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What a hike! The views are amazing and the thrill of conquering all the uphill switchbacks and then the final half mile ascent is so rewarding. Crowded, yes, but everyone lends a hand and a “you can do it”. Met sooo many great people. No litter at all. So cool to share the awe and exhilaration with others. Windy at the top. I am 65 and fearful of heights but I DID IT!

We brought our own waders to go in the river, and we had no issues with the cold water. However, our feet were a bit sore when we were done. Would have been nice to have the water hiking shoes like the ones they rent out. Beautiful views, and when we started as the sun was rising there was no one else on the trail yet.

Road there was a bit rough, but well worth it. We were the only ones there when we went. Spent a few hours along the trail, and got some amazing photos to remember our hike!

We went about an hour and a half before sunset, and we had the falls all to ourselves when we got there. Long, but easy hike there and back. It got dark on our way back, and the view of the stars was spectacular. Not a light to be seen but the moon and stars. Would love to go back someday and camp. Beautiful sites right along the creek.

We took our family of 5, and my husband walking with a Flexleg due to an injury and it was beautiful. Family/leg disability friendly.

I’m curious as to who enters these trails and writes the descriptions. . . This particular trail is an incredibly wonderful canyoneering route that I would give 5 stars if it were categorized/described correctly. However, it is not a ‘hike’ - if requires knowledge of the route and canyoneering equipment (there are 2 full rappels on the route and at least one spot where a handline is highly desirable), as well as a permit (as do all climbing and canyoneering activities within the park). Beautiful, amazing views, a wonderful trip, but not a hike and definitely not a ‘moderate’ outing.

Pretty good views and definitely a must do if you come to Zion...however, do not attempt after doing angels landing

11 hours ago

Hardest hike I’ve ever done but the view at the top was absolutely breath taking. Absolutely stunning. This is now my favorite hike I’ve ever done. Just amazing.

Absolutely awesome hike. Glad we did the entire hike. We went counter-clockwise and we were glad we did. Not very many people on the primitive trail. Make sure you have good shoes with good grip because you do have to do some scrambling. The views were spectacular and going the direction we did, we were able to avoid a lot of the crowds.

Rent the gear!!!! It is well worth the money if you want to get past 2 steps in the river. The views are spectacular and so different than other hikes. Be prepared for extremely slippery rocks underneath you that you can’t see. Start early!!!! Beat the crowds. We went in march and took the first 7:00am shuttle.

This is the scariest but most rewarding hike we have done yet. Warning - this is not for those who have a fear of heights at all. There are many steep uphill switchbacks before you even get to the scary part. Be prepared for very narrow, windy passes with drop offs on both sides of you. However, the views at the top are spectacular and make it worth it. Watch the weather and avoid going if there is a chance of rain. It makes the trail more dangerous and slippery. It happened to start raining on our way down and even hailed. I would definitely do this hike again. Well worth it.

Absolutely beautiful! This was the first hike I've done at Zion and I would definitely do it again. The switchbacks were tiring, but the views were worth it. Hiking this trail felt like going through various landscapes.

off road driving
15 hours ago

We did this in one day and highly recommend in the future splitting this over 2 days. It took us 12 hrs. The views are amazing. Not for the faint of heart and highly recommend being prepared for any scenario. It’s very remote no cell service for most of the trail and very little traffic. Can’t wait to go back and do it again!

This was hands down one of the hardest hikes I’ve done. Went in early March, was cold and wore water suits. The hike just goes on and one from warm temps to seeing snow on trees to seeing leaves to the rock scramble back to the car. Pure hell. BUT. When you enter the Subway it’s just pure magical. Bring lots of water.

Great hike! did it by myself on a weekday and there;s nobody around. one star less because the central part that parallel with the bike trail is kinda boring. Very accessible slot canyon and so much diversity of rocks!

20 hours ago

Amazing view from the top but if you are afraid of heights then this trail may not be right for you. The last half mile you will need to hang on the steel chains and carefully watch your steps, the path is very narrow and steep, but once you got to the top, the breathtaking views are well worthy!!

20 hours ago


Beautiful way to explore Bryce Canyon in a half day! Wall Street was closed when we went, but the rest of Figure 8 was a wonder to behold! Felt like walking through a Dr. Seuss book. Didn’t find it particularly strenuous, but there’s a little elevation. Super fun to do in the snow!

21 hours ago

Beautiful trail! Mostly walking through wash and rocks. can get tricky in some areas, but fairly smooth going. went with my daughter and she enjoyed climbing while I was fine reading on a rock and watching... so definitely something for all skill levels.

My first offroad drive.
Both breathtaking and safe at the same time.
A Must go!

Hiked it this morning 3/15/2018 maybe 10-15 people total until the hike back down. Started at 6 from the museum up to the top and back down to the museum by 11. This hike is not for those afraid of heights and is very fulfilling. I had major knee surgery last June and was able to do this hike with little to no pain even with all the hills, switchback and climbing involved.

Might be the easier way, but it was worth it. We actually got dropped off at this trail so that we could hike down to weeping rock. Sure it might be the “cheater” way, but it guaranteed that we were the first ones up there at sun rise and we didn’t have to burn out our thighs on the climb up. Even if you don’t want to pay to be dropped off, and out and back hike is still worth it. I didn’t find this trail boring. It was an empty trail through beautiful terrain. Sure it doesn’t have all the sweeping views of Zion Valley, but observation point gives you those. There’s also other canyons you can see from this trail.

If it has snowed recently, it might be necessary to have traction devices, and the road to the trail head is rough. You’ll need a 4x4.

1 day ago

Such a good trail. First half has a few switchbacks with some elevations gain but the bridge is amazing. We went around 8:30 AM on a Thursday and we only saw about four people. Would highly recommend.

fun hike !!!

conquered it on 10/21/17.. Epic hike.. amazing.. words can't describe how beautiful it is up there.

This hike is actually just an optional side trail off the white rock loop trail. My husband and I walked it on March 10 as part of the longer trail. The sign from the White Rock Loop says that the Beacon is another .4 miles up a dirt trail, but it didn't even seem that long.

As we climbed, we could see one lonesome, chill bison hanging out on the top of the hill near the beacon. It was neat to explore these structures for a few minutes, and the view was spectacular from the top! You can see basically the entire Wasatch Front. There was even a little picnic table where we set our packs down and took a break for a minute.

As part of the White Rock Loop trail, this makes a great little addition!

My husband and I hiked this trail on Saturday March 10. It was a sunny 50 degrees... we regretted not bringing sunscreen!

On the day we went, there was actually a race event going on, so for the first 15 minutes, we were cheering on runners as we passed them on the trail.

The initial ascent was moderate, but not too grueling, and the rest of the way was more level. We saw one herd of about 100 bison.... very cool to see. The views of the lake and the Wasatch Front were beautiful. We took the optional short side route to the beacon. Pretty neat to see, and good view up there. The backside of the trail was more tedious, with fewer spectacular views.

Trail has no shade, so be prepared! Overall a nice, unique hike!

Great hike with spectacular views at the end. This was one of the easiest hikes we did in the Big 5, there is an uphill section and a few large steps up but very accessible. I would consider this an easy hike or a moderate walk.

Excellent hike back in time!

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