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great view halfway up

4 days ago

I enjoyed every bit of this hike! Seeing the waterfall is way more impressive in person than in pictures! I learned via fellow hikers that the main path to the waterfall is considered the “south trail” but there is a “north trail” that leads to a different fall (?) will have to check it out the next time I visit! Otherwise sunscreen, a 2L water camel, good pair of waterproof hiking shoes, and bug repellent will be your friend.

5 days ago

This trail is beautiful, and well maintained. My puppy loved all the rushing water. Easy, accessible, tons of parking. It has a beach and a nice dock. I would Highly recommend.

Love this hike! If it wasn’t for AllTrails map I wouldn’t have found the waterfall. Very steep hike but doable love it. When you get to the sign there’s a little area you go down to,it has a black rope attached to it just go down and follow the path. It’s very easy to miss so watch for it

road to get to this trail was closed today. could only park 1.5 miles away. didn't want to walk that far with my 2 year old to get to the trail so did pine hollow instead. not trying to give this trail a bad review cause we intend to do it later but check road is open first if you're planning to go soon. updated to add: found out road is closed until "late May, early June" so keep in mind most trails in this canyon will be inaccessible until June each year, even if they are perfectly hikeable by April or May.

Pretty great hike. we ended up doing this one because the road to get to any hike past this one is closed currently (not sure why). this hike was considerably steeper than the one we had planned as I had my 2 year old with us. he hiked a little bit of it and spent the rest in his carrier. it was pretty but the flowers weren't in bloom right now so it might be prettier when they are. (may 15 today). stream sort of follows the trail which is nice. there were only a couple small easily avoidable muddy spots. we brought our dog too and he loved it. saw lots of butterflies which my 2 year old also loved.

We did this trail Saturday, and started on the west side. At the beginning the trails are pretty narrow, but open up the further you go in. There are a few places where they narrow again here and there. A bunch of the trail is shaded. It was pouring rain and there was lots of mud, but that didn’t seem to make the hike any more difficult. We took a wrong turn at the end, but I suspect it is because we missed a sign.

We ended up on this trail when we got lost. It had wonderful views and tons of wildlife.

16 days ago

It was a difficult hike for me because of the elevation (I’m from Illinois). The views were amazing. We did get lost though. Thankfully a nice gentleman helped us find our way back to our car.

We completed this trail a few days ago and did it in the counter-clockwise direction. After hiking the full loop, I would recommend going that same direction. The first .75-1.0 miles are quite exposed to the sun this time of year but once the aspens fill in, shade will show up quicker in your hike. Be aware that the trailhead is at the dam level, not below it.

The trail started off with switchbacks which were quite manageable. After about a mile, the aspens show up and then you quickly transition into pine and spruce. You will then pass through serene meadows that make you want to stay a long while - do so if you have the time.

Roughly half-way, there is the only signed intersection. Continue through in an arc to your left. It's mostly downhill from this point and gets quite steep. You will still be under plenty of shade and will eventually cross the creek where you should keep to the left to avoid getting your feet soaked. The trail exit at the east end of the reservoir where you can decide to continue the hike on its south side in the trees or continue around to the north and go along the road.

The trail seems appropriately rated at moderate and will treat you to quiet, serene moments along with beautiful mountain views.

19 days ago

Did this yesterday, and was impressed by how few people I could see or hear after the first half mile in, all the way until we got to about the final half mile. The trail is quite narrow for the first 1/3, but becomes more comfortable after that. Lots of trees, so it's moderately shady through most of the hike. I brought a (tree-friendly) hammock in my day pack, and it was so peaceful that my girlfriend and I were able to to take a nice afternoon nap in a meadow.

19 days ago

@ Erin - Most of the trail didn't have any snow until you get closer to the top. You have to park at the lake parking lot and walk a mile on the pavement to get to the trailhead but it's an absolutely gorgeous view.

19 days ago

Does anyone know if this is still covered with deep snow near the summit? 5/6/2018

Loved the reward of the waterfall! It was strenuous and we stopped frequently. Make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen. It’s very rocky as well in some areas. Reliable shoes are a must!

