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Round Rock, Texas Map
road biking
1 month ago

Easy jog, friendly folks. Family easy. great to stop and read.

trail running
4 months ago

Ran from mile marker 5.25 to about mile marker 2.5, but I took the off-trail trails. Just past the huge sports fields, to the south at the bridge is a trail into the woods, comes out at another bridge at Champions Park. But then at that bridge, there are more trails to the west, some elevation changes and plenty of twists and turns, and rocky and rooty. Then I ran the main trail to Brushy Creek lake Park, where right before the three way intersection and bridge, there's a trail to the north. It's totally for biking, but runners use it too and it's all cool; it's very twisty and turny, and some rocks.

Easy trails and very clean. You can walk on the paved road or go off road. Biking, hiking, fishing, and even disc golf!

Very nice clean train with an amazing park.

trail running
5 months ago

Ran the entire trail in the cold and wet. It was just under 40 degrees, got awful wet due to two shirts (one short sleeved, one long) and all the humidity, but it was a pleasant run.

I've walked the whole trail. It wasn't a bad trail. There are some parts that feel tucked away, and other parts are paved and feel more urban.

mountain biking
6 months ago

This is a very easy trail if you stay on the paved/gravel track. There are also several side trails that are more demanding and/or easy, if you want to venture out. I get the feeling this can be a very busy trail on weekends.

trail running
7 months ago

Parking is easy: The Play for All Park has tons of spaces. Finding the trail is easy: It's completely visible from the Play for All Park parking lot. There are restrooms, benches, playgrounds and water fountains at this end of the trail, and along the trail you'll find more benches, and eventually more restrooms, water fountains, playgrounds. This trail has no signs to my knowledge, but it's all one single wide concrete trail that's impossible to get lost on.

The trail is all concrete, except the few short bridges you cross. It is all within grass and/or trees, except the one time you run along the road (on Kenney Fort Blvd). The map here shows the trail ending at Kenney Fort Blvd, but really there is something like 4 more miles of trail if you go south on Kenney Fort Blvd, then turn east. It's all very pretty, very relaxing, and there are usually other people strolling along peacefully. For trail running, well, it's not trail running. But for walking, hiking, or just jogging/running, it's great. And oh yeah, sometimes people have their dogs off leash but usually not.

trail running
7 months ago

I feel dumb, posting so many reviews. But I had to post another. I wanted to run further, push the envelope a little. I decided the run the entire trail, out and back. Didn;t seem near as long and tedious as I thought it would, or as it would've a few months ago. Some sore legs, my shorts rubbed my back a little tender, but nothing bad, and there was a girl in major workout apparel running that ran at least 4 miles, who zoomed past me like I was standing still.

It was a nice run.

road biking
8 months ago

Great trail to take your bike on or just walk. There are plenty of trails that branch off or connect to this trail so you can easily spend hours here if you wanted. Had fun, hope to visit again soon.

trail running
8 months ago

I didn't run the actual trail, but I ran some bandit trails.

From the 183 parking area, I first went west along the regional trail. Almost immediately before the bridge which takes you into the open are with the YMCA, vere left (south). From there, there's a great hill climb at the first left- not too long but steep. This takes you to dirt flats, some winding paths through the trees, a service road, and you can loop back around to the regional trail eventually. If you instead go straight at the first intersection, you get to run right b y the lake, great views. It eventually takes you to the Twin Lakes park, though there are more intersecting trails. Not much mileage on these trails, but if you take the right trail, I believe you could end up connecting with the next section of trails.

Getting back to the regional trail, I then went east. Immediately before the first bridge past 183, there's a trail into the woods. This trail also has some climbs. The trail loops back on itself so if you go straight or right, you're good. In the middle of these trails is what looks like an old, abandoned dirt bike area. It's rather small, but it's kinda neat.

After getting back to the regional trail, I definitely needed more mileage. So I went east some more and, immediately (yes, everything is immediately) after the bridge there is a trail to the right (south). This trail is, I believe, dubbed "The Rim". Go straight, straight, straight some more. You'll be running in a creek bed, and eventually it'll turn into a very miniature canyon. Eventually you gotta take a left, and after an uphill, you hit the actual rim. Nice views, very rocky and rooty, lots of shallow dips. This trail eventually will link up to the service road which, go south and you'll hit the regional trail. But keep going east and you'll be on Deception (the very long, strenuous dirtbike trail). That's where you can get your mileage.

