We backpacked in over Labor Day weekend and started late afternoon on Saturday. Even though we started later than most, we had no trouble finding a campsite! Weather was perfect, bugs were totally fine, and the trails were in awesome condition. Next time we visit, we’ll probably set up camp in the trees on your way up to the upper lake. It’s super beautiful and we’ll most likely find more solitude in that direction. You can’t go wrong, though! The fishing was awesome at the upper lake. We didn’t see a lot of trash, either.

Great trail... maps need updating. Around the lower reservoir it follows trail no longer maintained, and the new trail is not marked on all trails.

9 months ago

It was a great hike. It rained multiple times during our 2 day hike but it only lasted a few minutes each time. Great views and great spots to camp!

Awesome experience. A couple of us climbed up red castle and got an awesome view of the lakes from above.

Mon Oct 29 2018

We camped at Five-Point Lake the first night of a backpacking trip to King's Peak. The terrain was rocky with a good mix of open meadows and trees. We had streams and ponds the entire way. Mosquitoes got worse the higher we went. I heard a few bighting flies but none of us were ever bit by one. We all had good bug spray with DEET and still got mosquito bites. Tracked elevation gain was not a good measure of the steepness because there were significant gains and drops in elevation throughout the hike. We stored our food and packs away from our tents because we had seen bear sign. Something did get into our trash during the night. We had curious deer wander through our camp multiple times. There was one other group camped at the lake that we could see. We passed two groups on the trail, a scout group who had summited King's Peak and a family group who was just camping and fishing all the stellar lakes.

Go clockwise. The Yellowstone side is more gradual, prettier, and has water. The trail maps aren’t very accurate. It was closer to 28 miles.

This trail will test you from the get go and does so all the way to Deer Lake. From Deer Lake it's pretty easy going to Farmers Lake. Stayed my final night at White Miller Lake. Damn good campsite there!

Mon Jul 23 2018

Beautiful lake, fairly easy trail, and secluded because it is a dedicated trail to a single lake. While the seclusion is great, it also creates an underpopulated fishery since it does not get stocked often enough with fish. Love the scenery though!

Well the trail was difficult. but the Lakes were great. Definitely take big spray. I never got bit, but if they would attack you'd be bloodless in seconds. The lake was gorgeous. I'd definitely recommend taking the hike in in two days. Getting out can be done in one (for me, it was 9 hours getting in 4.5 hours getting out). Early July was really nice, only cold at like 6 am, the rest of the time was perfect. Outside of the steep terrain, it was great!

Great for solitude. Full trip report here including my trail map to Farmer's Lake. http://www.girlonahike.com/2017/07/backpacking-to-farmers-lake-uintas.html

Tue Jul 10 2018

Great fishing! The trail is not very obvious for the last 2 miles. Having this app was very helpful.

Perfect this time of year. Beautiful everywhere!

It’s a short trail. Lake can be reached in about an hour. There are some parts of the trail that disappear but is usually marked by cairns in those spots. There aren’t too many spots for camping but your best bet for a spot would be along the west side of the lake. Fun little day hike though.

You have to go to the upper lake! It might be hard to motivate yourself after already hiking 10 miles, but it’s so worth it. The layers in the rock and the view you get of the valley are spectacular, and the upper lake itself is more scenic than the lower one.

Done in 3 days one fishing day wonderful fathers and sons trip

Hiked this last year in 2016. Had about 4 rivers to cross a couple of which we had to make our own bridge which took an hour or so. It would be wise if backpacking, to have a light pair of water shoes and save yourself the trouble. We camped below the lakes due to NO trail going up to them. We did day hikes up to the lakes which wasn't too bad with day packs, albeit steep and bushwacking. Fishing was decent and you are lucky to see ANYONE else. normbagley@gmail.com

i did this trail in july 2016 with 4 freinds. we did about 17 miles in and out. the fishing was amazing. small fish in deer lake and huge trout in farmers lake. we stayed 3 nights 4 days.

Sat May 24 2014

I only know this trail from Five Point Lake to the trail-head. This was the last leg of the 4 day loop that started going the the Timothy Lakes Basin, Then to Northstar/Tungston Lakes area then to Five Point Lake. Hiking down was fast and easy because the trail was so good. This was 30 years ago so I don't know if the trail has changed since then. There are many short day hikes to quite a few lakes in the area so spend some time exploring the many lakes.

I started at the Swift Creek trail-head and spent the first night in the Timothy Lakes Basin so I missed a short portion of this trail to Farmers Lake since the trail forks. I hit the trail before the sun came up and stopped at Farmers Lake for breakfast and to enjoy the sunrise, Listened to the birds chirping and loving the solitude. Very beautiful area just south of Kings Peak

Thu Dec 26 2013

For a Short-Day or 2-Day hike this is great! The trail isn't too dangerous, it's nice and steep for just part of the way, then it tapers to a nice incline (going in). We really pushed and made great time. The three of us saw no one else along the way, the entire time we were there. The trail sometimes gets lost among the meadows it crosses, but if you look, the markers are clearly there. Our camp was about 1/2 mile away from the lake, which was perfect. There were small fish in the lake, not really a great fishing spot. We could see timberline and spent some time exploring, laying out in the sun and enjoying the quiet beauty around us. The lake is pretty small, in fact, we contemplated going all the way around it! It's got a ton of springs/runoff running into the lake, which makes it pretty cold. Soaking your smelly, hiker-feet is a must!

Fri Sep 13 2013

Hiked up this trail as part of a 32 mile loop trail where we connected this trail with the Highline trail and returned to the same trailhead using the East Fork Blacks Fork Trail. The trail was very muddy with lots of puddles but this was after a couple of days of rain. While there were a lot of boggy areas to cross the trail should be much dryer if it hasn't rained for a couple of days. There were four river crossings that were made more difficult because of the lots of rain over a couple of days which caused the river overflow its banks in places. In lower water the crossing should be much easier but still be prepared to use rocks, trees or wading to get across. Much of the trail had tree blazes or rock cairns but one of the larger cairns half way up led us off the trail up to an old cabin and corral which turned out be a great side trip. The upper part of the trail is above timberline and leads to Squaw Pass on the Crest of the Uinta's. The view of Little East Fork Black Fork and Oweep Basin is outstanding and worth the effort.

Tue Aug 27 2013

easy fun for the family

Sat Aug 24 2013

Access to multiple trails

Great area to backpack. Red Castle Mountain at sunset is amazing

Sun Aug 30 1987

I've hiked this trail in it's entirety but on two separate trips. From Henry's Fork to Anderson Pass on one trip and the entire Highline trail on another. Beautiful area. The trail gets had to follow at times in the Upper Lake Fork area. Needed to use the AllTrails app to keep on track.

Wed Jul 02 1975

I hiked this trails many years ago as an alternate route to Red Castle Lake. Great views because it follow a much higher route

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