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that trail is death. no way to go it...

Pretty steep, but not bad if you hike a lot. Took the turnoff with the black rope, to see the bottom of the falls. Rock climbed, next to the falls, up to the upper falls.

Was an enjoyable few hours with my brother and his 10 year old daughter. She was a champ and handled the hike very well. She also rock climbed up the falls with us.

Packed on the weekends, so if you can do it on a weekday you'll be glad you did.

Scenery is beautiful and it's not a real long hike.

A ton of loose rock on the trail knocks off a star for me - other than that this hike was great. The waterfall is unbelievably cool and it's one of the harder 4-mile hikes around.

If you love Rocky terrain and lots or horse doodoo this is the trail for you. It's a great workout with very little to see when you get to the falls (if you can find it) not much shade and only a couple of trees to sit under. I wouldn't recommend this trail to anyone!

10 days ago

One of our favorite hikes in Utah Valley. The hike itself is fairly rigorous and you get to experience some varied terrain along the way. The view at the top is an amazing pay off for the journey up. What makes this hike one of the best in the area is because it is often looked over. We had the whole trail to ourselves on a Saturday. Being able to get lost in the wilderness for a few hours make this an amazing experience.

13 days ago

Beautiful trail. Lots of shade after the early part of the hike. Many wildflowers. Had to watch carefully for motorcyclists. Breathtaking views.

Greats hike and views!

Pros: Good views. Solitude. Flowers. Get to enjoy an 11k foot peak to yourself most likely.

Cons: Hot and exposed to the sun with little to no shade. No reliable water sources. Relentlessly steep, particularly the last third.

If you do it I suggest bringing 1 gallon of water per person. That's what I took and it was just about the perfect amount.

Great trail. As the small trail to the falls can be hard to find. One hint. Around the 1.85 mile point their is a fork in the trail. Stay to the left and look for the trail break off about 20 yards up the trail.

15 days ago

I dont think this area gets enough credit. I think this is one of the best hikes in the Valley but this website has a lot of funny hikes ranked higher. I think the views and challenge of this hike are better than anything else the area has to offer. My wife and I did this with our 3 month old a few years ago and loved it. I do only give it a 3 star simply because hiking in other parts of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming is just better and I cant just give out 4 and 5 stars to everything I like!

We went with family and it was awesome! The falls and the granite rock were beautiful! It is mostly up hill all the way to the falls. Don’t miss the turn off down to the falls like we did. :) We hiked a bunch more than we needed to.

on Box Elder Peak Trail

17 days ago

Gorgeous trail and very few people (I only saw 3 people during peak hiking hours). The middle portion of the trail is a tad overgrown, but not as bad as I expected. The final mile is pretty difficult, but the view is definitely worth it. I hike quite fast and it took me roughly 2.5 hours up and 2 down. A trail for true adventurers!

19 days ago

Loved this hike. We went to the upper and lower falls. Both are easy to miss and not marked. We had someone show us after we missed the turn to both. The waterfall and pools were beautiful and the shade was appreciated. It was steep and hard on the way up but not terribly long. I also agree about the unleashed dogs. PLEASE leash your dog. Not all hikers like to share the trail with pets.

One of my favorite hikes ever. Lately though there are so many dogs off leash it’s become scary to hike on the trail. Dog owners, THIS IS A LEASHED TRAIL! Your “nice” dog running and barking at me is frightening. Please leash your dogs!

19 days ago

Very Busy Trail, lots of dirt bikes, trail needs to be maintained but it is difficult to do so because the type of dirt. Some parts of the trail are missing, easy to get lost or loose track of the trail. Nice views of the lake

The best views looking back at the mountain were from Ridge Trail (we hiked about a mile on this trail, it is up at the top of the Pine Hollow Trail).

Hiked this trail the first week of June. Amazing white flowering trees at the time which I hadn’t seen up on the mountain before. Really beautiful views up at the top (hiking beyond Pine Hollow trail). Started hiking about 6:30 am and it was beautiful.

25 days ago

my dogs favorite hike ❤️

Very over-grown but beautiful! The wildflowers are out now, too! My watch caught the distance as 12.4, but probably because I parked my car just down the road a bit. Bring plenty of water, there is only one good stream to fill up at!

25 days ago

Love this hike. No mountain bikers to ruin the experience.

went this week with kids ages 11-15. took some fellow hikers advice to go up along the river which was gorgeous and shaded and then cut back on the main trail through the meadow. It was a bit tricky finding the meadow amdain trail but definitley worth going along the river as long as you can!

The turn off for the actual waterfall os marked with a black rope around a tree that we would of missed if others hadnt of told us. and it is not an easy path once you get off the main trail to see thw actual falls but totally worth it!! gorgeous and breathtaking. I would say ages 10 and up if your trecking to the actual falls. If you dont go that far up cut over to the river as it is beautiful and shaded.

Beautiful hike to absolutely beautiful falls! Not too steep, but would be easy to miss black rope turnoff if you didn't know it was there

I do this trail a few times a year. Nice and shaded areas but pretty steep.

I had the hills to myself. I can see some trail work has been done. A good uphill climb to a gorgeous open meadow. Then a good drop down into the steams feeding into the reservoir.

Hike up in about an hour. The turn off to the falls is easy to miss. Look for the ledge with the black rope.

On the return I kept heading up the mountain where there are two logs to cross the stream. From there don't go up the hill, but take an immediate left, and return on the Lake Hardy trail. The trail is poorly marked, so you'll definitely need a GPS and map.

trail is open now. did it on a Thursday and only saw 2 other groups. not crowded at all. very pretty. lots of flowers and butterflies that kept my 2 year old interested. lots of little ups and downs but nothing very steep so he was able to hike quite a lot himself. we weren't sure at first if it was going to be 2.64 miles round trip or each way but it is definitely 2.64 each way. we hiked about 2 miles in then turned around because 5 miles total is a lot for my kid and our dog. but the hike itself was very manageable. lots of shady spots too.

Moderate, pretty steep but not too bad. Pretty waterfall at the top

Hike in early. You'll beat the crowds and only have to share the trail with a few cyclists and dirt bikers.

Beautiful meadow about 1.5 miles up from the counter clockwise route on the west side. I recommend starting there too. Take a book and some snacks if you have some time to spare in the meadow, especially if you go early... so peaceful and beautiful. Loved this hike, even with all the bikers.

We did this as an evening hike. it was great! Luckily it was cloudy, the weather was perfect. I'm glad I didn't take my kids, the trail was steep and rocky. We hiked down to the falls, using the path with the black rope. We also hiked up above which also had great views.

1 month ago

I loved this trail! I would say the only thing that makes this qualify as moderate is the elevation gain. I did Stewart falls (qualified as easy) a couple weeks ago and I had a harder time there. I took my 4 and 6 year olds on this trail and they did great! It was nice because we went in the evening and only saw a couple people; it was so quiet. The only thing is, the actual pine hollow trail ends about a third of the way through the loop that the map shows. If you do the whole loop, you're getting closer to 5 miles. We just ended up turning around and got just over 4 miles which was still great.

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