11 months ago

I followed the trail pretty much exactly as shown. I wanted to climp Wilson peak on day 2, but it got stormy. I completed the loop in 2.5 days (2 nights). I camped at farmers lake on the first night and at tungsten lake on the second. The trail is pretty much flat most of the way, but when it gets steep it gets VERY steep. The trail is flooded in some places and VERY hard to follow in others; especially in the northern sections. Even with the cairns everywhere. I was glad for my GPS. There are trees over the trail by the dozens mostly in the southern sections. There are places to camp along almost every section of the trail. There are lots of rivers to ford that are just under knee deep. I would recommend fording sandals if you want to keep your shoes and socks dry. I did it bare foot and it was very painful. There are lots of biting flies and mosquitoes so wear deet. This trail really gives you the feeling that you are off the grid. The country and landscape are breathtaking.