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the falls had little to no water and the trail wasn't well posted. have to be careful you don't continue on the timp trail.

Truly breathtaking! Started the trail around noon and got back to the car at 9PM. Moderate incline until the very end, but nothing very difficult - the length is what starts to wear you down. Wildflowers still in bloom and spotted some friendly goats along the way. A must do experience.

Very difficult hike. Took about 7 hours and that was with us trying to go fast. I’m mid 30s and relatively fit, but this hike pushed me to my limit. Trail is challenging to follow and we turned an 11 mile hike into a 12.5 mile because we took a couple wrong turns.

We got to the parking lot at 5:30am and it was full, so make sure to come early if you want a spot. Other than that it was a gorgeous hike! Lots of wild flowers, we saw multiple goats, deer, and even a moose was near the trail as we came around a corner. It took us about 5 hours up and 3 down.

Picked an amazing day to hike timpanogos. Started at 7 am. It was overcast so it stayed cool all day and even rained a bit. I would say this is rated difficult just because of the distance. I think the elevation gain is moderate. It was a gorgeous hike and the wildflowers are spectacular right now. Go soon before you miss them!! Took me 4 hours to get to the saddle, 5 to the summit and five to get back down.(down is always harder for my knees so I take it slow!) I saw the infamous mountain goat mama and baby, chipmunks, and deer. Gorgeous hike and definitely worth going to the very top. There was seriously a party going on up there.

Great workout. Lots of people (several trail runners) on a narrow trail, but everyone was friendly. Watch out for stinging nettle.

The hike itself is absolutely amazing! My brother and I set out to climb the seven major peaks in utah county this year (Nebo, Santaquin, Spanish Fork, Provo, Cascade, Timpanogos, and Lone Peak) This one was the last one that we climbed, and it was by far our favorite! It was definitely one of the more challenging peaks though as the trail is quite steep and fairly long. Make sure to start early and take lots of water! It took us about 8 hours total.

I only have one complaint and that is that, when coming from the Provo side, the driving directions take you to a closed road! Eventually after looking at the topographic map I figured out how to get there: after driving up highland blvd to the top of the hill, I turned into a new development to the east of the road. Once in the new development, I went to the far northeast corner to where the paved road turned into a dead end, but a dirt road continued off of it. If you keep traveling north here it will bring you to a gravel road that brings you through a gate to another trailhead. Keep traveling past this trailhead about another 3/4 of a mile along the road and you will arrive at the Jacobs ladder trailhead.

I hope this helps! It delayed our start by about an hour to figure out, but we were still able to get up before it was too hot, so I’m not mad about it. The trail is very easy to follow until the cirque but even within the cirque it’s not too hard.

Bottom line: the views from the top are very rewarding and well worth the difficulty of getting there.

Pretty steep, but not bad if you hike a lot. Took the turnoff with the black rope, to see the bottom of the falls. Rock climbed, next to the falls, up to the upper falls.

Was an enjoyable few hours with my brother and his 10 year old daughter. She was a champ and handled the hike very well. She also rock climbed up the falls with us.

Packed on the weekends, so if you can do it on a weekday you'll be glad you did.

Scenery is beautiful and it's not a real long hike.

A ton of loose rock on the trail knocks off a star for me - other than that this hike was great. The waterfall is unbelievably cool and it's one of the harder 4-mile hikes around.

If you love Rocky terrain and lots or horse doodoo this is the trail for you. It's a great workout with very little to see when you get to the falls (if you can find it) not much shade and only a couple of trees to sit under. I wouldn't recommend this trail to anyone!

Absolutely stunning views all the way to the peak. I’m relatively fit, and it took 4-4.25 hours to reach the top. If you’re looking for some true adventure, this is definitely one for you. Although the hike is long, it’s certainly worth doing.

The road to the trailhead, which starts at Orson B. Smith Park, is rather long, very rough and rocky. Make sure your vehicle has good ground clearance, as you may bottom out (scrape the ground with the underside of your car, or possibly even get stuck if your ground clearance is really low) in some sections if you’re driving a compact car that’s low to the ground. Trucks and SUVs can handle this quite easily. 4WD is not exactly necessary.

Some sections of the trail are very steep, so I recommend a trekking pole or two.

Bring at least 5-6 half-liter bottles of water (or fewer larger bottles). I saw no source of water anywhere on the trail, so don’t bother packing a filtered drinking straw. I started with 4 and a half 1/2 liter bottles of water, and ran out long before I got back to the trailhead.

At one point, you will be walking across what seems like a large, hilly field of granite rock. There are many cairns which should lead you in the right direction(on your way back down, stay to the left as much as possible as many ill-placed cairns may lead you in the wrong direction). After this, it’s scrambling over large boulders almost all the way to the top.

