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I would say it’s more like 3 miles but so worth it! Kids loved looking in the ruins and I loved the history!

Just off hwy 95 and first intersection of Butler wash. Its a 10 minute stop, poorly marked. The tracks were minor but tracks are always interesting.

20 days ago

Nice ruins, to many trampling over it. Hold it sacred and stay back a little. It seemed further back from the road than I thought. Don't give up to soon. Its a good climb when you get there.

Few more pictographs past the campground.

Short flat easy hike back to the ruin along a creek bed. Partially shaded along the way which is a plus in the hot summer sun. The ruin is picturesque but not real large. It is worth the visit.

So delightful indeed! easy hike with the treat of the house on fire ruins.

This is a 9.6 mile hike. It was super fun. It took us 6 hours to complete with a small rest at every single bridge plus all 3 petroglyphs. This trail is extremely well marked for not being maintained. We had so much fun but I would not recommend doing this
In the middle of summer. We went in late April and I thought the weather was perfect, any hotter and I think it would be too much. There are 3 petroglyphs along the trail. The first is on the trail and super hard to miss, the second is slightly off the second bridge, and third is hidden away. If you are walking from Kachina Bridge/Second Bridget to Owachomo/Third Bridge you will see a big Rock to your right on top of the canyon and this will signal where the petroglyphs roughly are. When making a curve you’ll see a large dead tree and this is when you should look up or you’ll miss them. We would have missed them if not for some other helpful hikers that told us to be on the look out. Regardless it was a fantastic hike and if you are in well enough shape and have the time should give it a try.

2 months ago

You can do this loop starting and ending at any of the trailheads in Natural Bridges National Monument, but I chose to park at Owachomo (so I wouldn't have to drive the whole monument scenic loop at the end). I went clockwise, which meant that I did have to climb up the steep exit from the canyon at Sipapu and then walk the 2.2 miles across the mesa at the end. That was OK, but I suspect it might be easier to do it in the counterclockwise direction and come up at Owachomo. On the other hand, I think I would rather climb up the ladders at Sipapu than climb down them. In any case, this was a great hike, with spectacular scenery. I saw only two other people on the trail the whole loop. The trail is very well marked in some places, and in other places, not so much. It was especially confusing after going under Katchina bridge, where it was not immediately obvious which was the right canyon to go down, but all in all, I never felt lost for more than a couple of minutes.

This hike is very easy but so enjoyable. The footing is like walking in a dry creek bed and about a mile up the trail is house on fire. The walk itself is serene, quiet, a calm hum. The trail is flanked by yellow juniper, ponderosa pine, sage and manzanita. It’s mellow enough that your exhausted irritated teenage daughter will manage without too much complaining. I LOVED this hike!

Cool. Just have to look around a bit for the tracks.

6 months ago

Visitors have the choice of seeing the bridge from the overlook or walking down into the canyon to see it from below. I have a recording of our walk. The recording has two branches. The right branch takes you to the overlook which is flat and I believe, paved. The left branch will take you down into the canyon. First you walk down some steps and it starts out steep, then it levels out when you walk around this huge mushroom looking boulder (that's the boulder you stand on top for the overlook), then the trail will take a switch back and go down a steep decline. We did not go any further as since it was winter, the trail was a bit slippery and icy. From this switchback where you are bascially standing under the overlook, we took another photo from this lower vantage point. See my recording for photos.

Easy hike and great photo ops of several ruins. Hiked mid December, dry, sunny and daytime temps in the low 50s. Little or no people, awesome.

6 months ago

Hiked mid December. No rain, temps from the mid 20s to low 50s and dry. Frozen streams easily crossed. Due to shorter daylight hours, impending snow storm and time exploring exquisite Junctions Ruins, we hiked only as far as the junction. Beautiful canyon. We’ll return to hike and explore further.

Fun! We were able to find three ruins in 3 miles (one way) but I’m sure there are more! Just keep looking up.

Park at Owachomo Bridge parking lot and take the loop trail north, across the top of the Mesa. Doing it in the opposite direction is going to make it "unpleasant", as the park ranger put it. She's right.

We hiked the loop trail in early November. Bring water. Took about 5 hours. We did lots of stopping and staring.

The trail is pretty well marked. Down in the canyon it's warmer and very sandy. You go through a lot of underbrush.

On the whole, very rewarding hike with some amazing scenery.

A great hike with kids. It was a little muddy with a lot of clay, but maybe nothing to worry about unless it's monsoon season.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

(*This trail is actually marked to short on this map, the bridge is twice as far as shown on here, so don't believe the distance or the elevation #'s You have to hike down to where the trail crosses the streams, that's where the Bridge is). Another cool trail, very steep, In the sun all day, gets VERY hot, also has a ladder or two, stairs, not for the out of shapers!

Somewhat easy trail up Mule Canyon, following a small creek or wash (depending on when you go) Great photo op, can go farther down the canyon to other ruins if your wish & have the time

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nice hike to cool bridge

24 days ago

2 months ago

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