on Ballroom Ruins

1 month ago

Absolutely wonderful hike. There are actually at least 7 sets of ruins in this canyon, the most impressive of which (at least in my opinion) require taking a trail into a side canyon. There is a really excellent description of the canyon and how to find most of the ruins here: http://www.hikingwalking.com/index.php/destinations/ut/ut_se/blanding/upper_butler/upper_butler_detail.

There is no signage for the trailhead -- in fact, the parking is just before a big sign warning people speeding along Hwy 95 that the turnoff for the Butler Wash Ruins Viewpoint is coming up in 0.2 miles. Once you park, though, it will be obvious where the trail starts after passing through the fencing. The trail through the canyon is very easy to follow, but finding and following the side trails might be a little tricky. The canyon itself is very lush, full of trees and grass. Even without the amazing ruins, it would be a great hike. I went a little under 2 miles to the very end of the canyon, stopping to explore all of the ruins along the way. Some of them are not reachable, at least by me, and of course, you should be careful not to disturb anything when you are able to get close. I didn't see another person the entire time I was on the trail.