Watch out for snakes, including rattlesnakes. If it weren’t for a fellow hiker warning me of a rattlesnake on the trail, I would’ve likely stepped right on it since it was rather well hidden in the middle of the trail.

Pack something warmer to wear for when you reach the peak, like a long sleeved shirt or a windbreaker. The wind was quite gusty, and the temperature was in the high 50s, even at noon.

7 days ago

This is one of the hardest trails I’ve done. Jacobs ladder will show you no mercy. Bring lots of water, trekking poles, shoes with good tread and your camera! When you hit the alpine meadow all of the effort is worth it! We were swarmed by butterflies! When you come out of the meadow stay left. Stay left of the gulley and follow that trail. If you go to the right you will have to cross a boulder field to get back on trail. Not sure why there are so many misleading cairns...
The effort is definitely worth the payout!

Fantastic trail. Beautiful, family-friendly while still being a bit of a challenge. Beautiful falls at the end. Can get crowded, but if you go early it's just you and the wilderness! Watch for wild life; I saw a mother moose and 2 calves with her!

What a beautiful hike. It was 8 miles to the summit, took me about 6 hours to reach it. I met another hiker who said it only took him 3 hours. I like to stop a take photos, enjoy the views. 5 miles up the side of the mountain to what I call the Grand Cirque. Great view if Timp and the saddle to the right. Beautiful meadows of wildflowers. And I can see the trail from Aspen Grove crossing the long rock slide/snow field. That’s a much tougher hike. The final climb up from the saddle is like a giant staircase. 40,000 steps total. I’m ready to go again. Go say hi to the goats.

very challenging hike. I clocked it at about 11.2 Miles round-trip. we split it up between two days. We started on a Friday evening and it took us about 3 hours to go about 3.5 miles. we started the trail which is just a little bit up from the parking area. Eventually that trail splits and you want to go to the right. For the most part you should be able to tell where the trail is going. In some areas you need to analyze a little more. then you hit Jacobs ladder aftet about 2 mi. the initial ascent of Jacob's Ladder part is steep and is what took a bulk of the time. It took about 2 hours to climb that one mile with our gear. We camped in the valley and started hiking the next morning. we started with a Trail that was well Marked before entering a rocky area that had cairns all over the place. We decided to continue straight, or the path that was on the right side, as it looked easier only to find it took us to a bolder Field that we had to cross back over which killed our time. I would recommend staying to the left and go up from there. When you get to where you start climbing up pretty steeply and get to the bouldering area just be careful. follow the cairns/ppl. ask for help if needed. it can be a 2 person job at times if you under 6 foot or have shorter legs. We recommend taking gloves with you. take your turn at the top. There are massive drops on three sides of the peak. Be safe.

coming down we noticed the cairns are all over the place but as long as you try to keep on top of some you will make it back down. Please do not create new cairns as I think that's where a lot of the trouble has come from.

don't plan on water sources there during the summer time. with staying overnight we were rationing our water and used all but a few ounces of it. We had about five weeks between the two of us. We were trying to be careful on weight and the weather was about 70 to 80 degrees for us. If you are going in hotter weather I would highly recommend you take at least 3.5 to 4 litres a person. one of the toughest hikes we've done in the Wasatch and Uintas. make sure you are prepared and have the skills for this hike.
we spent about 11 hours total doing this hike (3 hrs day one, 8 hrs day 2-- might have taken us a little longer on day 2 bc we ended up in the bolder field) and that was including our break at the top.
oh, and despite what some people say you will benefit from hiking sticks at various points of this hike.

(note, we did this June 30 and came across a few stagnant puddles, and 1 micro stream on the bouldering side. don't plan on water sources right now)

Great hike. Read previous reviews to follow the 7.7 mike hike and to stay right at the log so it worked out well! Lots of shade. Great for dogs. Proved to be a good workout!

Amazing hike today. The views were amazing. We started at 5am and the parking lot was full. Really hot until we reached higher elevation. A lot of people.

Unbelievable and pretty tough. We took our time and stopped to enjoy some moments along the way. 9 1/2 hours total. Mountain Goats... yes!!!! Mamas with babies. I wasn’t afraid until other “humans” started acting stupid! Getting with in feet of the goats to take selfies, getting between mamas and babies. Completely unaware that by getting close to the goats, they were scaring them and pushing them toward us. Several times during the different encounters I thought someone was going to get charged. I hate breaking trail, but there were 4 goats and 2 extremely stupid humans and I was genuinely afraid for the safety of our little group. I was concerned, initially for the other hiker, until he kept opening his mouth! After that, my concern retreated and we just got ourselves clear. I felt very sad for this little goat family. They were scared, and because of that, very aggressive. Please be respectful of the animals. We are guests in THEIR homes!

Beautiful hike. No water to pump after scout falls, bring a lot.

