it points out many cool things). This hike was beautiful the entire way and had to stop many times just to take in the view. It was a very comfortable hike -warm in the sun, cool and refreshing in the shade (which there was a lot of). This all sand trail was easy to walk and came to a beautiful waterfall. Walk to the far right side of the waterfall to gaze at the hanging gardens, if you look closely you can see where the water is seeping from the rocks/ hanging gardens.

While in this region we combined Devils Garden (down Hole in the Rock Road - just drive down the road and can explore Devils Garden for as long as you want - we took 30 minutes there), and Grosvenor Arch (in Cannonville which is on the way to Calf Creek if coming from Kanab. Took 30 minutes to drive to off of the main road and 25 to explore - you can drive up to it)

A rather easy hike to a very nice waterfall. There is also some Anasazi artwork along the way if you look out for it. There is a $5 fee to hike the trail, but it is worth the price. Good food can be found in nearby Boulder!

perfect day for a perfect hike!!!!

This was a great hike , in the canyon along the brook reasonably flat , and ending with a spectacular waterfall. My wife and I waked this in and out with breaks for a total of 4 hours . We are both in good shape and I am 71 years old.
On the hike we saw deer , brook trout and what looked like mountain cat foot prints. This was a nice change from some of the more serious up hikes we had been doing

Lovely 1/4-1/2 day hike! We got caught in the rain on and off but had ponchos so no biggie. The falls are beautiful and the hanging gardens within them are really neat. Hiking shoes made it a pretty easy hike. No poles necessary IMO. Just take plenty of water and a snack!

Not even a hike, so short. Definitely worth 5 extra minutes or so, more time if you have it. It’s unmarked and there’s no phone service out there so just make sure you know where to go or you’ll drive right on past, it’s not visible from the road.

waterfall beautiful nice hike but beginning of trail not marked well. More cairns (cement caires like other trails) at start would make easier to do.

Very nice hike with beautiful waterfall at the end!

Great hike. Beautiful scenery. Nice payoff at the end. Great for all ages. Some elevation changes but nothing too crazy.

Moderate difficulty with a great view to see at the end!

I didn’t start hiking until 11:00 AM on a day that hit 100 degrees. My saving grace was that I soaked my cotton shirt with water from a sink in the restroom at the beginning and did that twice more along the hike. I did have to pay attention to where the trail went close to the river along the way. There are points of interest that are marked by numbers but the best one was the petroglyphs on the opposite side of the canyon.

Needless to say the hike was definitely worth it when my son and I arrived at the waterfall. We stayed there for 4 hours and built a sand castle. I regretted not bringing my light weight hammock since there is a great spot in the sand and trees next to the pool.

This is one of my favorite spots on this planet to hike to. We stayed at the Falls long enough that we were mostly in shade on the decent (hard to call it a decent since there is so much up and down in the sand). Also, there were trout in the pool at the bottom of the falls. It made me wish I took my fishing gear.

Great hike but you do need a GPS. We did not descend into the ashtray as there was no place to tie off the rope. We went in at a slightly higher level. No one else around

Beautiful! I went in July midday and wasn’t prepared for how hot the sand was and how hot I would be. It’s difficult hiking 5 miles in sand. Thankfully I stuck with it and was able to cool off in the waterfall. So worth it in the end but pretty miserable for the beginning. There was more shade on my hike back. Some people had dogs with them and I just felt so bad for those puppies.

Just beautiful!

1 month ago

Nice short walk into a slot canyon, the walls really glow when wet. try to get somebody to sing at the flat rock at the end of the slot.

Dogs are not required to be on leash.

9/29/18 - This is a fairly popular hike... it was hard to find a place to park at the trailhead. A $5 fee per vehicle is required to be paid. It is a bit more strenuous than the elevation profile might let on. The mostly sandy trail adds significantly to the effort required, especially in the heat of the day. There is also a lot of up and down that wore on me after a while. Quite a few hikers, including my wife and I, treated it more casually than we should have, in terms of water that we packed in. Even for a relatively-cool September day (low 80s), each person needs at least 1.5-2 L of water. That was what we had total, and had to ration it going back... that made the trip less fun overall, and I felt a little unwell when it was all done. Sand accumulation was a big problem for my wife and her running shoes. It wasn’t so much for me, as I had shoes better suited for walking and hiking. We had to stop about every half mile to empty sand out of her shoes.

Warnings aside, the waterfall is definitely worth the trip. Very picturesque. It was taller than I expected it to be, and the pool is clear and COLD (almost painfully so, especially after a hot, sandy hike) at the base of the falls. The pool has a smooth, sandy bottom that is easy to walk in barefoot. The pool itself is surrounded by quite a few trees and tall-ish cliffs, which combined with the cooling effect from the water spray coming from the falls, makes it a welcome respite from the heat of the trail, which is more exposed.

It was a great hike. It was a little bit long for carrying a baby on my back and my 4 year old got tired pretty quick, but the falls were really spectacular. The water was really cold, as expected, but the kids still had a lot of fun. There are some great views on this hike.

1 month ago

Great hike. Awesome scenery.

The overlook trailhead begins at the end of a 4x4 trail. We made it easily in a Jeep with off road tires. We saw another group make it in just a Hyundai Santa Fe. The hike from the end of the jeep trail is only about a half mile to the overlook. The view is outstanding! You can see the length of the waterpocket fold for miles in both directions. The rock formations along the way are also fantastic.

The falls are definitely worth it but take the time to enjoy the rest of the hike as well. Very large and visual pictographs, exceptional rock formations and clusters of plant life not often seen in the desert. It is a busy trail but late in the day it was very manageable.

I took this hike in the middle July, which made the arrival to the falls well worth the hike. The trail is mostly sandy and rocky. The sand can get hot towards the middle of the day, but people hike in sandals and chacos nonetheless. Consider getting booties for your dog, and have something to carry their feces in (unfortunate but courteous), a mason jar typically works. There isn’t a substantial amount of elevation change either during the hike. Upon arriving to the falls, it is very much an oasis, with plenty shade from trees. The water is very cold, as it should be. It’s fun swimming as close to the falls as possible too. During the hike back, I encountered some light rain, so be rain ready too. Be sure to check out the upper calf creek trail if you can. As far as traffic goes, be sure to arrive as early as possible if you want to have good parking. During the time I went, the crowd was small enough for everyone to swim and play around. I’d estimate 50 or so other hikers at the falls. The weather at the time was about high 90s during the day, and lower 70s at night. Be sure to take lots of water too.

Decent hike, but very strenuous on the way back up. Looking down from the top of the falls was breathtaking. Also saw a few fish in the little swimming hole. Only rating it a 3/5 because most of the hike was fairly desolate. Was a great workout though!

2 months ago

Beautiful little stop on the Burr Trail Road. I got down on one knee and proposed to the love of my life just inside. It was perfect.

Awesome hike. Easy trail. Bring at least 2 liters of water and definitely jump in the water. It’s like an ice bath, but you gotta do it lol . I tracked it at a little over 6 miles.

Straight down for a mile, means straight up for a mile. Prepare for that. There is zero shade, so time of day should be considered. Trail is not marked well, so download this map before your trip. The falls are pretty. Go about another 100 feet past Upper Falls to the swimming hole with an awesome little waterfall.

the falls are beautiful. the hike is predominantly in sand which made the experience slow going.

Exceptional beauty relative to the geology and flora. The falls are gorgeous and offer a great respite on a hot day. Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic in the shade. Another wonderful Utah experience.

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