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Great hike, small amount of challenge and long enough that you feel accomplished at the end, but short enough that you can fit it into your day very easily.
Views are gorgeous, and it's high up enough that you feel removed from it all.

Hiked to all the sister lakes. Great hike and very beautiful.

3 days ago

Pretty beautiful; enjoyed it. Great hike for a date with someone who isn’t that outdoorsy.

This was a beautiful hike but you now have to pay 6 dollars to park at the base of the hike or walk 2.2 miles to get to the hike.

Amazing hike! We went to the west of Cecret lake and up Sugarloaf. A bit less steep

Really nice hike. It is steep going up Sugarloaf. Going up Mt Baldy was steep and had to climb over some boulders. Going down the north side of Baldy was really steep. I was glad I had my trekking poles. Beautiful hike with awesome views. I had to use my AllTrails app to keep me on the trail after leaving Cecret Lake.

Great hike but I wouldn't have labeled it as easy. Towards the end of the hike it became a challenge. The last part of the trail to get to the lake is steep and involves switchbacks. To me pretty strenuous but the result of it is very rewarding.

12 days ago

Hate they make you pay now. But this trail is family friendly with some information. It's always nice and cool especially with a breeze.

14 days ago

My family hiked from the Albion Basin trailhead because it was too crowded to park at the campground trailhead. They were only letting in one car for every car that left with no estimate on wait time. That was OK with us, we enjoyed the longer hike, but the kids got a little tired.

This trail was pretty crowded, and while I'm glad lots of people were enjoying the hike, I was unhappy with the lack of "trail etiquette." People on the way down refused to yield the right of way to those climbing. I was even cussed out by some people behind me because I kept yielding to people coming up as we descended. People were also "wading" in Cecret Lake which is strictly prohibited.

We saw a couple of young moose and their mother on the trail through the meadow area under the ski lifts. That experience made the entire trip well worthwhile. The kids were thrilled!

15 days ago

Great trail overall. Most of it can be considered easy. However, it is important to note that the final tenth of a mile or so is quite rigorous with switchbacks. The payoff is just at the top of the hill though. For this who are not accustomed to walking at higher elevation and/or engaging in regular exercise, the last 10th is quite challenging.

Also, there is NO shuttle bus. You can buy lift tickets at Albion base (ample parking). It is FREE to ride the lift DOWN, but not up.

Great hike! I did this one a few weeks ago and it was super easy and had beautiful views. We got there shortly after sunrise. Will definitely do this again and even take my kids with me next time.

16 days ago

Fun hike but I wouldn’t say it’s easy. More moderate. I hike a lot and it’s a good little climb.

trail running
23 days ago

I thought it was a relatively easy trail and very nice reward at the end. Very popular and crowded trail. Would recommend for beginners

24 days ago

This has been my favorite hike in the SLC area so far!!!!!

Beautiful wild flowers, though here are definitely less as this point in the season. The lake is fun too. If the ski lift is running, you can take it down the mountain for free! Busy hike

30 days ago

Hiked this in August with a healing ankle sprain. Fairly easy with beautiful views. Highly recommended.

Great hike!

Challenging but worth it.

I loved this hike!! It was great for me and my boys!! It was a good length and a mix of flat and a little steep!

1 month ago

Grandkids loved the hike, ages 2-14. Not too bad until the last ¼ mile, it was steep, rocky, switchbacks. Parking was tough on a Friday morning. Beautiful views. While the wildflowers are almost gone, there was still a few to enjoy. Trail is very dusty. We plan on doing this again next year closer to Mid-July.

There are several ways to get here, but the outdoors hiking group I went with started from the bottom and hiked our way up: 5 miles round trip. We started our trail behind Albion Grill and slowly worked our way up. Along the trail, you'll see wildflowers, deer, a hidden restaurant, tons of hikers, stunning green foliage, and be greeted at the end with a lake. I didn't see any moose on the trail, but others have seen them in the past.

If you're not up for hiking 5 miles, you can pay $6.00 to park closer going 1.5 or 3 miles round trip instead.

Pictures doesn't do any justice for Cecret Lake. You actually have to be there and experience the views yourself. Hopefully my pictures show how peaceful this place can be with tons of hikers around! Just gotta find that sweet spot that no one will be around to photobomb your lake!

1 month ago

Awesome little hike to a beautiful alpine lake!

Busy, fairly steep in places. Beautifull hike.

Lake is muddy green brown and there are few flowers. Not worth the $6 to get in here.

trail running
1 month ago

I’ve done this hike twice this summer. Once on an early Sunday and once more the following Wednesday after court for my speeding ticket in the town of Alta. Make sure you slow down as the speed limit changes from 40 to 25.

I parked at the Alta ski resort and hiked from there. You can drive up further to an upper parking lot, which shortens the hike substantially.

This was a great trail run with amazing views and plenty of room to pass others hiking. My total elevation gained was 1,119ft and took me 1:07 a total distance of 4.8 miles.

1 month ago

Was surprised my 3 year old made it to the top. Pretty easy until the last 25% where it gets a bit steep, narrow and scrambled for very young kids. The lake up top reminded me a little of String Lake at the Grand Tetons. Salamanders and chipmunks were another reward.

Beautiful trail for a rookie. Great views and the lake at the end makes to journey worthwhile.

1 month ago


This was a really fun hike. The scenery is excellent with a good mix of open meadows with wildflowers to more dense tree cover. The lake was a great reward at the end and a fun place to relax for a bit. Not the most strenuous hike, but I’m glad we did it.

Be aware: Alta is charging $6 per vehicle to use the road to get to the trail.

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