After running the regional trail back to my car, I took the "shared path", concrete bike and pedestrian path, to the north. I only ran until I hit the first road, maybe a quarter mile. But it was good to be in some wide open spaces, even if there were a few buildings and 183 traffic nearby.

Anyway, great set of trails to run on back here. I'm sure there're more around, as I keep finding them (but am definitely not discovering anything brand new).

Beautiful sights including the river and bridges. Taking my bike for the next time I go

There is kayaking offered here which is nice. This is a nice city park for a quick afternoon walk/jog/hike.

trail running
9 months ago

Ran here again the other day, and I discovered more trails!

Just south of Champions Park, there are several trails into the woods. Those trails are pretty short through the woods and most lead to the creek and someone fishing, and it's all dirt on the ground and small treelimbs to the face. But go across the bridge on the south-east corner of Champion's park, and you find the good stuff.

Going west, you'll get to a three way intersection- go straight or left and it's a mile(ish) single-track trail, loose rocks and dirt, twists and turns, small elevation changes- good for beginner mt bikers. But take a right, and after a short run through the woods, you'll hit the edge of Brushy Creek, which is now many manymany feet below you- so please be careful. The trail eventually leads you down a huge rock and to a mountain bike ramp (known, I think, a "Gnargasim"), and into the larger creekbed which is now dry. From here you either gotta: turn around, back up the ramp; cross the smaller wet section of the creek into Chamion's park; continue west down the dry creek bed to huge culverts, or go up onto the golfcourse; or- and this is only once they finish the maintanence on this back section of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail- you can get back onto the cocnrete regional trail.

Now back to the bridge. If you go go east immediately after the bridge, you have a few miles of really fun, twisty woodland trails. Watch your step, many roots, and the closer you get to to Olson park, the more "rugged" the trail gets, it's really fun. Once in Olson Park, you can take the concrete path back, or go south into the neighborhood and find the paths in there. Now back to the bridge- If you keep going straight and stay on the path, there's some nice, well maintained, out-in-the-open, flat gravel trails that eventually hit a loop and send you back to the bridge. But there are some forks, which'll take you into gravel and concrete trails into the neighborhood.

In my exploration all of this, running some of the trails twice over, I got over 10 miles of running on a variety of terrain.

Great trail with nice views!!

This is a great multiuse that is very accessible. I am using it as a PT/Rehab course for a fractured ankle a month ago. Perfect for that. Paved and well maintained. I can walk with our without my cane. A great place to heal.

trail running
11 months ago

Gotta say, this trail has it all, even for a trail runner looking for more than a wide concrete and semi-gravel path. There are two "sides" of the trail:
the east side of Parmer and the west side of Parmer.

East (closer to Round Rock):
On the east end, it's mostly the wide concrete and semi-gravel path, very good for families and the casual hiker/biker/runner. There are plenty of benches, doggy-bag stations, water fountains. There aren't many "off trail" trails, and the amenities along this route for families and "family friendly" activities (baseball, soccer, swimming, splash pads, picnic tables, play grounds, easy fishing spots, etc.) are on this side of Parmer. There are plenty of places to park along the trail.

West (closer to Cedar Park):
On the West end, the main path is almost exclusively wide concrete, but this side (right next to Parmer) sports huge soccer fields, basketball courts, and a skatepark. Also, this is the side (the west side) with all of the off-trail trails. Look for the newly built kiosks marking the trail heads, and off you go into the woods, some rocks, some creek, etc. This side has less benches, play grounds, etc. until you get to the very western end, which has a covered pavilion with water fountains, benches, and restrooms. But also, this very western end of the trail (technically the start of the trail, as the 0.0 mile marker resides here) has a large lake with varous stuff like a climbing wall, large bouncy water toys, water craft, I think there are zip lines, some other cool stuff. And oh yeah, a YMCA, kinda hard to miss that. It is totally "family friendly" here, but closer to Parmer is more suited for the more adventurous/athletic type.

