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trail running
13 hours ago

Very busy on the weekends. Don’t go if you’re looking to escape to nature. But do go if you want to get some leg work in.

Bring plenty of water in the summer!

A short boardwalk through the coastal marsh, the trail is easy and great for kids. I visited in winter, the mosquitos were not a problem and no gators. Kids loved seeing the blue crabs cruising along the clear waters of the lagoon. Great for birdwatching.

15 hours ago

Secluded forest walk along nice trail with views of mature forest and river floodplains/swamps. Lots of indications of wild hog rooting, and we found several ticks hitchhiking on our clothes. Speaking to rangers this trail is pretty well known for its ticks, so bring repellant and do your tick checks!

17 hours ago

Great place to take dog, plenty of creek crossings and shaded areas to enjoy area. Downside is that the secret is out and can get pretty crowded.

Heavily traveled trails. Lots of people blasting music.
Having said that, it’s nice hiking with elevation gains and losses throughout. It’s the hilliest part of the DFW metroplex.

it's got some distance to it don't forget to take a bottle of water or two, easy to moderate with some elevation included

Go for the pool, but don’t skip the hike!

Very nicely kept park. Lots of little trails that branch off the paved paths. A good bit of it is in full sun, so bring a water.... nice quiet afternoon walk.

1 day ago

Great trail, fantastic for first time hiking and nature trail walking.

Beautiful find in the middle of suburbia. Not a fan of suburbia, so this is a gem to me.

Very difficult. Trail signs say more like 8.4 mi, loose rocks for much of the trail, no real leveling off or let up from the incline. With that said great views. Booked it and took 2.5hrs up, 2 down.

Always a fun climb up this unusual rock. Even fun for small kids. Just keep a hand-hold on them.

We love this trail. It's the closest to our home and offers a great place exercise and be with nature. Clean and not difficult.

3 days ago

One of my favorite tralis to Ruck so far! lots of great scenery, very well marked and maintained. Great space to clear your head, and next to no trail traffic on a quiet monday.

easy and shaded, good for kids or nighthikes with them.

Good first hike!

was able to get this and a little more completed today before it got to hot. Always enjoy the trails here with the extra climbing to get some exercise in a short hike. Very necessary here in San Antonio during our long summers.

Wonderful nature get-away in North Houston area

The map as shown as of June 2018 does not reflect the actual trail. Go through the Powell Visitor Center and take a left out the back door to go to the Garden's 'front gate'. From there, the Hummingbird Trail, Botanical Garden, and Cactus Greenhouse will be in front of you. Wind your way along the beautiful paths and learn about desert adaptations, the families of plants you see, and pollinators. The cactus greenhouse features a spectacular collection of Chihuahuan Desert native cacti, the largest publicly accessible collection of its kind. A must see.

love this park and the trails...all well maintained!

- Paved
- Easy to access
- One cool area to get some photos

- There were a couple of homeless people living in tents in the park off some of the paths
- Goes through residential neighborhood
- Only 40% shaded — brought our dog and weren’t impressed

Great trails with plenty of tree cover and steep hills. We've hiked as little as 2 miles and up to 8 miles. Rocky terrain so wear good hiking shoes/boots.

3 days ago

Good trail, make sure to take plenty of water. There’s a long stretch, about 4 miles or so along the north side without any shade so plan to get as much done in the morning as possible and take a siesta. Don’t wait too long, though, because the trails near the dam are difficult to navigate in the dark when your phone dies because you left it sitting in the sun (oops). Signage is also off from my gps in varied amounts. I think only one mile marker was accurate. All in all a good challenging hike, beautiful views and varied terrain!

I love this trail!! Not highly trafficked, clean restrooms, great views of the lake and you see lots of wildlife...birds, rabbits, cayotes.

trail running
4 days ago

Great trail for a long run. This is a fully paved/concrete trail, so not exactly “trail running”. No cars, not too much foot traffic, occasional obnoxious cyclist who thinks he’s in the Tour de France, etc. It’s a great time, and lots of different access points.

I did this trail again after 2 years following the same path, and it was very exciting. Climbing the rocks, that is the hardest part, can actually be done without problems, it is like walking up steep stairs, just take your time and use both hands too. Once at the summit of the Mount the views are amazing, a beautiful landscape.

Took me and a friend 2.5 hours to summit. Another 2 to return with lots of stops. Definitely worth the work, amazing views of the desert.

There was so much trash. Very sad

Took in the Tom Mays trail and the Upper Sunset Loop Trail and it was awesome. Getting in some quality exercise and the big plus is taking in nature. Wow.!

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