Easy hike to a nice slot canyon. Sand wasn't too deep or soft to make it more difficult yet. The canyon gets quite narrow for a short distance.

5 months ago

Beautiful. The Upper Muley Twist has a little bit of everything that makes Capitol Reef special: steep canyons, slots, arches, sweeping sandstone formations. Panoramic views of the Strike Valley and snow-capped Henry Mts. Incredible. Beware though, the trail as marked on the app here is wrong in the most important part: the transition from rim to canyon, or vice versa. Lots of false cairns and footprints on dead end spurs can lead you astray. No cell service, recommend downloading the map here before you go. We had a backup map that saved us when we lost the trail. On the top part of the canyon route, the transition to the rim route, stay to the west on the slick rock instead of the trail as marked here and you’ll have an easier time. The slot is fun to explore when you get down.

7 months ago

As the description suggests, did this one way as the opening section of the Boulder Mail Trail - an exhilarating day and a half five star trek for sure. The four star rating is a hat tip to loop and ptp’s as being one better. The trailhead is easy to find with Google maps Boulder Mail Trail Trailhead

8 months ago

An amazing trip and a challenge for my first-ever backcountry hike. The Post Cutoff Trail is the biggest challenge; we took the trail counterclockwise and started there. Take the NPS warning at face value; the "exposure" here is both environmental - no protection at all - and technical. A good bit of the 500-foot climb from the trailhead is across the slickrock face of the hillside. More than a few pucker-moments there, and I would not want to do it in wet weather. Once in the canyon, it's an honest "moderate," walking over everything from loose rocks to dusty washes, with some small scrambles over and around rockfalls. We hiked 14 miles to the southern end and found an elevated campsite under an overhang for good shelter and a nice, though restricted, view of the amazing night sky. We finished the southern leg, decided to not to turn south to Hamburger Hills, and proceeded north in the Grand Gulch. Weather was perfect and bone dry, with only a few muddy pools not appropriate for use except in an emergency, so unless there has been recent rain, take plenty of water!

We did this hike a couple days ago. It was beautiful! The trail is marked correctly. The lakes didn’t seem to be marked properly. Chris lake was not on the map. That made it a bit confusing. There are cows and lots of deer in the area. There were lots of very thirsty mosquitoes. I would recommend covering up. Over all the trail was great! Lots of great views!

no shade
10 months ago

This is an amazing canyon and despite the terrible gnats and flies, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We backpacked in late in the day on 6/24/19 and got as far as the beginning of the canyon and camped there, then day hiked the next day and hiked out on 6/25. That was a good plan as there was no shade hiking up the 1,000 ft elevation gain and I cannot imagine doing that in the middle of the day with the hot sun. We only hiked as far as maybe 3/4 way down the main canyon and didn’t get to the Narrows as our teenage son was complaining about the heat. There were a few potholes with water, one had probably over 1,000 gallons and is right by a nice campsite about 1/2 way down the canyon. Canyon walls and the big grottos were truly amazing. Loved this hike!

Nice Museum and walk through old indian ruins. Nicely done

10 months ago

Yes the Death Hollow reputation for poison ivy is alive and well. Miles of poison ivy sometimes five feet tall that can't be avoided. To get through long pants, long sleeve shirts and gloves are a must. One of out party also wore a bandana to cover their face. I wide brim hat also helps the taller poison ivy from touching the face. Wading through the water helped keep cool. The canyon is beautiful and well worth the effort to get through the poison ivy.

Both Muley Twist hikes combine for the best of what Capitol Reef has to offer, but Lower gets the nod for me due to the number of gorgeous alcoves. The Post trail over the Fold was a fun challenge. Must pack all of your water.

It's not really a hike, but a really nice museum, and well worth the money. $5 a person, $10 for a family. I loved looking at the excavated home in the back, and all the information they provided with it.

Hiked the trail yesterday, May 22, 2018, saw no one the entire day. Beautiful in and out. if it's sunny, I would bring lots of sunscreen and a hat, not much shade.

Awsome hike and quite the workout. Incredible views of the water pocket fold. Follow the cairns it's easy to lose the trail on the way down from the rim. I went counter clockwise on the loop and I'm glad that I did.

Sat Mar 30 2019

Mon Mar 18 2019

Started at the TH just East of Escalante (by the cemetery). About a 9 mile hike (3 hours) to Death Hollow through the Escalante River Canyon. Only clean water to filter from was available once you get to Death Hollow. The Escalante River is very silty and exposed to local cattle use. No poison ivy or annoying insects encountered in late March.

A very good trail for a moderate backpacking trip. I went with one other person and we found a great spot to camp in one of the side canyons. we had the entire canyon to ourselves all Saturday, did not see anyone else. there was no water so our packs were fairly heavy, which made the initial climb from the post trailhead fairly strenuous, but easy going once in the canyon. very steep walls with huge alcoves formed by water cutting, super beautiful. No bugs, bring sunscreen. Do the route counterclockwise, the highlights are all within the canyon. Overall the trip is very manageable for more beginner backpackers such as ourselves. Highly recommend!

Sat Jun 02 2018

It was a challenge for me. I went backpacking for a weekend and it was hard but worth it. I was amazed with the many different views sand.. The weather changed from sun to cloudy, rain, and sunny again. At night the sky was covered with stars. Take a lot of water or a filter.

