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American Fork, Utah Map
19 hours ago

The views are as good as it gets! We hiked on Labor Day, so lots of hikers and dogs. Not terribly strenuous and only took a few hours. The water at the lake above was cold and refreshing to swim in. I’ll definitely hike again with my dog.

is nice place

3 days ago

Went on this trail last Friday and really enjoyed it!!! the lake was beautiful at the end of the hike and was perfect to relax at before heading down. the view was amazing and hoping to get back at it soon.

went up the trail 1.5 miles up and came back due to time. the fall leaves are definitely coming out and seeing quite a bit of color on the trail.

Okay, I’m from Missouri and this hike was quite the challenge for someone not from Utah. The views were breathtaking, the lake was serene and totally worth it & refreshing. Going up is a challenge as it’s rocky as you get closer to the top, and it requires a lot of leg strength. We took numerous breaks but eventually made it. It took us an hour and thirteen minutes to get down but about 2 hours to get up. The road up to the trailhead was a bit scary as you’re right along the edge but just take it slow.
Views: 5 stars
Trail difficulty: strenuous
Road up to trail: rocky&bumpy&steep

Better than I even expected! The leaves are starting to change.

Such a good hike to a beautiful, well worth view. Our pup enjoyed the walk and being able to freshen up in the streams along the way.

This hike was amazing! The only part I didn’t live was the three mile drive on a horrible dirt road to get to the trail head. Hike itself was great. Steeper in spots than we expected and pretty rocky, but the lake at the top is so serene and a perfect reward after the hike. We saw a moose in a grove of aspens not twenty-five feet from us. So cool!

Beautiful !!!!

22 days ago

Hiked up to Silver Lake for the first time this morning with my Malamute puppy, Jack. What a beautiful hike and gorgeous lake!! Absolutely loved it.

Lots of friendly hikers on the trail and hikers with dogs. Great spot to take in some stellar views. Loved that there were several streams along the trail where my dog could get some water and cool down.

Took the fishing pole and caught some small brookies in the quick hour that I was there. Best of all, saw a big bull moose just 25 yards of the trail on the way back down.

Highly recommend this hike!

22 days ago

Beautiful hike. Quite a few dogs, which is good. Be mindful that not all dogs are on leads, which can cause some issues if other dogs (like mine) are not very social.

Saw ground squirrels, chuckars, and a bull moose grazing.

The trail isn’t well manicured, and pretty rocky in several spots. Not too many loose rocks, so strong footholds. Downhill wasn’t as bad as most considering the elevation profile.


This hike was long and the drive to the hike was long. However, the lake at the top was amazing and refreshing after tat hike up. I think this is a little more than moderate but worth doing.

26 days ago

Amazing views and awesome lake at the top! Will do it again for sure!

1 month ago

This hike was amaze-inggg! It was a little harder than I thought it would be, but that might be because I went in the afternoon on a hot day. I loved the views, the water crossing and the lake at the end (definitely went swimming). I took my dog and his feet got hot in the darker dust, we had to take a lot of breaks and I carried him for a bit. I keep dreaming about it and plan to do it again!

1 month ago

fun hike, gorgeous lake and pretty flowers

pretty lake!!

Fantastic hike, well worth the effort to get there. Took my 2 kids (10 & 14) and though they were tired going up, the lake was their favorite! Would definitely do this hike again. Make sure you bring 3+ liters of water! So many people on the trail today ran out while still high up. One gentleman was completely out of water on the upper switchbacks and nearly fell off a steep incline right in front of us! We were able to grab him in time, sit him down, give him some water, electrolytes and a fruit bar, and he was apparently okay, but they had no food and he looked to be in serious shock. Though a relatively short hike, it’s hot and strenuous at times. Loved it!

I love this hike. So beautiful and a great escape from the heat. Amazing views and the best reward; silver lake.

1 month ago

Got an early start to this hike (around 7-8) and it was a little chilly. The first 1/3 of the hike is in a beautiful aspen forest. Couldn’t get enough of the foliage! The hike then opens up and you’re able to see some beautiful views of the back of timpanogos. After a short steep section to the top, we were rewarded with a view of the amazing lake. It was around 9 at that point but the lake was warm enough that I took a quick swim. Beautiful clear lake! As we descended it got really crowded so I suggest if you want to have this lake to yourself come early.
All in all one of my favorite hikes out there.

Wonderful trail! The lake is crystal-clear. If you want to avoid crowds, go early in the morning.


Great hike! Be sure to bring lots of water, and if you're going to bring your dog, pack them lots of water too if it's hot. About half way up the tree cover is very sparse and it can get hot in the summer.

Amazing hike! This is definitely one of our favorite.

1 month ago

Not a bad hike. About 1.75 miles up from the main trailhead. Took me roughly 30 min to the lake with a mixture of trail running and hiking. I would give this hike a 4* if it weren’t for the road access. I would rather hike to a lake that has only one way to it...foot. Also, the total ascent was only 886 from the trailhead. Total time 1:03. Oh and there was a dead horse on the trail.

The hike from silver lake up to silver glance is pretty steep in some areas and it bites! But definitely worth the extra distance to get away from crowds and have lunch.

1 month ago

Hiked this last weekend and it was hot! After the first 1/4 mile, the trail is pretty exposed so try to hike early! The dirt road to get to the parking lot is pretty rough if you have a passenger car. The hike itself is fairly easy.. however, if you choose to hike up to silver glance lake from silver lake.. it climbs 800 feet in 3/4 of a mile so it does take it out of you! Otherwise very pretty and a lot of places to relax around the lake.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike that gets surprisingly hard towards the top. Just be prepared it gets steep the last .5 Miles. Just for that I think it may deserve a Hard rating. The rest is Moderate and pretty shaded overall.

1 month ago

Went on this hike during heat of the day. Thankfully there are water crossings about 5 times spread out along the hike so the pup could take a cold sip and dip. The views are incredible.

1 month ago

Very beautiful hike with amazing views of the many trees and surrounding mountains this time of year. Also, the lake at the end is very rewarding. Pace yourself, bring plenty of water and maybe some snacks. Overall a very pleasant hike.

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