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mountain biking
16 days ago

Good mix of beginner and intermediate single track with a few hairy advanced spots deeper into this big counterclockwise loop. Easy to choose your distance by turning left at any of the well-marked return trails that will take you back to the trailhead. Lot’s of tall vegetation and “tunnels” this time of year. There were times when I wished I had worn sleeves. But it’s August in Texas! My advice is to hit the trail early in the AM as much of this trail is shaded and pleasant before the sun gets too high. My GPS registered a little over 6.5 miles to the turnaround at Cheyenne Circle. One option for a loop that’s shorter than doubling back on the return trail is to ride back to the trailhead on paved roads by going up Cheyenne to Pocahontas which connects to Cross Timbers. A little more than 3 miles gets you back to the trailhead on 377 and makes for a total of 10 miles which I did in a 1:30. A good alternative when you’re time constrained but want to go deep to reach a couple of the more technical stretches. About those rocks not far from the final turnaround: I passed a guy who blew out his rear derailleur and snapped a chain. Not a great place for a major technical blowout! Happy riding.