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I’m surprised such a trail is within San Antonio. It’s not color coded for those who rely on it. Still very easy to navigate through. Slippery when wet!!! Trail on!!

Nice view of the river. One of San Antonio’s best spots.

Lots of trails to choose from. Huge park.

Was able to see some interesting birds.

Nice trail. Had a decent view of the city.

Nice trail. Was able to see some deer while hiking.


Nice trails located in N.E. San Antonio.

It's different from what I usually do but it was a nice educational experience. I think it's best for people who wants to learn more about gardening or kids who have interest in plants. I enjoyed my time reading with the sound of birds and the dancing trees though. Overall it was really nice.

Great trails close to San Antonio! I was surprised at how tucked away this feels. Great tree cover, plenty of hills, beautiful views! It felt like I was farther out in the Hill Country instead of so close to the city. Loved it!

Beautiful park!

It is mostly paved but it was still a nice place to run. There are trails that were more challenging, most are cutting through the loop trail. I saw 2 rabbits during my walk-run workout, and the aroma of the flowers around was a nice addition. All in all it's a nice place.

I ran the orange or "playground" trail there's only a small section that is close to the playground most of it is in a tunnel of trees and green plants. It was fun but since it's September and last weekend's weather was pretty rainy, mud build up on my running shoes and there are areas that are wet so I had to stop running and carefully pass through. My recording is both on soil and asphalt but the park itself has a picture in various areas of all the trails they have and what to expect in each one. I suggest to thoroughly put on bug spray so you won't have mosquito bites after like I did. Although there is a possibility of snakes I am lucky to not encounter one since I mostly run on trail or grass by the side of the asphalt, just be cognizant of that. The deers make the run especially enjoyable they don't bother unless they feel like you are taking notice of them.

22 days ago

Awesome, peaceful, great trails!

trail running
22 days ago

This was my first time out and I got a little lost. The info on the map was incorrect for parking. There is parking on Hamilton Wolfe at Babcock and also at Ewing Halsell. It's a good easy jog but I lost the trail a couple of times due to construction in the area. Overall it's a fun quiet jog.

I visited the park for the first time late September. I didn't believe that I would see deers but apparently deers are pretty common here. I hike only for a little bit to find a spot for reading. The only downside is that there's a number of mosquitoes and the are pretty stubborn. I have a repellant on me and they would still come. It rain while I was still hiking but I still enjoyed it. Over all though it was a great day.

very easy. lots of store fronts. lots of stop and go.

It was flooded but if I’m ever back in the area I’d give it another try.

Very nice scenic hike. It poured during our hike , The rains made the whole area picturesque and none of us were tired doing the whole 5.5 miles

Nice short walk with peace and quiet
Can experience good isolation

For a moderate trail this thing about killed me, but I loved it. The rocks are no joke. This is the trail I come back to when preparing for the rocks of Pennsylvania on the AT. Take extra water, take extra snacks.

great stress reliever

hiked this one once before and LOVED it highly reccommend to anyone looking to explore. il be coming back very soon to run and get back into shape as well. anyone up for partner runs??

i haven't yet been here but am currently looking for a good trail to run with my dog along and this one looks great from what Ive seen so far, ill be tryi g it tomorrow cant wait.

Beautiful trail with a few spots overlooking the area. Nice scenic route. Some parts have an incline and a decline but not difficult for an active hiker even on the difficult trail.

mountain biking
2 months ago

The history and the scenery make this a great experience!

Ran trail 12 Aug 2018. Paved trail until Huebner overpass. At that point it becomes an unimproved road of crushed gravel/dirt under construction with chain link fencing on both sides that is intermittently open. It is very traverseable and a few mountain bikers passed me. No overhead cover along the construction route. There were some existing single track dirt paths that I took out northbound instead of the road.

Past 1604 the trail becomes sketchy. I crossed another runner and he said I could follow a single track trail right or the power lines north. I followed the power lines and the trail was decent until the last section before the turn around point. If you stick to the power lines you'll be good.

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