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7 days ago

Grandkids loved the hike, ages 2-14. Not too bad until the last ¼ mile, it was steep, rocky, switchbacks. Parking was tough on a Friday morning. Beautiful views. While the wildflowers are almost gone, there was still a few to enjoy. Trail is very dusty. We plan on doing this again next year closer to Mid-July.

There are several ways to get here, but the outdoors hiking group I went with started from the bottom and hiked our way up: 5 miles round trip. We started our trail behind Albion Grill and slowly worked our way up. Along the trail, you'll see wildflowers, deer, a hidden restaurant, tons of hikers, stunning green foliage, and be greeted at the end with a lake. I didn't see any moose on the trail, but others have seen them in the past.

If you're not up for hiking 5 miles, you can pay $6.00 to park closer going 1.5 or 3 miles round trip instead.

Pictures doesn't do any justice for Cecret Lake. You actually have to be there and experience the views yourself. Hopefully my pictures show how peaceful this place can be with tons of hikers around! Just gotta find that sweet spot that no one will be around to photobomb your lake!

11 days ago

Awesome little hike to a beautiful alpine lake!

Busy, fairly steep in places. Beautifull hike.

Lake is muddy green brown and there are few flowers. Not worth the $6 to get in here.

trail running
11 days ago

I’ve done this hike twice this summer. Once on an early Sunday and once more the following Wednesday after court for my speeding ticket in the town of Alta. Make sure you slow down as the speed limit changes from 40 to 25.

I parked at the Alta ski resort and hiked from there. You can drive up further to an upper parking lot, which shortens the hike substantially.

This was a great trail run with amazing views and plenty of room to pass others hiking. My total elevation gained was 1,119ft and took me 1:07 a total distance of 4.8 miles.

11 days ago

Was surprised my 3 year old made it to the top. Pretty easy until the last 25% where it gets a bit steep, narrow and scrambled for very young kids. The lake up top reminded me a little of String Lake at the Grand Tetons. Salamanders and chipmunks were another reward.

Beautiful trail for a rookie. Great views and the lake at the end makes to journey worthwhile.

13 days ago


This was a really fun hike. The scenery is excellent with a good mix of open meadows with wildflowers to more dense tree cover. The lake was a great reward at the end and a fun place to relax for a bit. Not the most strenuous hike, but I’m glad we did it.

Be aware: Alta is charging $6 per vehicle to use the road to get to the trail.

so beautiful! great work out

15 days ago

Beautiful hike. Should not be rated as easy. Very steep incline to get to the lake, but it’s worth it.

It was a fun family hour and half. My kids liked it.

Beautiful wild flowers! And saw a badger right off the trail.

There are a lot of badgers

Fantastic 3.5 mile round trip hike, super clear water with great views.

was good

I was glad to find out the steep part does not have a lot of loose rocks. I was super glad I had hiking sticks coming down so I could do the 4 pt system to help me coming down. On the ridgeline when you look to the South that is Pittsburg lake that is up American Fork Canyon east of Tibbme Fork. Great views...not for those afraid of hikes. I did a 360 degree hike for Google moas/Earth. you can check it out on my blog https://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/07/360-hiking-adventure-devils-castle-alta_21.html?m=1 OR going to Google Earth typing in Devil's castle, then click on the little dude, and then click on a blue section of the trail you want to see.

21 days ago

I used to love this hike until it grew in popularity. The ski lifts bringing people practically right to it have ruined it for me. We picked up so much trash. If used to be our tradition to go once a year as it was my little ones first hike, but the traffic jams on the switch backs and the phones ringing while at the lake took away from the peaceful feeling I seek when going to the mountains.
Pick up your trash everyone!

Heavily trafficked is an understatement. The flowers are beautiful. And we saw moose right on the trail.

23 days ago

We are just getting into hiking and this was a great one. We road the lift up to the top and hiked the rest of the way to the lake. It was a perfect day! We even saw a moose on the way down! Very awesome. Weather was perfect.

Beautiful scenery everywhere and tons of side trails that all take you to the lake so you have plenty of options and variety. Most of the hike is easy but it’s a bit steep at the end. Nice little lake even though a bit crowded.

Incredible hike with great views!

NOT EASY! Alltrails lies! Beautiful, though, and totally worth it.

The wildflowers were beautiful. We were able to see deer, moose, and squirrels.

Took us 1' 45" from the base of Sunnyside and Albion chairlifts to the lake and back.

24 days ago

One of my favorite hikes, especially when the wildflowers are in bloom July-Aug. hiked it for sunrise this morning to beat the crowds. It’s even batter when you have it to yourself.

Start your hike from the bottom of the Sunnyside lift. If you drive up the summer road to the actual trailhead you will save yourself about a mile or so of hiking, but you will also miss out on the majority of the wildflowers. Trail is currently clear and dry with the exception of the runoff crossings, definitely crowded so plan ahead if you have small children.

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