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21 days ago

We camped at Five-Point Lake the first night of a backpacking trip to King's Peak. The terrain was rocky with a good mix of open meadows and trees. We had streams and ponds the entire way. Mosquitoes got worse the higher we went. I heard a few bighting flies but none of us were ever bit by one. We all had good bug spray with DEET and still got mosquito bites. Tracked elevation gain was not a good measure of the steepness because there were significant gains and drops in elevation throughout the hike.
We stored our food and packs away from our tents because we had seen bear sign. Something did get into our trash during the night. We had curious deer wander through our camp multiple times. There was one other group camped at the lake that we could see. We passed two groups on the trail, a scout group who had summited King's Peak and a family group who was just camping and fishing all the stellar lakes.

Go clockwise. The Yellowstone side is more gradual, prettier, and has water. The trail maps aren’t very accurate. It was closer to 28 miles.

This trail will test you from the get go and does so all the way to Deer Lake. From Deer Lake it's pretty easy going to Farmers Lake. Stayed my final night at White Miller Lake. Damn good campsite there!

Well the trail was difficult. but the Lakes were great. Definitely take big spray. I never got bit, but if they attack your be bloodless in seconds. The lake was gorgeous. I'd definitely recommend taking the hike in in two days. Getting out can be done in one (for me, it was 9 hours getting in 4.5 hours getting out). Early July was really nice, only cold at like 6 am, the rest of the time was perfect. Outside of the steep terrain, it was great!

Great for solitude. Full trip report here including my trail map to Farmer's Lake. http://www.girlonahike.com/2017/07/backpacking-to-farmers-lake-uintas.html

4 months ago

Great fishing! The trail is not very obvious for the last 2 miles. Having this app was very helpful.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

I followed the trail pretty much exactly as shown. I wanted to climp Wilson peak on day 2, but it got stormy. I completed the loop in 2.5 days (2 nights). I camped at farmers lake on the first night and at tungsten lake on the second. The trail is pretty much flat most of the way, but when it gets steep it gets VERY steep. The trail is flooded in some places and VERY hard to follow in others; especially in the northern sections. Even with the cairns everywhere. I was glad for my GPS. There are trees over the trail by the dozens mostly in the southern sections. There are places to camp along almost every section of the trail. There are lots of rivers to ford that are just under knee deep. I would recommend fording sandals if you want to keep your shoes and socks dry. I did it bare foot and it was very painful. There are lots of biting flies and mosquitoes so wear deet. This trail really gives you the feeling that you are off the grid. The country and landscape are breathtaking.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Hit this up on a whim. Beautiful river exposures, lakes, and high altitude. Everything you need in a good mountain trip. Only issue is the always present blood suckers in the early months. Bring long sleeves and spray.

i did this trail in july 2016 with 4 freinds. we did about 17 miles in and out. the fishing was amazing. small fish in deer lake and huge trout in farmers lake. we stayed 3 nights 4 days.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I only know this trail from Five Point Lake to the trail-head. This was the last leg of the 4 day loop that started going the the Timothy Lakes Basin, Then to Northstar/Tungston Lakes area then to Five Point Lake. Hiking down was fast and easy because the trail was so good. This was 30 years ago so I don't know if the trail has changed since then. There are many short day hikes to quite a few lakes in the area so spend some time exploring the many lakes.

I started at the Swift Creek trail-head and spent the first night in the Timothy Lakes Basin so I missed a short portion of this trail to Farmers Lake since the trail forks. I hit the trail before the sun came up and stopped at Farmers Lake for breakfast and to enjoy the sunrise, Listened to the birds chirping and loving the solitude. Very beautiful area just south of Kings Peak

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hiked to Timothy Lake the first day and explored all the lakes in the drainage.Its a beautiful basin. Climbed Bluebell pass which was very steep with few switchbacks the next day. Camped the next day at Tungston lake above timberline. Climbed Porcupine Pass and Wilson Peak which had great views of Red Castle Lake then camped at Five Point Lake. Explored Doll and Spider lakes and returned the next day to the trail head. Fun loop

Saturday, August 24, 2013

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