Sun May 20 2018

This hike was awesome, however it was a little challenging for me as a fairly new hiker. Most of the challenge for us was a later (1:30 pm) start and due to some off-trail exploration, we were pushed for time to finish the trail before sundown. Overall the trail was well-marked with cairns although we did lose the trail for about 15 minutes on the ascent. There was some scrambling up to the top but it really wasn’t that bad. I’d recommend an earlier start so you can fully enjoy the hike unless you’re a super fast hiker! Great views at the top!

Thu Apr 05 2018

Quiet trail that ends up in a breathtaking box canyon.

Wed Mar 14 2018

Here are some details I think you should know about this hike. The drive from Torrey to the trail head takes about 90 minutes and is faster coming from the east side up the Burr trail switchbacks. It took a lot longer on the west side. The 4WD road from to turn off to the trail head was fun. I had a Tahoe and didn't scrape, but anything lower in clearance would have had a problem. The walk in the wash is kind of a sludge. Nothing special, the cool aspect of this hike is looking up at the rock formations. You wont' see rock formations like this on any other hike in Utah. As far as the 'scary' parts...specifically the climb out of the wash, just have good traction and make every step secure. I never felt nervous, my youngest (10) had no problem. There are plenty of cairns, just pay attention to them and you'll have no problem staying on the trail. Between cairns, footprints and a map, you'll be fine. I thoroughly enjoyed the hike, but have been on better ones in Zion, Arches, Escalante.

Tue Jan 09 2018

Why, oh WHY is noone talking about how dangerous this trail is? With a 30 pound pack on, I was legitimately scared and decided to turn back, for two reasons: (1) According to my GPS map, there is a large variance in distance and elevation between where the trail should be, and where I was, to the point where I thought the cairns were for a different trail, and (2) the sheer drops in the slickrock and cliffs, mixed with sometimes loose rocks that you're depending on for hand and foot holds, made for a very dangerous experience especially with a pack on. Location wise, I went clockwise at the split, and decided to turn around at pretty much the northern most point. I thought if the trail DID continue, I couldn't see how it would get past the cliffs to the east of me since they were SHEER cliffs, so at that point I decided to turn around. I'd recommend having a buddy to tether to, it's that nerve-wracking. To get my point across, I'm not a scardy-cat but I do have my limits (I've ridden my track-bike around Daytona International Raceway at 184mph, dragging a knee around corners, but I felt this trail was way more dangerous than that.

This isn’t a hike at all. Cool little museum but really not much to see here. The full Pueblo is a replica but there are some ruins that are cool to see and think about. $5 entrance fee per person and comes with Passport stamp station for the state park and Escalante Grand Staircase which you may want to make the stop for.

Fri Dec 22 2017

nice little museum, free wifi, good place to hang on the grass and ask locals about the area, unlisted trails, etc. awesome little town. now with food trucks.

Fri Dec 22 2017

trail as shown is just the first leg of what's generally done as a one or two overnight with car shuttle, starting by parking near the Boulder Airstrip, hiking cross country to Death Hollow, then hiking down to the Escalante River, back to UT12, and shuttling back to the trailhead trailhead can be somewhat difficult to find - go to 37°53'23.14"N 111°27'33.20"W near Boulder, off UT12 on the way to Hell's Backbone, turn onto the suspicious looking dirt road, pass the wrecked plane used as a marker http://www.panoramio.com/photo/7139466 and cross the airstrip (watch for incoming planes, almost non-existent) at 37°53'5.64"N 111°27'48.44"W, then continue to trailhead at 37°53'3.16"N 111°27'52.14"W this trail is not for the faint of heart, and is widely known for poison ivy

Tue Nov 14 2017

We did this as a one night backpacking trip, but could definitely be explored in a day hike or longer trip if you wanted. In November we only saw two other people the entire time we were out there. It's not marked very well, so be prepared with maps, compasses, etc. If you don't have a 4-wheel drive vehicle you will have to park farther out.

Mon Jul 31 2017

I could not find it!!! Can the developers of this app please add exact location description of each trailhead. I made a turn from scenic 12 bypass into road 154 but could not find the trail. Sorry if my rating messes up an otherwise amazing hiking trail:( I was here on July 30th, 2017. Maybe some reviewers can help with exact location where the trail starts

Tue Jun 06 2017

The rim portion provides some amazing views of the folds in the earth. Will need high clearance to get to the actual trailhead which makes thr actual hike about 9 miles. Doable as a day hike even if you are doing all 15 miles.

Sun Apr 23 2017

beautiful and colrful short canyon stroll. No major obstacles.. Be Warned we found a mountain lion in his den.

Tue Apr 18 2017

Amazing little hike. It feels like three hikes in one. You get to hike out across the flats, then through the narrow slot canyon, and then in the wider canyon filled with trees and water pools. Mileage recorded on phone was .3 longer than the trail guide indicated but I didn't mind. In the spring this hike is perfect, and the last 2/3 would be nice in the summer. But the first 1/3 across the flats would be scorching hot. This hike was easy, relatively flat, and just gorgeous. The narrow slot canyon was awesome! Look for lizards! This is my new favorite small hike in the park.

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