So yeah, this trail is almost 7 miles, but add in all the off-trail trails, and the extra concrete trails, and you probably got around 20 miles of trails. All said:

+ 20+plus miles of trails for walking, hiking, trail running, and dirt biking
+ multiple sports fields for soccer, baseball, ultimate frisbee
+ a disc golf course, skate park, and basketball courts;
+ a swimming pool and splash pad;
+ 3 or 4 lakes for fishing and boating
+ A nice creek
+ 3 or 4 playgrounds
+ plenty of benches, restrooms, picnic tables, small and large pavilions
+ A very nice YMCA at the beginning of the trail
+ Other cool stuff that I've probably forgotten

The only drawback I know of is that, if you want a multiday "back country" wilderness excursion type adventure, well, you'll have to drive some miles from Austin/Round Rock for that.
All in all: there is some construction on a section of the trail right now, but once it's done, I'm confident to say that this trail, with all it's amenities, will be (if it isn't already) the best all-around trail in the whole Austin Area.

Monday, July 31, 2017

For flat runners and walkers the concrete path is really nice. Has various incline and decline to challenge you for training. I love running here with my dogs and multiple entrances to the river for a cool down. Plenty of turn off for trail running and mountain bikers. Pretty busy on the weekends.

trail running
Thursday, May 18, 2017

This trail has adequate parking in several spots, restrooms and drinkable water in several spots. This is always a plus. It's totally family friendly. It's good for walkers, joggers, hikers, bikers, dogs, kids, etc. Very large concrete trail, but if you're into a dirt trail, you can walk or run beside the concrete trail, or go "off trail" to the dirt bike trails.

I really like this trail because it's always got people on it, but not too too many. The scenery is very pretty, and it varies somewhat- lots of trees of course, and the west side has "beauty" while the east side is more "wilderness" looking (though none of it is in the actual wilderness).

The main reason it gets five stars, is that you can exit the trail at various places to go into the woods and run/ride on the bike trails. For a trail runner like myself, that's the really, really fun part. The bike trails are rocky, have lots of ups and down, twists and turns, and just enough intersections to keep you on your directional toes; the path is pretty well marked, but you could easily explore the forks in the path.

If I was just reviewing and rating the concrete path, which is the official path, I'd give it a four: it's only geared towards regular hiking and running on, well, a concrete path through nice, scenic woods, and it does boast a lake, some large fields to play in, lots of metal bridges, and a YMCA at the west end. But since it has the option to go "off path" to some more technical and rugged paths, it gets that extra star. Take the regular concrete trail for a good workout. But take the "deception" bike trail (just west of the Brushy Creek Sports Park) for a major workout, great scenery, and some good wilderness.

All in all, it's got something for everyone.

nice easy trail. good for distance

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Love taking my puppy on this super easy trail. plenty of parks with restroom stops, which is very convenient.

mountain biking
Saturday, April 16, 2016

Amazing! Surprisingly extensive and challenging trail system.

good trail for a easy run or just a nice walk. no lights after dark so be prepared if you are there after sunset.

trail running
Thursday, February 11, 2016

Great paved trail, perfect for getting a run in, especially a half marathon. Passes through many parks and plenty of water along the way.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I literally spend my life running here. Don't know what I'd do without brushy. Not too crowded, but still enough people to feel safe! Love it

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I love this trail due to the length. It stretches from Round Rock all the way towards Cedar Park. Usually walk the trail for about 3 hours once a week with my dog. Tons of scenic view and passes through multiple parks and rivers. Only downfall is that it is over populated on the weekends.

mountain biking
Saturday, August 04, 2012

This is my favorite in Round Rock. Trees, rock walls, lake and old railroad bridge. Close to home with miles of trail. Great for running or mountain bikes.

mountain biking
Friday, June 08, 2012

Agreed about not so secluded and this is definitely a trail for beginners (or those getting back in shape). Definitely worth some of the views in daytime, sunset, and night as well. Plenty of wildlife to see this time of the year too.

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