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We started the trail from the Chisos Basin campground. I think it shaved off about .4 miles. The trail is basically downhill the whole way. You are exposed the first .5 miles and then you get more tree cover as you go. It is a gorgeous trail! The view from the window is spectacular. So worth it. We were feeling the heat as we were coming back around 3:00. I recommend leaving earlier or starting after 5pm.

4 days ago

This was a great hike! The downhill decent provides lots of views and just keeps getting better as you go. The terrain gets a little harder as you get closer to the window but some magnificent views are to come. Watch your timing as the heat and the return hike with an uphill stretch at the end can be though in the heat of the day. The ice cream from the store was the perfect end to this trail.

Initial portion of the hike is highly inclined. Be careful not attempt to much parkour in risk of tiring yourself out. Echos in the Canyon are superb, try sneezing!!

Spectacular is an understatement. Unexpected dead end to the trail, mostly shaded, with lots of smooth rocks. While on this trail hiking junkie Mia Viccinelli once said “I wanna touch where no man has touched.” While on the hike I sold my sole to the Chisos Mountains and completed the last mile of the hike without the sole of my shoe. Worth it.

The end is slightly technical and the views are beautiful. The rest is a leisurely walk. It is downhill from the Chisos lodge area and then uphill on the way back. I prefer up-and-down trails, but overall a good hike. Some of my family struggled with the uphill portion at the end of the hike.

Lots of fun! Steeper than I thought but easy to do with stairs. The end is very rewarding as you get to go in the river.

Not a technically difficult hike, but easy is a relative term. There is an incline. It's paved concrete with some steps. Nice overlook at the top.

29 days ago

Great hike with a beautiful descent into the basin. First half is a decline and pretty easy, but the final climb into the window might be tough if you have balance or mobility issues. The way back is all incline so take lots of water and try to go early so you don't get trapped on the steep switchbacks in the midday sun.

1 month ago

The view is spectacular!

Amazing views. My favorite part of the hike was the nice beach in the shade. Cool boulders along the way too.

1 month ago

Absolutely breathtaking. The drive up to Santa Elena canyon is amazing and once you park and start walking towards the canyon, your jaw just drops at the sheer majesty of it. Definitely a Big Bend must see/do hike.

Window Trail can be moderate or difficult but that depends a lot on the time of day. Parts of the trail are shaded but others are exposed, especially at the beginning (and end) of the trail. We left at around 2pm from the Chisos Basin campground and returned around 5pm after a snack at the pour-off. After 3pm, it started to get very hot and that made the climb out of the canyon grueling. If I had to do it again, I’d try to make sure to get it done in the morning. I wouldn’t want to be on the slick rocks of the pour-off in the evening.

Just a beautiful view of the Rio Grande river flowing through the canyon. One of my favorite parts of Big Bend NP.

2 months ago

We took the LMT to get to our camp site SW4. To us and some of the Park Rangers it seemed to be more fitting to get to the South Rim than the other routes. It was a slow incline but def still an incline. We took plenty of breaks as well. We had our packs for overnight and two days of water, so the weight added to the experience. Most of the trail was in the shade which made it much more enjoyable and less stressful to our bodies. We had done Lost Mine Trail two days prior and got torn up by the sun, it made the trail more miserable than it should’ve been. Neither of us trained, I’m in good shape but it didn’t matter on the trail! Well it didn’t seem like it did. The LMT was about 4.8 miles not the 8 like it says. After the 4.8 we crossed over to the South Rim trail for 2.5 to our destination for the most AMAZING views I’ve ever seen. Like I said we had a whole day, so we took our time and rested as much as possible. It took us a total of 5 hours to get to the top. 9am-2pm. I would recommend this trail to anyone that has time. It can def be done! The way down was much faster totally three hours. We did use walking sticks which helped the accent and decent tremendously! We’ve backpacked before without any and it was much more miserable! Either way, we loved the trail and views! Happy hiking!

Wonderful trail not too hard. Good cross section of the Chisos Basin.

Great hike to the window. It is beautiful. But, definitely a tough uphill climb back. Our kids (ages 6 and 9) struggled to get to the end. Luckily there is ice cream in the general store at the top!

Beautiful hike! The whole family loved this one.

Perfect hike to start our time in Big Bend with. Upon reaching the end we went barefoot and walked up the river until we reached the first bend in the canyon. That probably added another mile to our hike. River was shallow (no deeper than 3 feet) and slow but did become rocky the further we pushed. Definitely be aware of weather conditions and be careful wading if you choose to go barefoot. Views in the river and around the bend are awesome, and really made the trail worthwhile!

2 months ago

Started this hike from the Chisos Campground trailhead which made it about 3.6 miles and 500 feet of elevation change. This shortened route wasn't difficult, and we enjoyed the views leading up to the window. The Window at the end is incredible, but very windy. Careful climbing to the edge, as the rock is worn smooth and there is little traction. This trail is perfect if you're trying to do 3-4 short hikes in a day.

View is definitely worth the hike.

The views along this trail are spectacular. That being said, this is a longer hike than advertised. We walked for 1 ½ hours and did not reach the end. Our children ages 8, 10, 11 were exhausted and we had a mutiny on our hands. The entire hike back is uphill and will take well over an hour. Like I said, absolutely gorgeous, just know you are committing to 3 hours, the second half of which is entirely uphill.

trail running
2 months ago

25 minutes to get down the trail and 30 minutes to get back up. The end of this trail is incredible. Like a dry rock waterfall in a canyon at the end. Well worth the hike. BE Careful if you plan to trail run, there are mountain lions in the desert here. Recommend not running solo.

love this hike ...short with so much to see

3 months ago

Gotta love a hike that starts with a descent and ends with you climbing back up! Portion your water appropriately - we saw a few people needing to ask others for refills on the way back. Little to no shade so if you ignite like a vampire when the sun touches you like me, pack lots of sunblock, or better yet, wear UV blocking clothing and a huge hat. Totally worth it for that view at the end. Lots of wasps during this time of year, for those of you that are bee-phobic.

nature trips
3 months ago

Pretty darn awesome.

We are staying at an RV park close by and decided to do an evening walk and check out the petroglyphs. Go at sunset - it was amazing.

Tips for finding the trail: park your car and walk down to where you see a barbed wire fence that reads "US Border". Cross that (yep, seriously). Walk straight over a hill and you will see a sign that denotes the start of the trail.

The trail is not clearly marked but you can follow the many footprints or just walk around the large rock formations on your left until you see these crazy large red boulders with holes in them. You have now reached your destination.

OK let me say first off, I have never backpacked before so this was pretty tough for me and my buddy with me.

We got started at about 11, and got to Colima campsite at about 6. Going up Pinnacles with a 25lb pack was brutal, I wouldn't have tried Emory Peak had there not been a bear box to store my pack. Laguna Meadows Trail going down was pretty easy. All trails are easy to follow and all campsites and splits have signs. All in all awesome hike, with great views. Only saw one piece of trash the entire hike, and I picked up.

Nice evening trail

3 months ago

Beautiful view!

3 months ago

An easy walk which goes into the canyon, following the Rio Grande river. Some great views at the start of the walk. A nice change of scenery from the other, mostly dry desert walks.

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