Did this loop on Sunday and it was great. There are several other loops in the area that we explored on the way down and turned it from a 4 mike hike into a 6+ mile hike.

nature trips
25 days ago

Friday's hike on April 24th was a terrific outing. We passed by the falls headed towards Dry Creek crossing at 2.2 miles from trailhead and eventually returned to trailhead via trail on North side of creek. An ample number of flowers in bloom and encountered 7 Red-breasted Nuthatch as well.

We enjoyed the hike! It's pretty steep but not too long. It took us about 3 or 3.5 hours at a good pace with some breaks at the top. If you want a shorter hike, you can just go to the overlook, which is on the left at one of the spots where the trail splits. It's pretty from there too. The last part of the trail is quite steep--probably precarious if it was raining, and the trail feels small and almost like you are not going the right way. We think we got to the end, which was a nice spot of the falls, because the trail looked like it ended there. Right now, it's still pretty brown because leaves haven't come out much yet, so it's probably prettier later on. No snow or anything though. Also, we never saw a black rope where the description said it would be... And finally, we found some glasses and put them on the blank sign board at the beginning of the trail if anyone is looking for those...

Great trail and a perfect day for hiking but it isn’t marked at all and we ended up taking a wrong turn which took us up a different mountain. We started on the west side. Next time I’ll take the east side and see how that goes.

Great hike! Difficult but not awful. Worth it to go down to the falls. Just watch for the black rope just a ways up after the turn where the sign is.

This trail is tough, but the falls and view of the valley are worth it. The entire way up is a good climb, and the trail is pretty rocky.

It was ok, it felt like every 15 feet I was walking into someone posing with a photographer friend. So many people doing portraits literally everywhere. It was difficult not to get in peoples photographs and I kept having to repeatedly stop and wait for strangers to finish their portraits. There were even girls taking portraits in the middle of the main road walking the yellow line holding hands. They almost got hit by cars going both ways and then laughed about it. Such a weird experience.

It was a good hike. Rocky but good. The second half was still covered in snow making it hard to navigate the rocks. The view was spectacle. Our dogs did good on this hike too.

We like to hike up on the left side of the river. It's nice and shady much of the way. Can't wait to hike it again!

It’s a nice short easy hike. I take this route often on excursions up Timpanogos before the road opens to turn it into a loop. Up the road and down via salamander flat and pine hollow.

I usually hike the trail on the north side of the river, but I opted to try out the hike on the South side last night. It is interesting how different the 2 trails are. The South side is such a nice wide well maintained trail but is far away from the river that you can only hear it in the distance. The North side is a narrow trail that hugs the river so there is scenic views all along the trail. The South side has a nice straight shoot view of the falls, but kept hiking hoping to get closer and I never found an amazing view point of the falls. I will have to do research but I watched for Kairns to direct me to the great scenic spot and there was a only 2 ok far away spots that were along the trail. The North trail gets hard to follow up by the falls and if you miss a Kairn you can easily get lost. You are so close to the falls, but most routes to get close to the falls are precarious and a little dangerous to get down to the falls to actually see them. There have been people who have died here with just a slip and if you end up in the water here you are just done for. I think I still like the trail on the North side better for the views along the river are so amazingly beautiful, but that is not the official trail they want you to be on. So be careful when you get up to the falls and try to keep in your mind the landmarks of where those Karin's are so you can get back on the trail safely.

1 month ago

Uphill climb the whole way, but not too bad. Snow is all but gone and there are only few slick spots left. To reach the base of the falls, at the fork with a sign go left. About 30 feet up on the left you’ll see a side trail that’s a short, steep descent to a well traveled path. This brings you to the base of the falls where the magic really is.

1 month ago

The trail is mostly clear now--there are some long ice sheets in the last half mile before the turnoff to the falls. I had microspikes, but I suspect you won't need them if you trust your shoes. Waterfall was lovely--the 2 mile trail to the waterfall is more interesting when things are greener than they are now. The dead horse is still off to the side of the trail.

This trail becomes a dadgum bushwhack after 2 miles.

Fantastic work out

3 months ago

Very gorgeous hike, serval mountain lion tracks all over today, all different sizes. Posted some pics of them above, including one picture with some blood spots in the snow... some mouse or rabbit had just been breakfast before we got there...

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