11 days ago

Beautiful trail. Lots of shade after the early part of the hike. Many wildflowers. Had to watch carefully for motorcyclists. Breathtaking views.

Greats hike and views!

First time back on this trail in 20 years and hiked with my son and brother-in-law. They were both first time hikers and it was probably too far of a hike for their first time. We were doing good until we headed up the switchbacks to the saddle and then got delayed by two mama mountain goats and their two kids. They parked in the center of the trail at the end of the second south switchback and moved after 20 minuets. The aggressive one even came within 5 feet and stared us down for a good minute. They finally ascended above and we ran into them two more times and had to wait another 10 to 20 minuets each time. Now I’ve been chased by a mama moose up on Timp because I got between her and her calf unknowingly, so I wasn’t about to make the same mistake with these mountain goats!

Waiting on the cliff sides for that long was too much for my brother-in-law and my son so they only had enough energy left to make it to the saddle. It was still a gorgeous view and a perfect place to have lunch. Our goat friends were up there and came intimidatingly close to the group of us up there and they even parked right at the start of the trail to the summit and blocked our way up. So I take it as another manifestation of the “curse of the billy goat” since I’m a Cubs fan!

I was disappointed we didn’t summit, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world! I grew up on this mountain and absolutely love it’s majesty and beauty!

Great trail. As the small trail to the falls can be hard to find. One hint. Around the 1.85 mile point their is a fork in the trail. Stay to the left and look for the trail break off about 20 yards up the trail.

this hike was incredible. the most challenging one I've ever done. it isn't too steep for most of it, just very long. it's even flat on some spots. we saw lots of families with kiddos around 8-15 yo and I was so impressed that they made the summit! with me sea level lungs I made it to the saddle. it was very hard but rewarding. started 7am and made it back down in 10.5 hrs total time. had to stop a lot. it's very narrow and can be highly trafficked. wear hiking shoes!! bring lots of water and food. it's a full day affair. definitely do it! you won't be disappointed.

We went with family and it was awesome! The falls and the granite rock were beautiful! It is mostly up hill all the way to the falls. Don’t miss the turn off down to the falls like we did. :) We hiked a bunch more than we needed to.

Great hike but getting down and staying on the trails is a challenge. The Cairns are all over the place and the trail disappears when it hits any large granite rock. Had to hike back too many times to find the trail. Make sure you are in pretty good shape if you want to do this one. The scramble at the top is awesome but not for the faint of heart. Leave your kids at home for this one.

As this was my first time hiking up a Utah mountain or mountain in the Rockies (I just moved here from the east coast), I wasn't sure what to expect. Somewhere between mile 1 and 2, I made a wrong turn, and I was climbing up a steep rock field. I had apparently missed my switchback. Even though this is difficult, it's important to remember that horses take this trail. So if you get to a spot where you think, "there's no way horses could have climbed this," then you've probably gone the wrong way. I made it about 5 miles before I decided to turn back. Not knowing what to expect, I was worried about doing it solo, but I saw lots of people on the way. There are a few small waterfalls. Scout Falls is probably a mile or two up and is much larger than the other spring falls. So it's not like you have to summit to see some great views. The meadow which is probably around mile 3 is breathtaking. The most adventurous part happened about a mile from the parking lot on the way back down. I turned the corner of the trail and there standing in the path about fifteen feet away was a female moose. We stared at each other for a second, and then I bolted back up the trail. I waited to see if she was coming up the trail or would exit, and a few seconds later, there she was slowly walking up the narrow path. I bolted again. Just ahead of me was a spring/waterfall. My thought was that she would at least stop for a drink, so if I could get off the trail, and when she passed, then I could bolt down and escape behind her. I decided to climb up a little ravine off the trail in the brush and get behind a large tree. I figured if she came up, I could try and use the tree to block her if she tried to attack. As I held my breath as best as I could to be completely silent, I heard the faint sound of drums. After I listened for a second, I realized it was my own heart beating. When the moose was just below me on the trail, I heard voices of hikers that were about to approach her. I thought about yelling to warn them, but I was trying to stay quiet. Suddenly they yelled, "Moose!" and stopped. They had a small dog who was both timid and curious and it scared the moose. Unfortunately, it scared the moose right up the ravine where I was. So I started sliding trying to get behind the tree, and she heard me. It must have startled her because she ran down the path a bit further and then went up the ravine away from where I was. The hikers thought because of the noise I was making trying to get down that I was another moose. But in the end, we humans were happy to see each other.

What a beautiful hike! Started at 1:30am and hiked to see the sunrise. Heavily trafficked; saw a lot of groups headed to the Saddle around the same time as us. Amazing views throughout the entire hike! Highly recommend giving this one a go!

It is definitely not an easy hike, but it worth completing. Every single step of the trail offered beautiful view of the mountains and wild flowers. We saw a few families of mountain goats with their babies. Loved that hike

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